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Welcome to the Investors Tool-Kit for Residential Property in Turkey…

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Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Central istanbul Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Central istanbul Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Turkey's Prime Coastal  Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Turkey's Prime Coastal Locations
 Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime istanbul Residential Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime istanbul Residential Locations

Buy Property without Traveling to Turkey....

With our guidance and instructions specifying the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Contact us today at   add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.

Turkish Asset Values Bounce Up

Turkey Property Prices and Exchange Rates 2016 - June 2020 Graphic Chart eng
Turkey Property Prices and Exchange Rates 2016 - June 2020

Have  closer look... at Professional Real Estate Investment Strategies, See 'Investment Strategy: Istanbul'...


... Is this the bottom? The bounce in property prices off previous long-term lows is signalling the long-term bottom has been reached. Similarly the bounce in the Turkish Lira... prices will likely remain firm into the final half of this year, a continuing gradual uptrend frequently interrupted by occasional downward setbacks, used to buy at a discount....

Turkey is wonderful...the lifestyle attractions are plain to see. Owning property for personal use, as most foreigners living in Turkey agree, is a sensible choice, but only IF you invest wisely and carefully.  So... How to buy a bargain before prices begin trending upward ? These four steps are the key to buying a bargain... (read more).... 

The Property Buyers Toolkit for Residential Real Estate Investment in Istanbul and Coastal Regions of Turkey

The Property Buyer's Tool Kit

for Residential Real Estate Investment 

in Istanbul and Coastal Regions of Turkey

A Safer, Smarter, Better Way to Invest

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Safe, Secure, Institutional Services; Qualified Professionals - Not Agents

Professional Services for Residential Real Estate Investors in Turkey

Investor Services: Advisory, Guided,  & Managed... Everything we do at is designed to give clients the best chance for investment success. We've built our business around the conviction that you rely on us to look out for your best interests—helping to make sure you get a fair deal from us. Our approach is to take a stand for all investors, treat them fairly, and give them the best chance of investment success…. Where to begin ? Please tell us more about your requirements with no obligations,  and the Team at will be happy to help ....  Contact us today for more information at and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a call back…


Citizenship & Passports
EU Visa, Travel Hub, Relocation,

Schools, Medical, Business, Pensions; Professional Legal, Banking & Portfolio Investment Support, Advisory, & Guidance.

Foreign Investors' Advisory Services established 1989.


Property Selection Services

Find Property- Not Agents !
Scams, Valuations & Deposits. Location Life-Style Guidance. All Property Types: Off-Market, Re-Sale. New-Built,  Self Design, Historic Refurbishment.


Legal Due Diligence...
Reservation Deposit Security, Permits, Habitation Certificates, Title Checks, Lien Checks, 
Contracts,  Valuations,  Rental Income Contracts, Budgeting, Cost Control, Risk Management


Land Registry Actions, Completion of Transfer of Ownership, Access, Documentary Payments, Tax Registrations, Notaries, Apostille, Translations, etc

Where to Buy Property in Turkey ? The Search Begins at Online Portals…

Property Portal Online Property Finder Search at mytapu Turkey Property Agents
How, Why and Where to Buy Property in Turkey...Why Use Online Portals and Not Online Agents' Websites... click image to read more...
Where to Buy Property in Turkey...OnLine Search in Turkish shows Portals, compared with Online Search in English shows Agents' Websites
Where to Buy Property in Turkey...OnLine Search in Turkish shows All Portals, compared with Online Search in English only shows English speaking Agents' Websites... click image to read more...
The Guide to Buying a Property in Turkey May 25 2020 mytapu
The Guide to Buying a Property in Turkey May 25 2020
The Guide to Buying Property in Turkey May 25 2020 mytapu
The Guide to Buying Property in Turkey - 10 pages of Insight from 30 Years Experience Investing in Turkey

Get the Guide Today for Free


Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations
Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations
Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations

Summary of The Guide to Buying a Property in Turkey May 25 2020

' The Guide... How to Buy Like a Local'... A Safer, Smarter, Better Way... the mytapu way...!

