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Legal Issues Buying or Selling Real Estate in Turkey

Buying or selling a property in Turkey is so easy, your agent will provide guidance, advice, and support you if needed, and it's all manageable yourself, right?

Wrong… This is how more than 85% of foreign property buyers in Turkey have found themselves owning properties that they later discovered would require thousands of EUR spent in legal and other fees to correct.

These buyers thought they were being clever by saving a few pennies that would have been wisely spent on professional advice to prevent problems. They listened to, and trusted, the persuasive agents and lawyers, that were receiving profit shares on huge hidden price mark-up profits on their property purchase, without the buyer even knowing.  Instead they suffered years of nightmares and uncertainty trying resolve problems with the properties, which eventually cost them thousands to put right.

Their first ploy, is to ensure the buyer the purchase process is simple and easy, and to gain the buyers confidence. Is buying real estate in Turkey really so easy and trouble-free..? At first glance, perhaps... most certainly t is easy for the agent or lawyer that is motivated by huge profit sharing on the sale, but as you progress through a purchase or sale, there will be steps along the way... in which you do not know the right questions to ask, resulting in complications that you may not be aware of at the time, which…

…will prove costly later, when you learn more...

And what is the most common answer used by agents or lawyers as an excuse when the buyer later asks… ‘Why didn’t you tell me…?’ Email my for the answers to this question and many others related to property purchasing in Turkey…

Buy Property without Traveling to Turkey....

With our guidance and instructions specifying the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Contact us today at   add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.

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Legal Due Diligence...
Reservation Deposit Security, Permits, Habitation Certificates, Title Checks, Lien Checks, 
Contracts,  Valuations,  Rental Income Contracts, Budgeting, Cost Control, Risk Management


Land Registry Actions, Completion of Transfer of Ownership, Access, Documentary Payments, Tax Registrations, Notaries, Apostille, Translations, etc

Completing Transfer of Title, Access, & Payment - 'Conveyancing'

 ... With guidance and instructions from specifying the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Read More...

What is 'Conveyancing' and Why is it Essential?

Conveyancing is a term used in the UK for managing the transfer of ownership during a property purchase/sale transaction. Sounds simple enough? If it is so simple, why are all property transactions in the UK handled by conveyancing experts? And why would anyone in his right mind imagine that he could do a conveyancing in a foreign country in a foreign language by themselves? Learning as much as possible to ensure you are fully informed, and prepared, is ‘smart’, and this link provides much more information about conveyancing, but it is not smart to imagine you can learn enough to do it yourself- learning that much is an education which is more time consuming and expensive than you planned for – it is cheaper and faster to enlist the service (read more) ...

How to Reduce ‘Rip-Off’ Risks Buying Property in Turkey

How to buy a property in a foreign country? The people selling the property – agents, developers, and the solicitors they recommend- will usually assure you there will be ‘no problem’. Should you believe them? They make it seem so simple. Just like home. There will be similarities between your home country and a foreign country like Turkey when it comes to buying. The general principles are the same. And that’s were it ends. The details are different, and that’s where the danger lies. The risks are associated with a different language, culture, legal system, and of course, property system, known as a cadastral system.... 

Legal Oversight Management- what is it, when to use it…

In situations where litigation is the most obvious next step to resolve a dispute, it is not uncommon to refrain from pursuing matters through the courts, because of the daunting prospects of the time, work and aggravation entailed…
Read more

Property Purchase Disputes in Turkey- Re-claiming Reservation Deposits

Foreign buyers of Turkish properties often find themselves in a situation where what they thought they agreed to acquire is not what they are getting. In cases where the matter is not amicably resolved with the Turkish seller or developer, what alternatives are available? Fortunately, legal action to reclaim pre-paid reservation deposits or off-plan deposits is…

When or When Not to use a Solicitor for Property Matters in Turkey

Regrettably, as the experience of far too many foreign real estate buyers has shown repeatedly and consistently for more than 10 years, too often the solicitors appointed, particularly in small coastal towns, or dealing with Cirizenship applications in Istanbul, often have ‘conflicts of interests’ that they will not acknowledge, even when questioned… so how should an investor struggle through …
Read more

Is it Better to use a UK solicitor or a Turkish solicitor for Conveyancing in Turkey…?

