Due Diligence - Inseparable from Negotiating Price

Buy Property in Turkey Like a Local ad save Yourself Thousands by avoiding agents...
Buy Property in Turkey like a Local and Save Your Self Thousands and Heart Breaks with Professional Due Diligence...

 Negotiating the Purchase: Due Diligence  

The buyer should never trust the seller or his agent for the answers, or a lawyer introduced by them. For ‘due diligence’, independent advice, from an experienced professional, is essential.


To solve the chronic problem of agents selling property to foreigners at excessively high prices, without permits, etc, new regulations now make it a requirement that a foreign buyer must be given an ‘appraisal report’ These reports show the market price of the property. Agents and developers will try and convince buyers that these valuation reports under-value property prices by 10% to 20%, but this is simply another misleading tactic to hide the agents’ hidden price mark-ups, and hidden commissions.

An Appraisal Report does not state the property is safe to buy, or is legally compliant… an independent professional (not agents) interpretation of the information about permits and legal status is necessary. 

Buyers beware, thorough due diligence required before purchasing... many properties subject to dubious construction permissions and practices are subject to full or partial demolition decisions...

reservation deposit’ doesn’t reserve anything…under Turkish Law a seller can not be forced to sell a property to a buyer, even with a contract ! The ‘reservation deposit’ is the most critical tactic used by agents which a buyer must avoid at all costs.  Unfortunately it is just one of many deceptive tactics agents use. The buyer may be prepared for one tactic, but the agent has many, and will hook the buyer with one of them. An unknowing buyer can not possibly learn enough in advance, about all of these tricks, to win in such a situation. An experienced Property Finder or Transaction Manager, dealing with agents daily, can and will win. Request more information today, without obligation, 

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Protect the Dream... Prevent the Nightmare... 


A Penny of Prevention... is Worth MORE than a Pound of Cure... 


Property Finding Services for Professionals...

Professional Services for Residential Real Estate Investors: 

  • We Search, Find, Negotiate, Check, & Convey Property Purchases
  • Location Assessments & Relocation Advisory...
  • Property Types and Features...
  • Investment Profiling & Strategies...
  • Compliance with Investors’ Criteria, Directions, and Instructions
  • Advisory, Guided, or Fully Managed Services
  • Foreign Investment Advisors active in Turkey for 30 years since 1989
  • Multi-channel, multi-source 'whole market' property searches...
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Finding Property: Search, Selection, Appraisal & Valuation; Istanbul & Turkey
Property Finder Search & Selection Services: Not Sales Agents !

Everything we do at mytapu.com is designed to give clients the best chance for investment success. We've built our business around the conviction that you rely on us to look out for your best interests—helping to make sure you get a fair deal from us. Our approach is to take a stand for all investors, treat them fairly, and give them the best chance of investment success…


The Investors Tool-Kit for Purchasing Residential Property in Istanbul & Coastal Regions of Turkey. A Safer, Smarter, Better Way to Invest... Safe, Secure, Institutional Services; Qualified Professionals - Not Agents

Get the Guide... For Free !


Citizenship & Passports
EU Visa, Travel Hub, Relocation,

Schools, Medical, Business, Pensions; Professional Legal, Banking & Portfolio Investment Support, Advisory, & Guidance.

Foreign Investors' Advisory Services established 1989.


Legal Due Diligence...
Reservation Deposit Security, Appraisal Report Assessment; NEGOTIATION of Price, Procedure: Risk Assessment of Contracts, Counter-parties, Procedures, and Settlement Preparations...


Transfer of Ownership, Access, Completion with Documentary Payments, Tax Registrations, Notaries, Apostille, Translations, etc, and 1st Step for Citizenship Applications...

Property Search & Find Services (not sellers' estate agents !)