Why ‘Buy like a Local’ …? (page 4) ‘Buying Like a Local’ means no reservation deposit, no price mark-up, no agent’s commission!  Buying a property is a substantial investment – making sensible precautions to protect that investment at the beginning of the buying process, is the smartest step to ensuring trouble-free outcome, at the end. The key points about ‘what’ it means to ‘Buy Like a Local’, and ‘why’ it is essential, are explained independently, by an outside commentator, and lifelong property investment professional, in ‘The Guide, How to Buy Property in Turkey’….


Step 1: Advance Preparation (page 5)  This is necessary to prevent Agents from pressurising the buyer into making a part payment (‘reservation deposit, advance payment, etc). Which will a) increase the buyer’s costs and risks: b) weaken the buyer’s’ negotiating position; c) prevent achieving maximum discount; d) increase costs of legal protections to protect the reservation payment; e) increase the risks of hidden non-disclosure of information: the things you wish you had known about before, but only found out afterwards.

Step 2: Finding a Property (page 6)  The Biggest Risk is buying from an Agent… Agents work for the Seller, not Buyer… A Property Finder is the Buyer’s Agent: YOUR Agent. the Property Finding Service will search the main sources of property transactions in Turkey that a buyer will never find and navigate without using the Turkish language,  Find a Property… Not an Agent…

Step 3: Negotiating the Purchase: Due Diligence (page 7)  The buyer should never trust the seller or his agent for the answers, or a lawyer introduced by them. For ‘due diligence’, independent advice, from an experienced professional, is essential.


To solve the chronic problem of agents selling property to foreigners at excessively high prices, without permits, etc,  new regulations now make it a requirement that a foreign buyer must be given an ‘appraisal reportThese reports show the market price of the property. Agents and developers will try and convince buyers that these valuation reports under-value property prices by 10% to 20%, but this is simply another misleading tactic to hide the agents’ hidden price mark-ups, and hidden commissions.

An Appraisal Report provides does not state the property is safe to buy, or is legally compliant… an independent professional (not agents) interpretation of the information about permits and legal status is necessary. 

A reservation deposit’ doesn’t reserve anything…under Turkish Law a seller can not be forced to sell a property to a buyer, even with a contract ! The ‘reservation deposit’ is the most critical tactic used by agents which a buyer must avoid at all costs.  Unfortunately it is just one of many deceptive tactics agents use. The buyer may be prepared for one tactic, but the agent has many, and will hook the buyer with one of them. An unknowing buyer can not possibly learn enough in advance, about all of these tricks, to win in such a situation. An experienced Property Finder or Transaction Manager, dealing with agents daily, can and will win.

Step 4: Conveyance of Title and Completion (page 9) The entire transaction should be paid for and completed with one final payment,  with the price negotiated down and payment made to close. This way avoids the risks, extra costs, headaches, and endless deceptions. But can only be done this way if the Advance Preparations and the Due Diligence have been completed first.  Sometimes a purchase may have contentious aspects, for example, when the buyer has agreed a discounted price with the seller, but is suspicious that the seller may try ‘last minute tricks’ to get a higher price.

Time for a Reality Check… (page 10)

Do You Know…? How much the tricks agents are using will cost a buyer… $$$ !

Solution: Save as much as $40,000 on a $250,000 purchase !

 Read more and request the full ten page report for Free... The Guide to Buying Property in Turkey....

The FIRST Step of the Investment Process…

Investors, the FIRST Step of the investment process is to complete the Advance Preparations: registrations for Tax ID, Foreign ID, Bank Accounts, Authorisations, etc. This will put you in position to close the deal on a property purchase with negotiated price discounts by making a full completion payment quickly and safely, thus securing ownership cost-effectively, and with least risk.  Ask the Team at mytapu to assist you with the Advance Preparations: these can be done while visiting Turkey, or can be done remotely, where you are at, now.  Contact us today at and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a call back…

Reservation Deposits for Buying Turkish Property: Advance Preparation is the Solution..

The alternative ? The alternative is to be ‘drawn in’ to an advance payment, reservation deposit, part payment, etc. This alternative will:

 a) Increase your costs and risks;
 b) Weaken your negotiating position,
 c) Prevent achieving maximum discount; 
 d) Increase costs of legal protections to protect your part payment & legally bind the seller; 
 e) Increase the risks of hidden non-disclosure of information: the things you wish you had known about before, but only found out afterwards. 

