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President, Republic of Turkiye, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Citizenship Property Investor

Citizenship with Real Estate Investment...

Minimum of $250,000 invested in property, for one family ....

Turkish Passports and all rights of a Turkish Citizen...

No Minimum Annual Residency  or Other Requirements...

Citizenship by Investment in Property and Real Estate in Istanbul and Coastal Regions of Turkey

Investment in Real Estate Property...


Help Line: 00 44 1787 54 000 4

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 Local Knowledge is Key…

A Property Finder with local knowledge can tell with the first glance if: 

  • The pictures of the site and local environment are misleading;
  • The location map  is ‘wrong’..

Property Finderthe smart way to 

find  an apartment or villa you want.

How does the Property Finders' Service reduce costs of investment ...?

Valuations & Appraisals...

What You Must Know... 

What clients say 

about us…


The Passport Package....

Packages range from $ 250,000  - $15 million

Citizenship Application Processing, Lifestyle Re-Location Services, Medical, Lawyers, Private Bankers, Schools, Licenses, Business Formation, and more to choose from... a Full Range of Services 

Passport Package for One Family:

(Two Parents & All Minors & Dependents)

Proven Yearly Income: $27,000+

Annual Sharia Investment Yield: 10%+

Minimum yield with 180 days of owner occupancy. Income and yield may be more when owner occupancy is less.

Passport Package for 15+ Families:

Proven Yearly Income: USD 750,000+

Annual Sharia Investment Yield: 5%+

Minimum yield with 180 days of owner occupancy. Income and yield may be more when owner occupancy is less.


Leading Adviser of Foreign Investors:

  • Clients Advised 3000+ 
  • Transactions totaling $ 5 Billion+
  • Experience 25 years+ in Turkey 
  • Institutional & Private Clients

The Investor's Tool-Kit...

Due Diligence... 

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Buy Property in Turkey with the Investor's Toll-Kit
The Smart Way to Buy Residential Real Estate in Istanbul & Turkey....
Due Diligence for Legal, Permits, Valuations, Protections
Due Diligence Protection
Conveyancing and Legals Services for Real Estate in Turkey
Conveyancing & Land Registry

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A ‘TAPU’ is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…

Citizenship Investment in Turkey...


 The Advantages:

Citizenship Investment by Property TURKEY

Passport has 10 year validity and is renewable for life; 

One of the Top 30 Passports in the World ; Visa Free Travel for 148 countries; 

Single Visa Access to Schengen Zone; 

Future Access without visa to 26 Schengen Zone EU Countries;

Turkish Citizenship, Passport, & Identity Card delivered in 3-6 months following background check; 

Full Medical Assistance, Pension Programs, Subsidised Education and University Reimbursement Plans;

No Minimum Residency Required;



The Benefits:

Citizenship by investment in Property Turkey

  • Welcoming culture of hospitality
  • Ingrained orientation towards Customer service and Consumer satisfaction
  • Fantastic food 'fit for a king' – fresh delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs; amazing grills of lamb, goat, beef, and chicken, kofte, kebabs and more; wide variety of fresh fish; strong coffee, and sweets galore- pastries, puddings, and more.
  • Abundant pure spring water
  • Cool temperatures and superb natural beauty – sugar-sand beaches, sublime seas, majestic snowy mountains, lush green forests, and sparkling rivers.
  •  Wide selection of excellent quality textiles, home furnishings, ceramics, ,glassware, carpets, cars, boats etc- all produced locally.
  • No capital gains tax (after 5 years) and no inheritance tax.
  • Spacious attractive home designs. 
  • Excellent inexpensive international flight connections everywhere.


Why Citizenship Investors choose Istanbul...?

The Life Style...

History and Culture..

Quality of Life...
Safety & Security...

Mountains, Forests, and Seas...
Travel Advantages...

And the Investment Merits...

Read more here...

Istanbul Life is the Choice for Turkish Citizenship Property Buyers…  

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Citizenship by property investment turkey

All this, and now cheaper than ever before


Wrap it all together – and for the price, it is an irresistible package- obviously many have NOW arrived at that conclusion at the same time, after watching and waiting….


These are the reasons why more than 70,000 Northern Europeans have purchased homes in Turkey over the last fifteen years.


 Where to look, and what to buy? 

Citizenship by Investment in property in Turkiye

Rather than just skimming agents’ websites, this link 

explains finding your property the Smart Way …


 How do you get hold of it before someone else does? 

This link provides the guidelines for the purchasing process the Safe Way…


And for your re-assurance, provides a full range of services to fall back on, 

should the need arise….


  Relocation Services ...

Relocation advisory services are provided for property investors wishing to obtain Turkish Citizenship and passports. The advice is provided as part of the Property Finding Service and covers matters pertaining to:

  •  international & local schooling
  • medical facilities
  • business start-up and employment 
  • banking facilities
  • legal advisors
  • easy access to international & local travel & transportation
  • language courses on-line and in person, etc 

These subjects are considered in the overall context of advising the investor on specific locations comfortably and conveniently suited to meeting their lifestyle requirements for these matters. With more than 30 years experience of living and doing business in Turkey and Istanbul, our advisors have the local knowledge and insights that are relevant to foreigners moving to Turkey, including many relevant aspects of Turkish Living  that are often overlooked by local Turkish advisors.

Citizenship Property Investor Services Turkey

  Property Finder Services...

To find the property meeting your family's needs, the Professional Property Finders at provide a complete service:

Preparation of Fact Finding Report that details those requirements and the specific locations in Istanbul or elsewhere covering all coastal locations in Turkey that match.