  • We Search the Whole Market (not a few agents’ websites)
  • Direct from Owners (agents avoided)
  • Auctions
  • Property Portals
  • Bank Foreclosure & Liquidity Distress Sales
  • Private Networks
  • All Types: Off-Plan, New-Built, Re-Sales, Re-Furbs, Re-Pos
  • Searches Designed for All Budgets
  • Re-Location, Life-Cycle & Life-Style Advisory
  • Rental Income Portfolio Yield & Risk Enhancement
  • Asset Investment Profiling: Yield & Capital Appreciation
  • Request more information today, without obligation, 

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Search and Find the Right Property in the Best City Central Locations of Istanbul
Search and Find the Right Property in the Best City Central Locations of Istanbul

Where to Buy Property in Turkey ? The Search Begins at Online Portals…

Deciding where to buy property in Turkey, the best way is like the locals do. The search begins at the online portals, to get an idea of what types of property are available in each different local area, is a key step in selecting where to buy. Read more by clicking this link, about how and why using online portals is the only smart way to decide where buy...Like a Local...and understand the different types of property available in each different local area, a key step in selecting where to buy. Or, rely on more than 30 years of first hand experience of a Property Finder on the Team at mytapu.com, with knowledge and key insights about local climate, lifestyle variances, infrastructure, amenities, and supply & demand, covering all Istanbul, and all western coastal regions of Turkey from Anamur to Zonguldak...!

Why to Buy Property in Turkey with On-Line Portals instead of From an Agent ?

·  Wider Choice

·  Less Risk

·  Lower Prices

·  No Commission

·  No Reservation Deposits

·  Buy Like a Local…!


Internet search results for property in Turkey show completely different results in English, instead of Turkish. In English the results show only the web pages of English speaking commissioned sales agents. No Turk would ever buy from them and neither should a foreigner, because there’s a better way, the Turkish way… to Buy Like a Local…!  In Turkish language the internet search results show all the on-line portals. This is where Turks go to buy properties. Why ?


  • Wider Choice: The portals show every property for sale in Turkey. The English on-line websites only show a few hundred, those the agent can obtain the highest commissions and hidden-price mark-ups on.
  • Fewer Deceptions: The Portals are for sales direct from owner. No middleman to mislead buyer or seller for his own advantage.
  • Lower Prices: No commission and hidden price mark-ups for the agents’ pocket. 
  • Less Risk: No ‘reservation deposit’ hoaxes.
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Beautiful Properties
Beautiful Properties in Turkey
Istanbul Prime Central Exclusive Investment for Property Investment
Istanbul Prime Central Exclusive Locations for Property Investment
Turkey Coastal Luxury Exclusive Residential Locations for Property Investment
Turkey Coastal Luxury Exclusive Residential Locations for Property Investment
Istanbul Central Locations for Comfortable City Centre Lifestyle
Istanbul Central Locations for Comfortable City Centre Lifestyle

The FIRST Step of the Investment Process…

Investors, the FIRST Step of the investment process is to complete the Advance Preparations: registrations for Tax ID, Foreign ID, Bank Accounts, Authorisations, etc. This will put you in position to close the deal on a property purchase with negotiated price discounts by making a full completion payment quickly and safely, thus securing ownership cost-effectively, and with least risk. Ask the Team at mytapu to assist you with the Advance Preparations: these can be done while visiting Turkey, or can be done remotely, where you are at, now.  Email to  info@mytapu.com and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a call back…

The alternative ? The alternative is to be ‘drawn in’ and then pressured to pay a reservation deposit, or other form of part payment, etc. This alternative will:

 a) Increase your costs and risks;
 b) Weaken your negotiating position,
 c) Prevent achieving best discounted price; 
 d) Increase costs of legal protections to protect your part payment & legally bind the seller; 
 e) Increase the risks of hidden non-disclosure of information: the things you wish you had known about before, but only found out afterwards. 

Without Advance Preparations, you will be pressured into paying a ‘reservation deposit’ or other part payment: DO NOT.  Why? Read more here about why NOT to pay a reservation deposit, or part payment. Local Turkish buyers do NOT buy property this way, and do NOT pay reservation deposits. If YOU want to buy the same way, like a local Turk, read ‘The Guide’ explaining ‘How to Buy Like a Local’.  Email to info@mytapu.com and ask for a Free copy of ‘The Guide, How to Buy Like a Local’. 


Scanning the Internet, Searching for Property…?

If you do not speak Turkish, and do not search using the Turkish language, what you will find is pages and pages of websites designed only to lure non-Turkish speaking foreign buyers. These are the websites of english speaking agents. They do not do business with local Turkish buyers, because no Turk will deal with them. These agents want to do business in a specific way (that is to their advantage) that is only possible with unsuspecting foreign buyers. No local Turkish buyers will buy property this way... (continue reading).