Without Advance Preparations, a buyer will be pressured into paying a ‘reservation deposit’ or other part payment: DO NOT.  Why? Read more here about why NOT to pay a reservation deposit, or part payment. Local Turkish buyers do NOT buy property this way, and do NOT pay reservation deposits. If YOU want to buy the same way, like a local Turk, read ‘The Guide’ explaining ‘How to Buy Like a Local’. Send an email to and ask for a Free copy of ‘The Guide, How to Buy Like a Local’. 


Investment Research... just released Dec 2019

The One Best Strategy as Price Trend Changes from Down to Up...

  • Defensive, Quality, Central
  • Maximum Gain, in Shortest Time
  • Maximum Rental Income Yield

As a market turns from down to up, this is the single best strategy...

The strategy that makes the gains first, before the rest of the market follows..

The strategy choice of professional investors...

Eight pages of investment research... Asset Profiles, Valuations, the Lira ...

Insights & analysis from 25+ years of residential property investing in Istanbul...

Enquire by email by clicking here..... 

Investment Strategy Istanbul Turkey Real Estate Buy Property
Residential Real Estate : Istanbul
Citizenship by Investment in Turkey Without Travelling
Citizenship by Investment in Turkey; Now Can be Done Without Travelling
Turkey: Citizenship Investment Program via Purchase of Real Estate Property: Professional Investment Consulting Services at
Citizenship by Investment in Turkey: Latest News May 25 2020

Citizenship Investment Program in Turkey:  Latest News Update,  Summer 2020

July 7 2020 

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship with Just $100,000 of Cash Invested ? Ask for details of this specialist insight... email and state ' Citizenship Application with $100,000 Invested'....

EU Citizenship via Bulgaria in 14 months for secure $500,000 investment (~ $ 1,000,000 with 50% finance) ...

Investment Requirement: Now increasing from $250,000 to $ 500,0000 ?

Raising the Citizenship Investment threshold for Property was under discussion for a whole day in Parliament recently. Will the threshold be raised back to $ 500,000 ? Request the mytapu Investment Note analyzing the factors involved in the decision by emailing; add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.  

Travelling: How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship & Complete a Property Purchase without leaving your home country....

The virus pandemic has increased the risk of travelling and in some regions has resulted in shutdown of the transportation network. Request the mytapu investment Note explaining how to participate in Turkey’s Citizenship Investment Program and purchase property without ever leaving the country you are in now, thanks to recent innovations at by the Land Registry Administration: email add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.

Economy & Turkish Lira Outlook...

The Turkish Lira has come under a little pressure lately declining an additional 4% recently (see Turkey:Market & Price Outlook below)... how much further will it go and when, are key investment considerations. Request the mytapu Investment Note analying the factors involved in the decision by emailing add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.  


Geo-Political Outlook...

The Turkish military activity in various regions is creating some anxiety among investors, but is it undermining the attractiveness of Turkey as a property investment location ? Request the mytapu Investment Note analyzing the factors involved in the decision by emailing add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.  

How to Make Fully Informed Decisions ?  

The Citizenship Application Procedure and the Property Purchasing Procedure in Turkey are two separate processes that not complicated, but do require careful attention best provided by professional advisers that are not receiving commission payments from property sellers. Careful research is a key to successful investment to ensure all risks are clearly understood in advance. The Team at mytapu follow policies based on full transparency to ensure clients have all information necessary to make fully informed decisions, and are not mislead.  We are happy to answer your inquiries and fulfill your expectations, so contact us today by emailing  add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.


Non-Resident Citizenship Investors...

