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Remote Conveyancing of Property Purchases and Sales in Turkey June 2020
Remote Conveyancing of Property Purchases and Sales in Turkey June 2020

Conveyance & Completion Remotely...

    • Online (remotely) or In-Person; Automated or Manual
    • Independent Legal Advice
    • Payment Protection Techniques
    • Procedures, Documents, Registrations & Verification
    • Standard On-Line Banking Channels
    • Payments via Turkeys 'e-gov' Settlements Bank

With our guidance and instructions specifying the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Contact us today at info@mytapu.comadd your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.

Independent professionals are on your team...
Independent professionals are on your team...


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The real estate transaction managers at mytapu.com are a team of attorneys, accountants, appraisal experts, mortgage bankers, insurance underwriters, investment advisors, transaction managers and real estate business process specialists. This team provides the real estate investment management services to the investment fund managers that established the mytapu.com network.

For more than 15 years we have been advising and managing transactions for more than 5,000 non-Turkish nationals buying and selling real estate in Turkey, through-out the entire coastal region from Alanya to Izmir and Istanbul.

Combined with detailed expertise on all legal, zoning, tax, mortgage, and litigation matters, this expertise and experience is essential to ensure business is conducted in the most secure, efficient and cost effective manner possible.


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Your gateway to the Turkish property  market.

If you value safety, speed, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, there is no better way to buy or sell a property in Turkey.

Mytapu.com opens all doors of the Turkish property market for you...
Mytapu.com opens all doors of the Turkish property market for you...

 Our Services...

Mytapu.com provides services to non-Turkish buyers and sellers of Turkish real estate, which enable these sellers and buyers to enjoy the same benefits that local Turkish people have when buying and selling property, including the streamlined transaction process through on-line internet-based real estate platforms and portals.

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Listings, auctions and more... The choice is yours...
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AAll that documentation - now at your fingertips- online!
All that documentation - now at your fingertips- online!

On-Line Property Platforms

For several years now, the vast majority of all real estate transactions in Turkey (more than 85%), have been originated via on-line internet platforms and portals. 

In this on-line market, mytapu.com provides the 'widest market ' access for non-Turkish sellers the opportunity to offer their properties to local Turkish buyers, and provides non-Turkish buyers the opportunity to find properties offered by local Turkish sellers.



Mytapu.com is a property portal for buyers and sellers, to cost effectively facilitate their transactions with one another, supported by advanced digital marketing, open bidding pricing, and a full range of real estate transaction management services. It is the first and only English speaking transaction management platform in the Turkish real estate sector.


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it is always better to email us directly .


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Learn more by sending a email to info@mytapu.com and include your WhatsApp telephone number to receive a free complimentary call back. WhatsApp can be downloaded here:  https://www.whatsapp.com/download .

   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)....


What is a TAPU? 


A tapu is a certificate showing registered cadastral, planning, and ownership details of a property recorded by a Land Registry in Turkey. The name of the owner(s) of a property are recorded on the tapu, and for this reason it commonly serves as proof of registered ownership of a property. Ownership of property in Turkey is recorded in the registrar's books at the Land Registry. A tapu is not a deed, nor is it a title deed- a tapu is a Land Registry certificate. The name(s) of the registered owner(s) of a property changes at the time of a sale, and a new tapu may be issued showing the name(s) of the new registered owner(s).


What Price to Sell at ? 


You may set the target price you you hope to achieve and sell for. This is the "Minimum Sales Price". Your Account Manager will help and advise what factors to consider. For example, the Appraisal Report [Eksper Rapor] provides recent sales prices of similar size, location, and construction-type properties during the last 90 days, as an indication.

The Minimum Sales Price is not revealed to the buyers. If bids are received below your targeted sales price, the buyer may be informed that the bid price submitted is insufficient, but not reveal your 'Minimum Sales Price'. This is helpful if you may already have a buyer from elsewhere, and want to test the market to see if you can achieve a higher price.


May I Withdraw my Property ? 