How to Begin Your Property Purchase in Turkey

Using the internet to scan English speaking websites of property agents in Turkey is fine for ‘window shopping’, but to then start your property purchase procedure that way, is a mistake. If you do, the agent will lock you into their ‘marked-up’ prices with a falsely named ‘reservation deposit’, and what follows afterwards, is a long story of things you wish you had known before you paid, but didn’t find out until later.


Instead, there is a better way... (continue reading)... 

Reality Check... 

Surfing the Web Looking at Agents’ Websites for Property to Buy…? 

Time for a Reality Check…


 Do You Know…?

a) English language internet search engines are full of agents websites… but Turks don’t use them to buy: why would you…?
b) These english language websites are offering property to foreigners with hidden price mark-ups of 10%-20% and more…
c) Agents will tell you the Eksper Appraisal Reports value property 20-30% below the real price -they say this to hide their mark-ups
d) If you pay $250,000 for a property from an agent, and the Appraised Value is 20-30% less, you will not qualify for Citizenship
e) Purchasing from an Agent that marks prices up 20% means paying $300,000 for a property with an appraised value of $250,000.
f) More than 85% of property transactions in Turkey do not originate with agents, but with on-line portals ....
g) On these Turkish language portals, owners sell directly to buyers with NO agent in between… Turks do, and so can you...!
h) Turks do not use agents… if an agent is involved, most Turks simply will go elsewhere and find a different property….


Buying a property through on-line english language website agents is not smart… and will cost you BIG…

1) Buy Like a Local, using the Investors’ Tool-Kit at mytapu.com, with Turkish language help for non-Turkish speakers
2) Choose from a complete range of professional investment services
3) Search and find the best deals from the whole market (not just a few agents listings)
4) Apply all the required precautions to ensure buying safe and secure
5) Coordinate the property purchase procedure with the Citizenship Application procedure
6) Save $10,000 to $30,000 by avoiding agents’ hidden price mark-ups*
7) Save $ 7,500 in agents’ commissions*
8) Save $5,000 in stamp tax by ensuring the agent’s client, the seller, pays his share*

*Assuming a $250,000 purchase for Citizenship Application

Fortunately there is now a Safer, Smarter, Better Way... the mytapu Way... Buy Like a Local...!

Find out more about the Property Finder Service, without obligation, by sending an email to info@mytapu.com requesting 'Property Search', and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a complimentary call back...



Don't be mislead by agents... Get the Guide...

At mytapu.com we know HOW to FIND property in Turkey.

How to use the vast on-line property market places that dominate the Turkish real estate sector, to...


Find a Property… Not an Agent…

Avoid the Price 'Top-Ups' and Hazards....


Most importantly, we will show you HOW to ‘BUY Like a Local…’ 

The way local Turks buy… NOT the way agents mislead...

The procedure for buying property in Turkey...

The Safe way to Buy Property in Turkey…!

A Safer, Smarter, Better Way...


Get the Guide Now…

Email to Buy@mytapu.com RE: 'Send the Free Guide'...



Get The Guide for Free...

Get the Guide: How to Buy Like a Local,,, How to Find and Invest in Property Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey
Key Local Knowledge
A Property Finder can tell with the first glance if: 
-The property is over-priced with agents  high commissions;
-The pictures of the site and local environment are misleading;
-The location map  is ‘wrong’..

All Types: Off-Plan, New-Built, Re-Sales, Re-Furbs, Re-Pos

Local Expertise:
Area Location
Site Facilities
Build Safety Structural
Legal Due Diligence
Appraisal & Valuations
Negotiation Tactics
Costs & Budgets
Contracts & Legalities
Payment Techniques

Process Methodology
Best Practice
Investment Managers
‘London’ Standards
RICS Frameworks

Advising International Institutional & Private Client Investors on Real Estate Investing Transactions in Turkey since 1991.
More than 3000 Transactions totaling $5-Billion+

Find Property Real Estate Istanbul Turkey

Why a Property Finder Service...?

For the simple and most obvious reason, often overlooked - an estate agent works for the seller of a property - not the buyer. 

If you have any doubt about this, there is a simple test to prove it- inform an agent you did not find anything on their website that you liked and ask them to find you a property from the wider market- they may say they will, but they never do … the only thing they will show you is their listings of property from their clients, the sellers. The best you can expect, is that they will show you a new listing when they have one. 