  • Rental Income Properties in Central Istanbul tenanted on multi year contracts...
  • Know your rental income yields before purchasing....
  • Negotiate your purchase price discounts accordingly...
  • These are private network offerings for discreet purchase...
  • Off-Market: not listed on portals, with agents, or elsewhere.
Netflix TV mini-series 'Rise of Empires: Ottoman' tops international ratings, increasing foreign demand for property in Istanbul
Netflix TV mini-series 'Rise of Empires: Ottoman'

The new Netflix release, ‘Empires Rising: Ottoman’ is achieving notable new ‘firsts’ for the Istanbul and the Turkish film industry. During the first full week of streaming, the six episode drama-documentary ranked 4th among top trending TV shows in the United States overall, briefly 2nd among Netflix shows, and 6th in binge viewing.

The impact of positive media projection upon property values in a specific location needs no explanation: the examples are evidenced far and wide. The more important question is whether that success is repeatable. If so, then Istanbul as a property investment location could well be on its way to assuming the status of a top global investment location, on par with the likes of Miami, London, Hong Kong, etc. 

The production is notable for its apparent success in unifying different international audiences for Turkish productions, having grown over the last five years through the Middle East, and then Spain, Latin & South America. Achieving Netflix international objectives, Ottoman Rising is capturing viewing audiences in Northern Europe and North America, extending around the world to include India and Asia.

 So the question remains, what potential is there for a repeat success? This article examines the issues more closely: funding, location, production, and of course the amazing Turkish actors and actresses involved... read more here!


Istanbul’s Most Desirable Suburban Destination

Sea Views, Back & Front: 
North Facing Black Sea, South Facing Bosphorus
Forest Hill Crest: City Centre 20 minutes, Airport 40 minutes, Metro 10 minutes
Pool, Spa, Leisure Centre; Beaches 10 minutes
Top Quality Finishings & Black Marble Staircases
Elite Gated Commmunity: Built by Society Family as Personal Residences
3 Bedrooms,2 Bathrooms
Estimated Valuation  $ 275,000
Original 2017 Listing Price of $ 465,000 
Contact the Team at  here...

Careful Property Searches do reveal exceptional bargains at prices worth negotiating.  For example, a bargain, new luxury finished 3+1 residence in a small exclusive gated community on a hill crest overlooking one of the most desirable suburban residential neighbourhoods outside Istanbul, 20 minutes from the centre, surrounded by forests,  with twin sea views on either side: one of the Black Sea, and one of the Bosphorus... 

Elite Residence for Sale in Istanbul's most Desirable Suburban Destination
Double Sea Views, Bosphorus & Black Sea, at Istanbul's most Desirable Suburban Destination 'off-market' buying opportunity at a 15% discount to other surrounding properties of similar size, of lower quality and less desirable positioning (see above).  These are the market conditions to uncover liquidity driven distress sales.  Finding these types of properties is what bargain hunting is all about...!



 Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations
Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Turkish Coastal Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Turkish Coastal Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations
Exclusive Luxury Property for Investment in Prime Central Istanbul Locations

Scanning the Internet, Searching for Property…?

If you do not speak Turkish, and do not search using the Turkish language, what you will find is pages and pages of websites designed only to lure non-Turkish speaking foreign buyers. These are the websites of english speaking agents. They do not do business with local Turkish buyers, because no Turk will deal with them. These agents want to do business in a specific way (that is to their advantage) that is only possible with unsuspecting foreign buyers. No local Turkish buyers will buy property this way... (continue reading).


How to Begin Your Property Purchase in Turkey

Using the internet to scan English speaking websites of property agents in Turkey is fine for ‘window shopping’, but to then start your property purchase procedure that way, is a mistake. If you do, the agent will lock you into their ‘marked-up’ prices with a falsely named ‘reservation deposit’, and what follows afterwards, is a long story of things you wish you had known before you paid, but didn’t find out until later.


Instead, there is a better way... (continue reading)... 


 What a Good Property Investment LOOKS Like ?

What does a good property investment LOOK like? Well, maybe it isn’t obvious from looking at pictures on the internet. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say, it’s not very professional to begin your search for a good investment by looking at glossy pictures on agents’ websites. A professional approach begins differently, with a smarter way of making money, and achieving lifestyle aspirations, when buying a residential property in Turkey for investment, your own use, long term or holiday rental, or all combined... (continue reading).


 Buy Property in Turkey ? Why...?