Either choice, whether a Turkish solicitor at a UK based firm, or a solicitor based in Turkey, does not resolve an important conundrum…
Read more

Conveyancing  and Completion Preparations

Transfer of Ownership

As a property buyer, when it comes time to paying for the purchase, and dealing with land registry details, and all other registrations, is it wise to rely on the guidance and advice of the agent that sold you the property? A little common sense is required… Remember that the agent is being paid commission and hidden price mark-up profits by the seller, and is working for the seller. Is trusting an agent, a good idea?

A buyer is advised to seek independent professional advice for the Conveyancing, and local assistance in preparation for Completion, for two reasons. The first reason is to ensure risks associated with the payment of the sales money. The second reason is to ensure all other matters are checked in advance, and any problems resolved in advance. This is essential to ensure all the required paperwork is in order… documents related to the register, mortgages, valuations, insurance, tax receipts, and of course, payment documents. The team includes the experts- attorneys, appraisers, mortgage specialists, insurance experts, tax accountants- to call upon and manage all the documentation for all these requirements, as required, in all areas of Turkey, for exchanges, and buy/sell transactions. 

Our policy is to oversee the requirements and apply the most cost effective solutions- so an expert in each specific discipline may not be required, as depends on each specific case.  These services benefit from our policies of best practice governing the transaction process, as it applies to foreign non-Turkish buyers and sellers, streamlined with more than 10 years of experience, processing thousands of Turkish property transactions.
Transaction Completion

The transfer of property ownership normally takes two days, but can often be completed in one, with good advance planning, and if convenient appointment times are granted by the local Land Registry. Attending together,  the seller will receive the payment from the buyer, and transfer the property registration to the buyer’s name. In reality there are other things that need doing as part of this process- obtaining the documents verifying all manner of taxes have been paid, dealing with termination of utilities, and of course making the confirmations and acceptances of payment documentation with the banks. For these reasons, a non-Turkish speaker will need plenty of assistance from, and to accompany a Turkish speaking person, on the run around. Turkish language skills are required, as are patience, stamina, and resolve. This is the final step of the process -  ‘completion’.

Service Levels
The best case scenario is that all is professionally overseen and approved in advance, and the buyer completes at the land registry in person, with basic support services of translation and local guidance. Alternatively, the conveyance completion may be conducted by a mytapu representative on behalf of the buyer, under instruction of Power of Attorney.


Citizenship Investors....Did you know…?

When buying a property to be used to meet qualifying criteria for a Turkish citizenship application, what steps are required to endure the property qualifies/ and what steps are required to ensure that a qualifying property can be included in a citizenship application? There are several various factors that must be fulfilled to ensure the property is in compliance for Citizenship application procedures.  A private person that speaks Turkish well would be able to obtain the correct documentation, have it checked, and then use it to complete the correct procedure for the application process, and then answer any questions and provide additional information that arise in liaison with the different Turkish government agencies and ministries that are involved in each citizenship application procedure in Turkey. Doing thee things requires attention to considerable details and follow up on correspondence, to follow the Turkish bureaucratic procedures, which even local Turks would prefer to have handled baby someone else. And the best person for managing this process is a person with the legal capacity to legally challenge suspect procedures, obtain documents, and pursue legal problem solving- in other words, a lawyer. 

A common mistake is for a Citizenship Investor to ignore the procedures at the very beginning. His often occurs at the point of transferring the investment money to Turkey. If the transfer is not conudtced properly with acceptable documentation to accompany the application, the property purchase transaction will not meet the regulations and not qualify for citizenship application purposes. 
Imagine the disappointment of how these investors feel when discovering the money and effort they have invested in the property transaction process, does not qualify for citizenship application purposes, because the required procedures were not complied with.
During the property purchase transaction there are additional procedures required and documents necessary to qualify, from the very beginning o f the transaction, to the final step of your property purchase: Conveyancing.

