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Investors - The mytapu.com website is the largest resource of authoritative information about real estate investment in Turkey. This website provides the expert insights of our advisors gained by investing in Turkey and advising institutional investors in Turkey, since the late 1980's. During the last 30+ years, these experts on our team have advised the worlds largest international investment fund managers, the World Bank Institute, the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD), the European Commission, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD),  and various government agencies of the Republic of Turkey. that expertise is available to you, too, from this website, and from our Investor Services. This calibre of expertise is simply not available elsewhere, anywhere.

The website provides more than 200 pages covering everything about buying and selling residential property in Turkey. For timely periodic updates on market, regulatory, legal, financing, and transaction developments, it is essential to request our newsletter. 

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Turkey: Property Prices & Exchange Rates: News, Trends & Forecast 

Turkey Property Prices Trends Outlook and Forecasts June 10 2020
Turkey: Property Prices and Turkish Lira Exchange Rates, Outllook, Trend, and Forecast June 10 2020

Big News for Property Prices in Turkey

At mytapu.com, our leading indicator of Turkish residential property prices has been very strong in the most recent two week period, increasing 30%.  This has been unexpected in market conditions surrounding the pandemic, which are negative for property prices because renters’ ability to pay is reduced, and as rents decline, landlords sell, and new buyers postpone purchases.

Now we know why the leading price indicator has been so strong. The news is that policy makers have imposed upon state banks to offer a new mortgage loan program with extremely favourable terms. The terms are so favourable, they are equivalent to the banks paying buyers and subsidising buyers to purchase a property. Turkey’s three largest state lenders and two of their Islamic finance banks have now announced that they are delivering mortgages with annual interest rates nearly 4% below the rate of inflation, and 13% below the average annual decline of the Lira in foreign exchange terms for each of the last three years...

Less than 12 months ago the mortgage rates in Turkey were a high as 24% When it became clear that policy makers intended to take the rate significantly lower, this economist forecast a reversal in the downward price trend. That forecast has materialised and prices are now moving higher. Before March the mortgage rates had declined to 12-14%. Today’s additional move down below 8% is another 30% decline and will most certainly have a large impact on the future trend of prices, higher.

The Turkish Lira mortgage loans will have up to 15 years' maturity with interest rates as low as 7.68% simple straight rate (not compounded, AER or APR) % and a grace period of up to 12 months, with a low equity-down payment rate starting at 10%, in other words, 90% loan to value (LTV). The loan limit per customer will be TL 750,000 (approximately $110,000) to ensure widespread availability, and will be available for residences in three major cities, namely Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, with a maximum of TL 500,000for other cities.

The only impediment at this time is purchasers’ lack of down payment cash equity. This is likely to be overcome via family networks after some little time. The longer term impact is almost certain to be positive throughout the remainder of this year.

Needles to say, some agents and developers have raised prices immediately. There should still be room to manoeuvre, and the experienced Transaction Managers at mytapu.com are happy to show you where to find and buy property in Turkey, and how to buy at a discount...


The key point is that mortgage rates falling below 8% is likely to have a big impact on property prices, because 8% is a key mathematical threshold for repayment affordability. This was highlighted in this economists forecast of the Turkish housing market, published in Forbes magazine in 2007. The push by policy makers below the key 8% threshold is one further example of how mytapu is affecting policy making in the real estate market in Turkey. The other notable occurrence was the recent adoption by policy makes of new regulations requiring an appraisal report to be provided to foreign buyers of Turkish property, mentioned in this article Buying-Turkish-Property-Why-use-an-Eksper-Rapor.

Turkey Property Prices and Turkish Lira Exchange Rate Outlook June 2020 Graphic Chart
Turkey Property Prices and Turkish Lira Exchange Rate Outlook June 2020

Turkey: Residential Real Estate News & Outlook

Supply & Demand: 

Demographic demand trends remain intact if a little softer then the previous two decades. Pent-up demand is ever present in the life-cycle segment, due to 3+ years of stifled disposable income, and un-inviting price declines. Supply is ample and abundant for the forseeable future. The market on-balance is likely to experience a series of short term upward price movements, each of limited extent, and limited duration.

The Pessimistic Perspective: 

The Long-term investment performance of residential Turkish real estate has been very poor, declining 34% in Lira terms during the last four years. At the same time the decline in the TL/USD exchange rate of 57% has increased the losses. Present day bounces off previous lows in both the Lira and property price indicators may be temporary, from the perspective of the long term trends, and the macro-economic challenges that effect exchange rates.