If you are rightfully skeptical, then never mind the boastful, unsupported reasons you may have read about.  As an investor, your judgement relies upon more than hot air. You will know that buying, holding, and ‘hoping’ that prices go up, is a fool’s errand. That type of price increase, is only reflecting inflation. A professional investor makes money above and beyond the inflation rate, analysing key facts about how an investment opportunity arises: the reasons why Turkey is a buy now, and what the future holds ... (continue reading). 

Property For Sale Turkey- Spa-Resort Apartments
Luxury Villa Property for Sale Turkey
Luxury Property for Sale- Dalyan, Turkey
Luxury Property for Sale, Turkey, Dalyan
How to Find Property in Turkey

 How to Find Property in Turkey ?   Visitors to our website are often curious  about how they can find property to  purchase at in Istanbul or  coastal regions of Turkey because there  are not hundreds of properties showing  for sale. The answer is pleasantly  surprising, as you will discover... instead of  clicking around dozens of tiny property  pictures on a website, which are often  inadequate... at there is a safer, smarter, and better way to buy in Turkey...

Happy Buyers Welcome to Istanbul!

Istanbul Welcomes the Buyers..

Reversal of the downward trend in the Lira seems to have prompted buyers that were waiting and watching, to now finally take action, and enter the market. The Turkish Lira has bounced more than 20% off its lows in a three month period. As a result, a steady stream of buyers are now investing into Istanbul and coastal regions of Turkey... (Nov 2018)

Bargain Buyers Love Turkey !

Turkey: Bargain Prices... 

and the Brits are Back ! The sudden decline in Turkish Lira exchange rates triggered an unprecedented rush; last-minute holiday bookings surged, foreign exchange bureaus across the UK sold out of Lira, estate agents were deluged with enquiries from property buyers, and flight bookings by Gulf buyers surged... the bargain hunters are back buying real estate in Istanbul and coastal regions of Turkey ...(Aug 2018)


  A Buyer’s Market - Don't Be Naive & Careless 


Did you know? There are more than a million unsold properties overhanging the market in Istanbul, and Turkey. The Chairman of the Turkish Realtors Association recently complained that if mortgage interest rates don’t come down, there will be more than 1,500,000 properties unsold by the end of 2019. BUT when interest rates come down, before long, the Lira will rocket (yes, that's right !), taking property values with it...

So if you want to buy a property in Istanbul, it is a buyer’s market, there is plenty to choose from, and NOW is the time to find a 'good deal’ at really good prices.

The trouble is, if you begin your property hunt by searching the English speaking search engine pages of the internet, like google, you won’t find any property bargains, all you will find is English speaking agents selling property to unsuspecting foreigners at the most expensive prices possible, and that usually means 20-30% above appraised value. 

The only thing that will be found on those internet pages is an Agent, not a Property at a reasonable price.

So how does a serious investor make a property hunt for bargains? 

1) Asking that question is the first step! Many people assume the natural step is just using the internet by web-browsing 'window-shopping' the agent's websites there, but they could not be more wrong. 

So the next step, instead of web-browsing 'window-shopping' is to consider what other questions need answers… 

2) Which areas of Istanbul are central and which are outside satellite towns, usually construction sites? 

3) How to find the appraised valuation of property values per square metre in the different areas of town? 

4) What are the different permits for a property and how can these be checked? 

5) If the investment is for a rental property, what are the most convenient, desirable locations for working renters to choose for their work places, holiday renters, etc ? 

6) What is the property buying procedure and why should one avoid paying 'reservation deposits'? 

7) Traffic and public transport travel times to the centre of Istanbul?  Remember, this can be as long as three hours: meaning the property is not near central Istanbul. 

8) These are the key essential investment factors to assess when buying real estate anywhere, but in Istanbul or elsewhere in Turkey, this is the information that absolutely should not be trusted from an agent, and most usually an agent will never mention or provide, before ‘locking the buyer in’ with a 'reservation deposit'. Which means the money won’t be returned, no matter how poorly these key investment factors turn out to be. 

The Safe and Smart Way to get answers to these questions, is the way: please click here to get the Guide to Investing in Residential Property in Turkey.