If you need further proof,  try selling a property, and listen to the agent justify the high commission charged, by the need to have effective negotiation skills to sell for the highest price possible... !


For the sale of a new property from a developer in Turkey, the agents are often working on commissions as high as 15%, and often the original price is 20% above the prices offered to local Turks. This is why many foreigners that bought property in Turkey years ago, still can not resell at a price that brings them a profit. Citizenship Investors Beware: Over-Priced Properties will Not Value at the Sales Price for Passport Application Purposes...


For a property re-sale, a seller usually says to the estate agent, ‘well, I want X00,000 for my property- anything above that is yours to keep.’ And so the estate agent inflates the price up of the property to make his commission. 

And if the agent can’t find a buyer at those high prices, he wont sell it unless the buyer pays a commission! 
Istanbul's Best Locations are NOT those with New Property Development Projects...
Istanbul's Best Locations are NOT those with New Development Projects...

And let's not forget, the agent is working against the buyer from the start, trying to drive the price up as high as possible.

These practices create circumstances where the agent is in the day-to-day business of continually making misleading statements to both buyers and sellers. And so it is no surprise that agents can only be relied on to do two things: the first is to get paid their commission somehow, anyhow. The second, is to use any number of misleading statements to buyers and sellers to close a deal.  Neither a buyer nor a seller should believe anything an agent says – never. A buyer should have all documentation for the transaction checked, and should never pay a ‘reservation’ deposit.


So as a buyer, your smartest move is not to believe anything an agent tells you, and to find the property, to somehow research all the thousands of listings at the different agents sites- but it’s a time consuming labour- and for this reason a smart alternative is to use a Property Finding specialist, like the service provided here… enquire on the form below and an expert from mytapu.com will contact you shortly... 

Thank You!                             What clients say about us… 

Email: Buy@mytapu.com 

UK Help-Line: 00 44 1787 54 000 4

Buy Property Istanbul Turkey
Buy Property in Turkey Dalyan

       Buying FROM an Agent or WITH a Property Finder...?

         A little friendly advice from a successful investor, one of our clients....

 'We are about to cover some things that may be surprising- these are the unspoken truths about the real estate ‘business’ and the way it’s conducted. And much of this concerns real estate agents, because they are such a large part of the market- their storefronts are everywhere- on main street, and on the internet. So the first reality check is to ask why?


And the answer is obvious- because they are selling property. That’s right- they need these store fronts because they are working for the owners to sell their properties. So let’s be clear about this at the start- real state agents do not work for the buyer of the property- they work for the seller, because the seller pays their commission, and to get that commission, they invest in storefronts and displays and advertising and promotional releases and the rest. Somehow this is a key fundamental point buyers often overlook, usually as a result of the persuasive tactics of- you guessed it- the agent ! Persuasive they may be, but that is not a good reason for a buyer to believe them… on anything, no matter what they say, the word is ‘never’.


When I started out buying my first property thirty five years ago, I naturally trusted the agents to guide me…. Because like most people I just drove around the streets I liked, and looked for ‘sale’ signs- makes sense, right?  I wasn’t aware there was an alternative, until after my first struggle to get the facts about a property from an agent. Frustrated and incensed, I did some more research, and discovered there is another type of real estate service that avoids all the hassles of dealing with these seller’s agents. A service that works for me, the buyer… without the seller’s paid commission salesmen involved at all. That was both a relief, and pleasant surprise..!


This other type of real estate business that works for buyers is called a sourcing agent, or property finding service. Never heard of them? That’s because they do not have the huge budgets to spend on advertising property that goes with an agent advertising their brand – profits that an agent makes from the seller’ commission. And guess whose paying that? Yes, most often it’s the buyer paying by purchasing at an over-stated price, which the seller receives, and the agent gets a share of. See how it works? Not in favour of the buyer…!


With property finders, quite often it is possible to purchase direct from an owner without an agent involved. And what’s more, property finders are negotiating with the agents all day every day, and they are much more experienced and knowledgeable on how to deal with agents and their tricks, than you or I. They have much more information on property valuations and recent sales prices and use it to negotiate price downward.  In addition to being a better strategy to buy property at a lower negotiated price, a buyer usually saves on fees also, because property finders’ services are always less than a comparable commission that an agent builds into the sales price.


