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Remote Conveyancing of Property Purchases and Sales in Turkey June 2020
Remote Conveyancing of Property Purchases and Sales in Turkey June 2020

Conveyance & Completion Remotely...

    • Online (remotely) or In-Person; Automated or Manual
    • Independent Legal Advice
    • Payment Protection Techniques
    • Procedures, Documents, Registrations & Verification
    • Standard On-Line Banking Channels
    • Payments via Turkeys 'e-gov' Settlements Bank

With our guidance and instructions specifying the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Contact us today at add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.


Legal  Documents... 

relying on a foreign buyer’s lack of knowledge about legal documentation in Turkey, agent’s & developers commonly ignore the issue of permits and documentation that shows whether the property legally complies with planning permission and has the necessary permits.


Legal Contracts...

the majority of legal contracts agents & developers provide do not protect the buyers deposit or rights and are not executed in a legally valid manner.


Buying a property in Turkey? 

How do you ensure everything is ok, that the property is ‘legal’, that the seller is actually the owner, that there are no debts on the property? 

In short, how do you make sure you are not being 'conned' or ‘ripped off’, but buying the property you have dreamed of, and not buying into a financial and legal nightmare that will plague you for the next 10 years?

These problems are dealt with by conveyancing experts… they make sure everything about the property and the transaction is in proper order. Many foreigners buying property in Turkey are persuaded by sellers and agents that they can negotiate and buy a property without independent professional expert advice. And many do, and that is the reason why so many foreigners have bought properties that do not have permits, have other problems, or are not ‘legal’.

The experts at have advised more than 3,000 overseas investors on real estate purchases and sales in Turkey on asset values exceeding a total of more than $ 5 billion since the early 1990’s.

See what our customer’s say...



Advisers on the team at

cover all matters related to a real estate purchase*, sale, re-possession, or financing transaction,  including due diligence*, legal searches*, cadastral enquiries*, valuations* and appraisals*, mortgages and all forms of real estate finance, & insurances. 

Service levels suit the smallest tasks, and completely managed services, and extend to legal case oversight management- selection of experts, cost control, and quality control,  applied to the services provided by appraisal, tax, and legal advisers, and may be applicable to litigation, the use of special purpose vehicles, land management procedures, planning permits, construction permits, habitation certificates, contracts, translations, power of attorney… and more. 

Please see ‘Risks’ below….

* These may be provided to clients using the Property Finders' Service at 

Why is Conveyancing Essential...?    

The Safe Way to Buy Property in Turkey

Never Pay a Reservation Deposit...

Re-Claiming Reservation Deposits...

Independent Professional Advice for Property Purchases in Turkey... 

When or When Not to use a Solicitor for Property Matters in Turkey...

The key points about ‘what’ it means to ‘Buy Like a Local’, and ‘why’ it is essential, are explained independently, by an outside commentator, and lifelong property investment professional, in this article discussing ‘The Guide, How to Buy Property in Turkey’…


Valuations, Appraisals & Eksper Raporlar... the only legal, official valuations....


The Property Seller's Toll-Kit 

Presentation, Channels, Sales...

The team at are happy to advise, guide and support you in the purchase or sale procedures, the mortgage registration process, the attachment and removal of liens and encumbrances on the title, assessment of permits, valuations, tax registrations, notarisation, apostille, translations, documentary payments - all conveyancing & completion aspects of a property transaction. 


In this way the experts at have assisted more than 3,000 foreign investors in Turkish property over the last 15 years. Buying a property is a substantial investment – taking sensible precautions to protect that investment at the beginning of the buying process, is the smartest step to ensuring trouble-free outcome,  at the end.  Contact us today for more information at and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a call back…

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Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Beautiful Properties
Beautiful Properties in Turkey

Citizenship Investors....


Did you know…?

The first step of your Citizenship Application occurs during the final step of your property purchase: Conveyancing.

The final step of your property purchase is the Completion and Conveyance: the completion of documentation, payment, transfer of ownership, and conveyance of possession. Your Citizenship Application procedure begins automatically at this point, but only IF your advisor follows the correct procedure. For this reason it is vital that your completion & conveyance are coordinated closely with your Citizenship Application advisors. The Team at provide a fully integrated service of both property purchasing conveyance, and Citizenship Application processing. For more information, contact email 


Conveyancing Preparations

A buyer is advised to seek independent professional advice for the Conveyancing, and local assistance in preparation for Completion. This is essential to ensure all the required paperwork is in order… documents related to the register, mortgages, valuations, insurance, tax receipts, and of course, payment documents. The team includes the experts- attorneys, appraisers, mortgage specialists, insurance experts, tax accountants- to call upon and manage all the documentation for all these requirements, as required, in all areas of Turkey, for exchanges, and buy/sell transactions. 

Our policy is to oversee the requirements and apply the most cost effective solutions- so an expert in each specific discipline may not be required, as depends on each specific case.  These services benefit from our policies of best practice governing the transaction process, as it applies to foreign non-Turkish buyers and sellers, streamlined with more than 10 years of experience, processing thousands of Turkish property transactions.


Transaction Completion

The transfer of property ownership normally takes two days, but can often be completed in one, with good advance planning, and if convenient appointment times are granted by the local Land Registry. Attending together,  the seller will receive the payment from the buyer, and transfer the property registration to the buyer’s name. In reality there are other things that need doing as part of this process- obtaining the documents verifying all manner of taxes have been paid, dealing with termination of utilities, and of course making the confirmations and acceptances of payment documentation with the banks. For these reasons, a non-Turkish speaker will need plenty of assistance from, and to accompany a Turkish speaking person, on the run around. Turkish language skills are required, as are patience, stamina, and resolve. This is the final step of the process -  ‘completion’.