The bandits are wating for the buyers at internet search pages like 'property turkey'

That approach is where the problems begin, because it is full of pitfalls- the agents, the bandits, the highway men.. they have seen the buyer's coming, and are waiting there, very politely at first, of course! And there begin the convincingly and persuasively told tales of so many misleading lies, on the path to a buyer's entrapment.


 Find & Buy at Bargain Prices: No Need to Over Pay

In the same way that most foreigners love living in Turkey, most also overpaid for their properties by 20-30%. This is the result of ‘sharp’  practises by agents and developers. The vast majority of foreigner property buyers overpaid, and most purchased properties without permits. And 5-10 years later, many have paid thousands more to fix the permits, and are struggling to see a financial profit on their purchase. With all the wonderful reasons to buy property in Turkey, it is regrettable that agents and developers prey on unknowing foreigners in this way. It needn’t be so. 

At, we provide foreigners with the services to buy and sell property just like local Turks- and that means without agents. Agents' main goal is to sell a buyer a property at the highest price possible. Ay, our goal is to buy a property for the lowest price possible. A big difference: worth 15-30% off the asking list price. At we have been doing it for years, for many foreign property investors, and can help you do the same.

These four steps are the key to buying a bargain... (read more)....

‘An agent’s job is to sell you a property at the highest price possible; mytapu’s job is to buy a property for you at the lowest price possible.…’

Experienced, professional investors use a Property Finding, Search & Section Service...

Buy from an Agent, or with a Property Finder..?

... the unspoken truths about the real estate ‘business’ ....this concerns real estate agents... their storefronts are everywhere- on main street,  on the internet... because they are selling  property...  they are working for the owners to sell their properties... real state agents do not work for the buyer  - they work for the seller... an agent takes commission from the seller...   the buyer pays an over-stated price, which the seller receives, and the agent gets a share of. See how it works? Not in favour of the buyer…! 

Investor Services

The team at are happy to advise, guide and support investors at all stages of  the property search, purchase procedures, the mortgage arrangement & registration or removal process, the attachment and removal of liens and encumbrances on the title, assessment of permits, valuations, tax registrations, notarisation, apostile, translations, documentary payments - all conveyancing & completion aspects of a property transaction. 

In this way the experts at have assisted more than 3,000 foreign investors in Turkish property over the last 15 years. 

Buying a property is a substantial investmenttaking sensible precautions to protect that investment at the beginning of the buying process, is the smartest step to ensuring trouble-free outcome, at the end. 

Planning a property Investment purchase in Istanbul and Turkey
Buy Prime Prestige Luxury Property in Istanbul's Most Exclusive city Centre Locations
Buy Prime Prestige Luxury Property in Istanbul's Most Exclusive City Centre Locations

Email:     Chat Box below for more information...!

Luxury Apartments in Thermal Spa Resort for Sale-Turkey
Luxury apartment for Sale- Istanbul, Turkey
Luxury Mountain-Side Retreat Property for Sale- Mugla, Turkey
No Doors Left Un-Opened at
'No door left un-opened'

A TAPU is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…


Location, Location, Location...

With the Team at you benefit from thirty years of first hand, personal knowledge:


Istanbul: The desirable central neighbourhoods, every neighborhood on the Bosphorus, both Black Sea and Marmara coasts, Asian and European sides, the Princes’s Islands, public transport links, traffic conditions, and the new development satellite towns that are NOT in the centre but which agents will assure unsuspecting buyers as being ’15 minutes’ from the centre, which is simply not the case.


The Coast: North-West from Cannakale, down through Ayvalik, Foca,  Izmir, Cesme, Kusadasi, Didim, Altinkum, Akbuyuk, Guvercinlik,  Bodrum, Marmaris, Dalyan, Dalaman, Gocek, Fethiye, Olu Deniz, Kalkan, Kas, Finike, Kemer, Antalya, Side, Alanya, to Anamur.


We know the developers, the developments, the agents, and three thousand plus foreign property owners that we have assisted with purchases over the last 15+ years.