So getting better deals and making more money are key reasons that using a property finding service makes it possible to achieve better investment returns and grow the portolio faster. That’s not all- there’s also the risk side of things to consider. Using a property finder is essential for managing key risks that can ruin an investment, and turn a property investor’s dream into a nightmare….and there’s a lot more to say about that....'


JH, Multi-Property Portfolio Investor in Turkey, based in London

Find Property Real Estate Istanbul Turkey

How Property Finder cuts costs...?

When first beginning a search for property in Turkey, the first impression of agents is quite positive, as they are skilled at presenting themselves as helpful and re-assuring.  And then learning the facts, it is often shocking to later find out how much was untrue of what they have told, and how little work the agent actually does for the buyer.


The opposite is true using a property finder service, which includes many added benefits. To find the property meeting a families needs they prepare a Fact Finding Report that details those requirements and the specific locations that match, in Istanbul or local coastal areas of Turkey. 

And they provide the legal oversight to make sure the property is legal and the risks of transferring title, and conveyancing, are properly managed. This is really important as it turns out, because it isn’t really safe to do it yourself unless you know what the issues are and what questions to ask. Many buyers think they do, at least know a little, but in reality that 'little' can be dangerous, and create misplaced confidence… with the mistakes learned later ! So it’s a good job to have some one who does know, and can take over as soon as the mistakes are realised, or ideally, before they are made. Having a Property Finder doing the work for you can be a real financial life-saver.

Never Pay a Reservation Deposit...


Investor Priorities




Work & Business




Rental Income

Discount to Market


‘Finding’ Property:

Private Networks

Existing Owners

Internal Data Bases

Portal Research


The Whole Market


Investor's Tool-Kit...

For smart buyers...


Legal Due Diligence

Planning Permission, Permits

Liens & Encumbrances

Title Checks

Title Insurance



 legal search, title transfer, settlement payments, more... .


Valuations & Appraisals... 

What clients say about us… 

How does a Property Finder work...?  

With more than 25 years experience in real estate investing in Istanbul and Turkey, at mytapu we know where and how to find property. Sourcing property, searching for and finding real estate, to satisfy investors' requirements regarding lifestyle locations, rental yields, off-plan, new-built, re-sale, re-furbishment, bank re-possessions. Avoiding the dangers and risks of glossy websites, and misleading agents… this is our business. 

Serving international investment funds for more than 25 years, we bring those same high standards to work every day, serving private client residential property investors. In the early days, as they were seeking investment, we have come to know personally the owners and CEO's of the portals that dominate the Turkish real estate market today.  

And our internal client relationships offer an excellent channel to source 'off-market' deals- these relationships include more than 3,000 foreign investors that have purchased property in Istanbul and Coastal regions in the past ten years plus; Turkish HNWI Family Offices for whom mytapu principals have previously performed private client banking and investment banking services, including the owners of eight investment banks, their CEOS' attorneys, advisers, etc. 

Simply put, there are no estate agents for Turkish real estate, having comparable client relationships in terms of reach, size, or trust. These are the private networks we access to source and find private, off-market deals.


How a Property Finder reduces a buyers cost of purchase? 


First a property finder negotiates a sales price downward to save costs- so the buyer isn’t subsiding the agent’s commission as paid by the seller from a marked-up purchase price, which is otherwise the real situation, hidden from view, and always denied. A foreigner buying a property from an agent advertised on the internet is usually paying 15-20% more than the market value of the property.  Why is it so important? For the obvious reason that overpaying on a over-priced property means an immediate investment loss, but for Citizenship investors, it is critical  because it may result in a Citizenship application being rejected, because a purchase of a property for $250,000 that is appraised at a valuation of 20% less would be only $200,000, and insufficient for Citizenship application. In other words, buying a property that is priced at 20% over market valuations would mean it is necessary to buy at a price of $312,500 or more, to qualify for the minimum investment of $250,000. Follow the link for more information about how mytapu.com can provide solutions with our knowledge of Appraisal and Valuation Methodology as provided by our experts via multi-lateral technical assistance programs to the Republic of Turkey in the late 1990s... 


Second, a property finder does the specific things required on each transaction to ensure the buyers’ rights and interests are protected, and for each of these tasks, charges simple reasonable fee. In this way the buyer is assured the necessary things that need doing are going to get done, without worrying about the much higher legal costs of having to pay for things to get done after the purchase is completed (the usual outcome). 