Service Levels

The best case scenario is that all is professionally overseen and approved in advance, and the buyer completes at the land registry in person, with basic support services of translation and local guidance. Alternatively, the conveyance completion may be conducted by a mytapu representative on behalf of the buyer, under instruction of Power of Attorney.

Email: Help-Line: 00 44 1787 54 000 4  Chat Box below for more information...!

Complete the form below and a member of the Team at will be happy to help...!

A ‘TAPU’ is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…


How to Reduce Risk & Legal Costs when Buying a Property in Turkey...?


 The best way to reduce the costs of 'Due Diligence', and reduce the risks of buying, is to make the correct first step in the investment procedure. These Advance Preparations will put you into the same position as a local Turk when it comes to buying: eliminate risks, and reduce legal costs. That first step is to complete all the necessary registrations (Tax & Foreign ID), open a bank account for making the property payment, take care of necessary authorisations, and to assign an expert for the citizenship application process. 

If you are led by an agent, and start by looking at properties, at the time you find one, the agent will pressure you into paying an advance payment: a reservation deposit or some other form of part payment. DO NOT: if you do, your risks and legal costs increase unnecessarily. And there is NO NEED if you have made the Advance Preparations.  Instead, you can just buy like a local Turk: obtain the information disclosure for due diligence, negotiate the price down, and then immediately close the purchase with full payment at the Land Registry: eliminating contract risks and costs. The Team at are happy to advise how to go about the entire process: email .

Conveyancing and Transaction Management at

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Tapu Advice
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Mortgage Finance
Mortgage Finance

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Learn more by sending a email to and include your WhatsApp or Viber telephone number to receive a free complimentary call back. 

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Due Diligence BEFORE Property search OR Negotiating Terms with the Seller Will Save Thousands...
Due Diligence BEFORE Property Search OR Negotiating Terms with the Seller Will Save Thousands......
Capital Protection & Wealth Preservation
Capital Protection & Wealth Preservation
Tax Optimisation and Currency Devaluation Protection
Retirement Tax and Residency Solutions

Private Client Home Purchases & Sales

Transaction Management:
Professional & Institutional Investor Clients

  • Fully managed directly with the counterparties, or by way of supporting guidance to the client, and a combination with ‘a la carte’ services available selectively.
  • Applying the standard purchase procedure, instead of the purchase procedure agents prefer to use when foreigners are buying – read more;
  • Applying specific cadastral documentation and Turkish terminology that can be utilised to ensure the agent/sellers are not tempted into misleading tactics and procedures.
The service levels and delivery are customised and tailored to the client’s transactional investment management requirements.

Reducing risks on every aspect of the transaction:

  • determine whether property is fit for purpose, i.e. as a residential dwelling, meaning it has all required permits
  • free from encumbrances,
  • clear title
  • valuations, appraisals and eksper raporlar
  • guidance on paying deposits;
  • contract drafting
  • contract execution
  • mortgage financing
  • title transfer;
  • settlement;
  • documentary payments;
  • taxes;
and all ancillary matters, land registry appointments, tax documentation, translations, interpreters, Power of Attorney, tax numbers, DASK and other insurances, utility connections, etc

Transactional assessment may be customised to a client’s requirements, covering all risks concerning the:

  • asset,
  • contracts
  • transaction framework & progression
  • counter-party
  • Security and safety
  • Cost savings
  • Less aggravation and hassle.
Identifying & creating opportunities for financial gain by applying standard business practices. A High Value Added Service Offering we have performed successfully since 1986 in international real estate markets and Turkey
Step-by-step assessment of risks and tactical positioning can and does provide opportunities for advantage and financial gain during the transaction procedure.
Standard conveyancing fees charged by local coastal Turkish lawyers are priced far too high, and the services they provide are deficient- not on a par, and do not cover the items provided in a UK conveyancing or structural survey, or valuation. The services provide by are priced below the fees charged by local coastal solicitors in Turkey….are priced at little more than a normal conveyancing fee in the UK, and are completely inclusive covering specific actions required specifically in Turkey.The costs are higher than more efficient international capital markets, but on a par with most developing markets; title ownership, lien registration, and claimant registration are reasonably transparent.
Managed vs. Guided; standard residential conveyance methodology for Turkey, applied with a complete knowledge of the local cadastral, contractual, banking, mortgage finance, and construction permitting legal frameworks and regimes in Turkey, in Turkish language.

Most private clients mistakenly believe they can negotiate the purchase of a property in Turkey by themselves. This is the number reason why so very many foreign property owners in Turkey purchased properties with problems- no permits or habitation certificates, no tapus,  etc How is it possible to negotiate a purchase without knowing what questions to ask, or knowing the specific property regime in a foreign country in a foreign language? In their home countries, the UK for example, the buyer would use a solicitor or conveyanacing manager, but due to the persuasive tactics of local agents and developers in Turkey, many foreign buyers have been mislead and wrongly convinced  it is safe to do without independent professional advice, or have been persuaded to use solicitors that are friendly with the developer, and thus have a vested interest, and are not impartial, and do not exercise ‘due care’ in protecting the clients interests. Read more here…
Four decades of experience in managing transactional opportunities allow ample room for asymmetric tactical positioning, applying the techniques adapted from & utilised by the most successful real estate investors.


Customised and tailored to the client’s transactional investment management requirements. Choices range from fully managed, team leader, to supporting team member functionality.