The Optimistic Perspective: 

Property prices during the COVID crisis retested last summer 2019's lows, and have bounced back up. This has occurred in an environment of completely negative news and sentiment. Only the decline in mortgage lending rates from 24% to 12% since last summer has been positive, as we forecast 12 months ago. In these circumstances it is probable that the bounce in property prices off previous long-term lows is signalling the long-term bottom has been reached. Similarly the bounce in the Turkish Lira suggests the long-term bottom has been reached. A look at the chart reveals the greater price volatility in 2017 as the upward trend changed downward, as we correctly forecast.  Likewise, the increased volatility of the most recent 12 months may be signalling the downward trend is changing upward. However, a word of caution is justified, because the macro-economic imbalances that effect exchange rates remain quite challenging, and an upward trend in the Lira remains very uncertain,  and explains the recent property price volatility.


These considerations above do not mean that prices will move more than 20-30% higher immediately, but it is likely that prices will remain firm into the final half of this year. More likely is a continuing gradual uptrend that is frequently interrupted by occasional downward setbacks. These price declines should be used by investors to buy astutely at discount.

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Without Traveling to Turkey... Buy, Sell, or Obtain A Turkish Passport...

Turkey: Citizenship Investment Program: Real Estate, Investment Funds, etc

Obtain a Turkish Passport without Travelling from Home…

... with our guidance and instructions specifying the key procedures to be followed & documents required. all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. The investment  or sale may be executed within 48 hours, the documentary receipts obtained and the citizenship application submitted. The passport(s) become available usually within three months or less. This level of expertise is only available from our senior investment managers, experienced guiding international investors in regulatory, banking, legal, tax, appraisal, insurance and investment execution in Turkey for more than 30 years. We are happy to help, contact us today at info@mytapu.com add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.


Where to Buy Property in Turkey ? The Search Begins at Online Portals…

Property Portal Online Property Finder Search at mytapu Turkey Property Agents
How, Why and Where to Buy Property in Turkey...Why Use Online Portals and Not Online Agents' Websites... click image to read more...
Where to Buy Property in Turkey...OnLine Search in Turkish shows Portals, compared with Online Search in English shows Agents' Websites mytapu.com
Where to Buy Property in Turkey...OnLine Search in Turkish shows All Portals, compared with Online Search in English only shows English speaking Agents' Websites... click image to read more...
Risks and Costs of Citizenship Investment Turkey- For Investors Capital and advisor Brand Reputation
Risks and Costs of Citizenship Investment Turkey- For Investors' Capital and Advisors' Brand Reputation

The True Cost of Citizenship by Investment...

For Investors’ Capital... 

For Advisory Consultants’ Brand Value….
Commission ‘Gold Fever’ is Everywhere…

Inflated Transaction Costs are the Biggest Risk…

Brand Reputation of Advisors is being Destroyed…

With transactions costs of Citizenship by Investment in Turkey ranging as high as 20% or more, the true costs are investor dissatisfaction and accompanying brand reputation damage of advising consultants.

Blinded by commission 'gold fever'  international consultancy firms and the local Turkish counterparts they delegate to, are incapable of providing professional investment advice about how to manage various investment risks. These include the Turkish Lira currency risk, duration risk (3 years), liquidity risks, counter-party risks, contract risks, and the whole extensive range of risks related to purchasing a single residential property, or a commercial property.

As professional investors actively advising Turkish and international corporates in Turkey since 1987, a wealth of know-how (knowledge, experience, and expertise) is available on non-real estate investments from the Team at mytapu.com.. These alternatives for citizenship investors in bank deposits, investment funds, and direct private equity investments

International citizenship advisory consultants may be interested to know this team at mytapu.com openly welcomes executing business to meet the procedural and business model criteria of their clients’ businesses…. With more than 30 years experience in Turkey managing direct investments, capital market and investment fund investments, and more than 3,000 real estate transactions for foreign investors, the professional service providers at mytapu.com are a reliable solution for preservation of clients’ wealth capital, and protecting international advisors brand value.

Read the full article here.... The True Cost of Citizenship by Investment to Investors' Wealth Capital and Advisors' Brand Reputation....