There are many specific advantages and benefits of using a professional experienced Property Finder in Turkey for the important matters which foreign buyers are always vulnerable and commonly fall victim to, at the hands of agents:

Misrepresentation – it is common for agents to exaggerate or mislead customers regarding a properties location. The most common practice is to refer to a property as being in ‘central Istanbul’ when it isn’t, and often it is 20-30 kilometeres away.


Legal Documentationrelying on a foreign buyer’s lack of knowledge about legal documentation in Turkey, agent’s commonly will ignore the issue of permits and documentation that shows whether the property legally complies with planning permission and has the necessary permits.


Purchasing Procedures- agent’s will lead the buyers down a path which places all the risk on the buyer, with no advanatages, and can result in a costly outcome, often requiring thousands of EUR in legal fees to rectify.


Depositsagents commonly insist on receiving a 5% deposit from a foreign buyer, which ‘reserves’ the property, when in legal reality, it does not do this, and there is no requirement to pay a deposit, and a buyer should not, without a legally valid contract.


Legal Contracts- the majority of legal contracts agents provide do not protect the buyers deposit or rights and are not executed in a legally valid manner.


Valuations- agents follow a common practice of arriving at their own valuations based on nothing more than a whim for sales purposes, while all along a legal and appraised valuation report is never discussed or mentioned.

Payment & Banking- to advise and assist the buyer in establishing bank accounts and arranging payment documentation for the property purchase.


High pressure tacticsthere is no end to the psychological tricks and sales tactics used by agents to get a deposit, and usually once it is paid, the agent then does little else to look after the interests of the buyer.


A buyer should never believe an agents verbal response when asked about these questions- a buyer should instead always request verifiable documentary evidence, i.e. written proof.


A professional Property Finder knows not just which questions to ask, and which issues to check, but knows where to get the documentary proof, and how to cross check and apply it, under different circumstances. This is especially important because every property purchase transaction is different, which is because Turkey is only slowly moving towards the type of standardisation that is common in many more developed countries. And the different risks, and misleading procedures applied by developers and agents, are the primary reason to prevent fraud by using ‘conveyancing’ for the transfer of ownership, access, and settlement payments... more so if mortgages are involved on either the buyer or the seller's side....


The issues above waste a buyers time and money, often travelling and arriving just to be dis-appointed, when all along there is a better alternative way to proceed with the purchase, and protect the buyers rights and capital - the way mytapu.com procedures are designed.


And to ensure that the Property Finders are working with, and for the buyers, to get the lowest price, the advisors at mytapu have

a solution that ensures the buyer benefits from buying at the lowest price possible- they agree with the buyer to receive a portion of the price savings achieved between the listing sales price, and the price negotiated down with the seller. And the advisors are real experts, they know the best way to do this, applying several different techniques that are tried and trusted. In this way the buyer is guaranteed to be buying at the lowest price possible.


Please follow the link here If you have any doubt about the advice received from mytapu.com, which rely on more than 45 years of dealing with real estate matters. These articles are so popular among clients, the three thousand + foreign property owners that have been advised on property purchases in Istanbul and coastal regions of Turkey over the past 15 years, and their friends that are now new buyers, that for weeks continuously there are more than 200 pages read every day.


Finally, the most important reason to use a property finding service is ‘local knowledge’- specific things in specific local areas that you will never find out about until long after you have bought- and then it’s too late. If local agents would help out in this regard, that would be a good reason to consider using them, but the reality is, rarely can one be found that will,  because they are working for the seller’s commission, as already explained, and they probably have properties listed for sale in those areas you want to avoid buying in.  if you are a seller, that’s the best way to sell your property- to let an agent find an unsuspecting buyer...!

The Property Finding Professionals at mytapu.com are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced...

the Professional Investors choice- request a consultation today ...


Buy property istanbul turkey
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Property Buyers' Wiki Guide for Turkey
Beautiful Properties
Beautiful Properties in Turkey

A ‘TAPU’ is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…mytapu.com.

Capital Protection & Wealth Preservation
Capital Protection & Wealth Preservation
Tax Optimisation and Currency Devaluation Protection
Tax Optimisation and Currency Devaluation Protection