Yes you may withdraw your property with 15 days written notice, subject to terms and conditions.

Yes, you can set a sales price but not disclose it, and bidders below this price will be informed their bid is not high enough. This is a useful tool for selling your property in Turkey.


Selling for the Highest Price


The properties are sold by a "Competitive Bidding Process", which brings buyers to a single location, allowing them to bid the price up, competing with one another. 


Why should I use mytapu.com?


Wider Market Reach- access to a much larger share of the buyers and sellers than conventional real estate agencies. For several years now, the vast majority of all real estate transactions in Turkey, more than 85%, have been originated via on-line internet platforms and portals. MyTapu.com provides non-Turkish sellers the opportunity to offer their properties to local Turkish buyers, and provides non-Turkish buyers the opportunity to find properties offered by local Turkish sellers.

Faster Results- finding a buyer or finding a property to purchase is much faster because all the buyers and sellers are online and can be accessed easily and conveniently with modern digital marketing technology.

Smoother Business Process- all ancillary services need to purchase or for selling a property in Turkey are handled by our legal and accounting departments' and streamlined systems with extensive expertise managing transactions for more than 5,000 non-Turkish based persons for more than 15 tears

Less Risk via Better Transparency- Using Appraisal Reports means no hassles dealing with agents using peculiar business processes to obtain deposits or protect their commissions, or sellers that will not reveal their property’s permit status’, or developers that may have bank charges secured on the property they are selling .


How can I arrange mortgage finance?

Can you surrender my mortgage when I sell?


To begin the process of obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of a property in Turkey, please complete the form here .

Yes our attorneys and mortgage banking experts will deal with all requirements on your behalf, upon your instructions. purchase or sale transaction.


 Appraisal Report- how do I get one? 


For sellers, mytapu.com will instruct the Appraisal Report (Eksper Rapor) for you, and manage the procedure if requested. The seller will be required to identify a key holder for their property to enable the Appraisal Expert to conduct the survey.


Appraisal Report – what is it?


An Appraisal Report (Expert Report) provides detailed information about a property, obtained by Appraisal Expert, trained under Turkish Capital Markets regulations, and licensed by the Turkish Capital Markets Regulatory Authority. For this reason the reports are referred to as Expert Reports in Turkey- 'Eksper Rapor' in Turkish. The content of the reports cover cadastral issues about a property – these are the issues concerning zoning and planning permits, construction and building utilisation licenses, for residential habitation. In addition appraisal reports provide other essential information about charges and mortgages secured on a property, and about the location, size, age and construction, and includes interior, exterior, and aerial photographs and map references. In addition, an appraisal report provides indication of market value, the standard practice is to compare recent sales prices (in the preceding 90 days) of properties of similar size, location, construction, etc.


Appraisal Report – why is it necessary?


An appraisal report (Eksper Rapor) serves to ensure the transaction process is faster, and more secure, because it provides the buyer and seller with clear and comprehensive information about the property, from an independent, licensed expert..


May I arrange an appointment to meet? 


Yes, all meetings are scheduled one week in advance at our offices in Ortaca, near Dalaman. alternatively you may schedule a meeting with our personnel in Istanbul. Generally, 95% of all business transacted over the preceding 15 years has been successfully concluded via email and telephone. The attorney managing your conveyancing is likely to be located near the location of the property you are buying and/or selling.


 What authorisations must I provide ?


Buyers will provide a Payment Authorisation- prior to bidding, buyers are required to deposit a bid bond (amount subject to change)  to guarantee their performance in closing a transaction which they intend to bid upon.

Sellers will provide the contact details of a local key holder for your property so that the Appraisal Expert can survey your property. 

Sellers and Buyers will provide authorisations to our attorneys to complete all necessary actions required for the initialisation, completion and settlement of the purchase or sale transaction. These include the standard authorisations non-Turkish buyers grant to solicitors in Turkey for the same purposes, and enable our attorneys to act upon your instructions. For more information about our Legal Services, please click here.


A tapu is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.  

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…mytapu.com.