The final step of your property purchase is the Completion and Conveyance: the completion of documentation, payment, transfer of ownership, and conveyance of possession. Your FORMAL Citizenship Application procedure begins automatically at this point, but only IF your advisor follows the correct procedures onn the previous steps of the application process. For this reason it is vital that your completion & conveyance are coordinated closely with your Citizenship Application advisors. The Team at provide a fully integrated service of both property purchasing conveyance, and Citizenship Application processing. For more information, contact email

How to Reduce Risk & Legal Costs when Buying a Property in Turkey...?

Legal #costs #Property #Turkey
Reduce Legal Costs on Property Purchases in Turkey

The best way to reduce legal costs is to first and foremost, ensure there will be no legal actions required AFTER the property purchase, to resolve problems that have been hidden from the buyer during the purchase process. The large majority of foreigners in Turkey face additional legal costs after the purchases to put right problems that should have been identified during the purchase process, but were NOT identified because the buyer relied on advice from the sales agent, and conflicted lawyers, that benefited from the property purchase. 

Say 'No' to Reservation Deposits

In other words, the best way to reduce legal costs related to property transactions in Turkey, is to instruct professional independent 'Due Diligence', and reduce the risks of buying, is to make the correct first step in the investment procedure. These Advance Preparations will put you into the same position as a local Turk when it comes to buying: eliminate risks, and reduce legal costs. That first step is to complete all the necessary registrations (Tax & Foreign ID), open a bank account for making the property payment, take care of necessary authorisations, and to assign an expert for the citizenship application process. 

BEWARE: When a buyer is guided, advised, and led by an agent, and starts by looking at properties, at the time the buyer finds one, the agent will pressure the buyer into paying an advance payment: a reservation deposit or some other form of part payment. DO NOT: if you do, your risks and legal costs increase unnecessarily. And there is NO NEED if you have made the Advance Preparations.  Instead, you can just buy like a local Turk: obtain the information disclosure for due diligence, negotiate the price down, and then immediately close the purchase with full payment at the Land Registry: eliminating contract risks and costs. The Team at are happy to advise how to go about the entire process: email .

 The Guide to Buying a Property in Turkey May 15 2021

' The Guide... How to Buy Like a Local'... A Safer, Smarter, Better Way... the mytapu way...!

Request the full ten page report for Free... The Guide to Buying Property in Turkey....

by sending an email to  with the subject ' Buy Guide' 

and include your WhatsApp or Viber telephone number 

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Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Beautiful Properties
Beautiful Properties in Turkey
Buy Property in Turkey Like a Local ad save Yourself Thousands by avoiding agents...
Buy Property in Turkey like a Local and Save Your Self Thousands and Heart Breaks with Professional Due Diligence...

Negotiating the Purchase: Due Diligence   

The buyer should never trust the seller or his agent for the answers, or a lawyer introduced by them. For ‘due diligence’, independent advice, from an experienced professional, is essential.


To solve the chronic problem of agents selling property to foreigners at excessively high prices, without permits, etc, new regulationsnow make it a requirement that a foreign buyer must be given an ‘appraisal report’ These reports show the market price of the property. Agents and developers will try and convince buyers that these valuation reports under-value property prices by 10% to 20%, but this is simply another misleading tactic to hide the agents’ hidden price mark-ups, and hidden commissions.

An Appraisal Report does not state the property is safe to buy, or is legally compliant… an independent professional (not agents) interpretation of the information about permits and legal status is necessary. 