Our newsletter reviews locations, and  provides useful ‘tips of the trade’, legal, finance, and similar insights for buyers that want to avoid scams and be safe and secure with their investment

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Additional Reading:

Why is Istanbul the Destination of Choice for Citizenship Investors...?

Welcome to the Dalyan Delta and Iztuzu Beach...!

A Better Lifestyle is the Best Investment for 

              Health, Family, and Finances...


  How do I Buy?  How do I Bid?

  Ready to Start  Property Search ? 

  Or need a Location Assessment, a                 Valuation, or Rental Property                         Evaluation (type, locations, etc) ?                   Begin here… 

  Next Steps:

  a) Register Your Requirements...

  b) Read 'The Guide'... to buying 

  property in Turkey a Safer, Smarter,

  and Better Way....

Next Steps for Buying Property in Istanbul Turkey Why is it the safe way to buy property in Turkey? : Why is it 'The Safe Way to Buy' Property in Turkey...? 

Did you know that Turks buy property in Turkey in a different way than foreigners? Most foreigners don’t realise this- even those from the UK, Russia, and other countries, that have already bought, and have been owners for years. So what is different, how, and why? 

Help, Support, Guidance, Advice....

What is 'Due Diligence' and why is it Absolutely Essential ? 

Protecting your  capital, your health, and your peace of mind are obviously the most important considerations. In a country with a different language, and a different legal system,  ensuring your property investment, is a 'dream come true' and not 'your worst nightmare', is what 'Due Diligence' DOES....



Don't be mislead by agents... Get the Guide...

At we know HOW to FIND property in Turkey.

How to use the vast on-line property market places that dominate the Turkish real estate sector, to...


Find a Property… Not an Agent…

And avoid the price Top-Ups and other Hazards...


Most importantly, we will show you HOW to ‘BUY Like a Local…’ 

The way local Turks buy… NOT the way agents mislead...

The procedure for buying property in Turkey...

The Safe way to Buy Property in Turkey…!


Get the Guide Now…

The Safer, Smarter, Better Way...

Email to RE: 'Send the Free Guide'...



Get The Guide for Free...

Get the Guide: How to Buy Like a Local,,, How to Find and Invest in Property Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey

Service offerings are the client’s choice of either ‘Guidance’, ‘Advisory’, or ‘Managed’, and may include a selection of specific services, a mixed package of combined services, or a fully managed service; with prices for all budgets...


At mytapu our practice is assist clients in making fully informed decisions, with full information and disclosure, in the interests of better outcomes for all, because…


‘Building Trusted Relationships is Building Our Business’


See what our clients have said about us…

Citizenship by Investment in Property

 جدید! تابعیت ترکیه گذرنامه در حال حاضر فقط با تومان 250,000 املاک و مستغلات سرمایه گذاری.... ,


جديد! المواطنة تركيا جواز سفر الآن مع فقط 250,000 دولار أمريكي للاستثمار العقاري.... , 

Citizenship by investment in property in Turkey for just $250,000... will cost you $75,000 more than that, if you pay an agent's listing at premium price above appraised value... And so professional advice is essential.

Buying Property in Turkey

The Professionals at have served more than 3,000 foreign investors in Turkish real estate over the last 15 years, and we are happy to help You, too.

See what our clients say about us....


A tapu is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate. 

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…

Open Bidding Procedures for Buying Real Estate & Property in Turkey...

These guidelines for participating in open-bidding real estate auctions in Istanbul & Turkey for off-plan, 

new-built, resale, refurbishment and repossession properties are for international investors.


Guidance, support, and a complete range of professional investor services are provided by

To find out more, without obligation, complete the form below or click on the BUY TAPU button... The Safest Way to Buy the Best Deals...

Buy Property Turkey


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Buy Property in Turkey
Buy Property in Turkey

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You do not need to attend the Land Registry, Tax Office, or follow the other official paper work, as the attorneys you select from panel of approved practioners in Turkey will do these for you.


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Your selected attorneys manage title transfer, payment of taxes, and all other official procedures at all official offices and Land Registry, and then arrange the payment documentation for the buyer’s deposit or transfer to the seller’s bank account.

Buy Property in Turkey

Investors' Toolkit
Investors' Toolkit
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Property Finder
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