 Identifying, presenting and arranging viewings of the properties in Istanbul and all coastal regions of Turkey. Providing the legal oversight to make sure the property is legal and the risks of transferring title, and conveyance, are properly managed.  

How does a Property Finder reduce a buyers cost of purchase?

 And Why this MUST be done for Citizenship Investors...

First a property finder negotiates a sales price down to save costs- so the buyer isn’t subsiding the agent’s commission as paid by the seller from a marked-up purchase price, which is otherwise the real situation, hidden from view.... 


Second, a property finder does the specific things required on each transaction to ensure the buyers’ rights and interests are protected, and for each of these tasks, charges simple reasonable fee. In this way the buyer is assured the work will be done on necessary things that need doing , without worrying about the much higher legal costs of having to pay for things to get done after the purchase is completed (the usual outcome).  


Misrepresentation – to ensure the property buyer is not mislead by agents regarding a properties location, legal documentation, and other matters. 

Legal Documentation- ensuring a property has the permits and documentation that shows  the property is legally compliant. 


Purchasing Procedures- to prevent agent’s leading the buyer down a path which places all the risk on the buyer and can result in a costly outcome, often requiring thousands of EUR in legal fees to rectify.


Deposits- to ensure the buyer is not required to pay a 'reservation' deposit and to if necessary, to ensure it is not done so without a legally valid contract.


Legal Contracts- to prevent the practice of agent's contracts which  do not protect the buyers deposit or rights and are not executed in a legally valid manner.


Valuations- to provide valid appraisal reports  essential for Citizenship investors , avoiding agents  common practice of arriving at their own valuations based on nothing more than a whim for sales purposes, while all along a legal and appraised valuation report is never discussed or mentioned.

Payment & Banking- to advise and assist the buyer in establishing bank accounts and arranging payment documentation for the property purchase.


High pressure tactics- to reduce the effect of psychological tricks and sales tactics used by agents to get a deposit.


A professional Property Finder knows not just which questions to ask, and which issues to check, but knows where to get the documentary proof, and how to cross check and apply it, under different circumstances.  This is especially important because every property purchase transaction is different, which is because Turkey is only slowly moving towards the type of standardisation that is common in many more developed countries. Read more about Turkish property ‘conveyancing...

  مرحبا   المواطنة   المستثمرون !

The Process of obtaining Citizenship in Turkey 

by investing in property is relatively simple. 

The following Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) 

will provide answers to many of the issues requiring clarification.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Citizenship Property Investment Türkiye

1)  Are there checks on a person’s background? Answer: During the process a check on an individual’s suitability will be conducted. This is a check for criminal records and similar things that may dis-qualify an applicant, for the reason that the applicant is a threat to national security. No financial information or declarations of asset or income are required.

2)  Are there any restrictions on the property invested in? Answer: Any type of real estate ownership is acceptable, commercial, rental, etc  with the requirement that the investor not sell the property for three years, and this is evidenced by a notation placed next to the ownership registration details at the Land Registry, and he record of this accompanies the application.

3)  Is the application process complicated? Answer: This is a newly established 'Fast Track' process and is relatively simple and straight-forward, the application just has to be checked and confirmed by three government administrations for coordination and issue of Citizenship and Passport documentation: Tapu Office,  the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, and the Ministry of interior.

Documents Required:

-  Valid passports
- 4 passport-size photos of each member of family 
- Birth certificates
- Residence permit or valid Tourist Visa Stamp in your passport
- Documents proving your relationships  (marriage license)
- Application tax payment receipt

- Application Form


4)  Do I need to deal with the application process myself in Turkey? Answer: No, you do not need to be in Turkey, or deal with the application yourself, as it can be done by granting Power of Attorney to a local representative appointed to follow the process for you, for example appointed by; however you may follow it yourself in Turkey, if you choose, with the guidance provided by

5)  Is the application for a whole family to obtain Citizenship? Answer: For a Family of Two Parents, and all dependents (disabled children above 18 years) and minors under age of 18 on application date.

6)  How long do I have to wait to receive my Turkish Passport? Answer: The procedure is expected to take 3-6 months, while the government agencies coordinate their document processing.

7)  Do I need to renounce my existing citizenship? Answer: No- dual citizenship is acceptable in Turkey.

8)  Can I live in Turkey before my Citizenship is granted? Yes, with a Residence Permit, a simple procedure commonly used by foreign property owners in Turkey, or more simply, on a Tourist Visa. There is o requirement to spend a certain numbers of days or time in Turkey.

9)  How much is the minimum investment? Answer: $ 250,000 equivalent in Turkish Lira, for one or more properties totalling more than $250,000, with one application for all.

10)  How to prove the amount invested?   Answer: The proof must be by bank transfer or banking documentary payment showing payment details. The value of the payment in Turkish Lira is calculated in US Dollars at the Central Bank’s effective rate on the date of the application. The proof of amount invested is confirmed by a licensed Appraisal Company, that submits an independent valuation of the property. Appraised values have been known to differ by as much as 20% from the sales prices charged by developers, which is because developers inflate their sales prices above market prices,  and so it is very important to ensure your purchase price is not inflated by agent’s commissions, and is at market value. A purchase of a property for $250,000 that is appraised at a valuation of 20% less would be only $200,000,and insufficient for Citizenship application. In other words, buying a property that is priced at 20% over market valuations would mean it is necessary to buy at a price of $312,500 or more, to qualify for the minimum investment of $250,000. Read more information about how can provide solutions with Appraisal & Valuations...

Click here to view the Presidential Decree governing citizenship by investment in Turkey.