Buyers beware, thorough due diligence required before purchasing... many properties subject to dubious construction permissions and practices are subject to full or partial demolition decisions...

reservation deposit’ doesn’t reserve anything…under Turkish Law a seller can not be forced to sell a property to a buyer, even with a contract ! The ‘reservation deposit’ is the most critical tactic used by agents which a buyer must avoid at all costs.  Unfortunately it is just one of many deceptive tactics agents use. The buyer may be prepared for one tactic, but the agent has many, and will hook the buyer with one of them. An unknowing buyer can not possibly learn enough in advance, about all of these tricks, to win in such a situation. An experienced Property Finder or Transaction Manager, dealing with agents daily, can and will win.

Buy Property and Complete Conveyancing On-Line with Secure payment of E-Gov Bank
Property Purchase Completion and Payment Settlement Solutions Now On-Line

Conveyance of Title and Payment Completion  

The entire transaction should be paid for and completed with one final payment,  with the price negotiated down and payment made to close. This way avoids the risks, extra costs, headaches, and endless deceptions. But can only be done this way if the Advance Preparations and the Due Diligence have been completed first.  Sometimes a purchase may have contentious aspects, for example, when the buyer has agreed a discounted price with the seller, but is suspicious that the seller may try ‘last minute tricks’ to get a higher price.

Time for a Reality Check… 

Do You Know…? How much the tricks agents are using will cost a buyer… $$$ !

Solution: Save as much as $40,000 on a $250,000 purchase !


Capital Protection & Wealth Preservation
Capital Protection & Wealth Preservation
Tax Optimisation and Currency Devaluation Protection
Tax Optimisation and Currency Devaluation Protection
Citizenship by Investment in Turkey Without Travelling
Citizenship by Investment in Turkey; Now Can be Done Without Travelling
Turkey: Citizenship Investment Program via Purchase of Real Estate Property: Professional Investment Consulting Services at
Citizenship by Investment in Turkey: Latest News May 15 2021
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Luxury Property for Sale, Turkey, Dalyan
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
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Beautiful Properties in Turkey
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No Doors Left Un-Opened at
'No door left un-opened'

A TAPU is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…


  How do I Buy?  How do I Bid?

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  Next Steps:

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  property in Turkey a Safer, Smarter,

  and Better Way....

Next Steps for Buying Property in Istanbul Turkey Why is it the safe way to buy property in Turkey? : Why is it 'The Safe Way to Buy' Property in Turkey...? 

Did you know that Turks buy property in Turkey in a different way than foreigners? Most foreigners don’t realise this- even those from the UK, Russia, and other countries, that have already bought, and have been owners for years. So what is different, how, and why? 

Help, Support, Guidance, Advice....

What is 'Due Diligence' and why is it Absolutely Essential ? 

Protecting your  capital, your health, and your peace of mind are obviously the most important considerations. In a country with a different language, and a different legal system,  ensuring your property investment, is a 'dream come true' and not 'your worst nightmare', is what 'Due Diligence' DOES....

Service offerings are the client’s choice of either ‘Guidance’, ‘Advisory’, or ‘Managed’, and may include a selection of specific services, a mixed package of combined services, or a fully managed service; with prices for all budgets...


At mytapu our practice is assist clients in making fully informed decisions, with full information and disclosure, in the interests of better outcomes for all, because…


‘Building Trusted Relationships is Building Our Business’


See what our clients have said about us…

Citizenship by Investment in Property

 جدید! تابعیت ترکیه گذرنامه در حال حاضر فقط با تومان 250,000 املاک و مستغلات سرمایه گذاری.... ,


جديد! المواطنة تركيا جواز سفر الآن مع فقط 250,000 دولار أمريكي للاستثمار العقاري.... , 

Citizenship by investment in property in Turkey for just $250,000... will cost you $75,000 more than that, if you pay an agent's listing at premium price above appraised value... And so professional advice is essential.

Buying Property in Turkey

The Professionals at have served more than 3,000 foreign investors in Turkish real estate over the last 15 years, and we are happy to help You, too.

See what our clients say about us....


Investors' Toolkit
Investors' Toolkit
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Property Finder
Due Diligence
Due Diligence
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Completion Conveyance
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Beautiful Properties
Beautiful Properties