Enquire today to learn more by email to info@mytapu.com and include a WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a complimentary call back…

Netflix TV mini-series 'Rise of Empires: Ottoman' tops international ratings, increasing foreign demand for property in Istanbul
Netflix TV mini-series 'Rise of Empires: Ottoman'

Turkish Film & TV Exports Rank 2nd Globally...

The new Netflix release, ‘Empires Rising: Ottoman’ is achieving notable new ‘firsts’ for the Istanbul and the Turkish film industry. During the first full week of streaming, the six episode drama-documentary ranked 4th among top trending TV shows in the United States overall, briefly 2nd among Netflix shows, and 6th in binge viewing.

The impact of positive media projection upon property values in a specific location needs no explanation: the examples are evidenced far and wide. The more important question is whether that success is repeatable. If so, then Istanbul as a property investment location could well be on its way to assuming the status of a top global investment location, on par with the likes of Miami, London, Hong Kong, etc.

The production is notable for its apparent success in unifying different international audiences for Turkish productions, having grown over the last five years through the Middle East, and then Spain, Latin & South America. Achieving Netflix international objectives, Ottoman Rising is capturing viewing audiences in Northern Europe and North America, extending around the world to include India and Asia.

So the question remains, what potential is there for a repeat success? This article examines the issues more closely: funding, location, production, and of course the amazing Turkish actors and actresses involved... read more here!


Investment Research... 

The One Best Strategy as Price Trend Changes from Down to Up...

  • Defensive, Quality, Central
  • Maximum Gain, in Shortest Time
  • Maximum Rental Income Yield

As a market turns from down to up, this is the single best strategy...

The strategy that makes the gains first, before the rest of the market follows..

The strategy choice of professional investors...

Eight pages of investment research... Asset Profiles, Valuations, the Lira ...

Insights & analysis from 25+ years of residential property investing in Istanbul...

Read more here about buying property in Istanbul & Turkey. 

Enquire by email ... click here..... 

Investment Strategy Istanbul Turkey Real Estate Buy Property
Residential Real Estate : Istanbul

Istanbul’s Most Desirable Suburban Destination

Sea Views, Back & Front: 
North Facing Black Sea, South Facing Bosphorus
Forest Hill Crest: City Centre 20 minutes, Airport 40 minutes, Metro 10 minutes
Pool, Spa, Leisure Centre; Beaches 10 minutes
Top Quality Finishings & Black Marble Staircases
Elite Gated Commmunity: Built by Society Family as Personal Residences
3 Bedrooms,2 Bathrooms
Estimated Valuation  $ 275,000
Original 2017 Listing Price of $ 465,000 
Contact the Team at mytapu.com  here...

Careful Property Searches do reveal exceptional bargains at prices worth negotiating.  For example, a bargain, new luxury finished 3+1 residence in a small exclusive gated community on a hill crest overlooking one of the most desirable suburban residential neighbourhoods outside Istanbul, 20 minutes from the centre, surrounded by forests,  with twin sea views on either side: one of the Black Sea, and one of the Bosphorus... 

Elite Residence for Sale in Istanbul's most Desirable Suburban Destination
Double Sea Views, Bosphorus & Black Sea, at Istanbul's most Desirable Suburban Destination

...an 'off-market' buying opportunity at a 15% discount to other surrounding properties of similar size, of lower quality and less desirable positioning (see above).  These are the market conditions to uncover liquidity driven distress sales.  Finding these types of properties is what bargain hunting is all about...!




Coastal Price Trends

Bodrum Turkey Price Trends
Fethiye Turkiye Price Trends
Alanya Turkei Price Trends

Bargain Prices: Buy Now ?

Prices and valuations remain compelling. One of two things will reverse the Lira into an upward trend, and when either occurs, Turkish mortgage rates, currently at 24%, will tumble, and Turkish property prices will once again be on a rampant rise higher, for very good reasons: the investment merits explained here.

The general prices shown here are examples; specific prices for specific types of property, are available upon request. 

The graphs show the per metre sales prices achieved in 2018 & 2019 in US Dollars. The Turkish Lira conversion to US dollars was chosen, because the majority of foreign buyers arriving to Turkey presently are from South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, all of which have a stronger familiarity with USD Dollar pricing then EUR or GBP.  

What a good property investment LOOKS like?

Bargain hunting requires advance preparation: review the four key steps to buying a bargain ....

Bargain Discount Rental Property Investments Central Istanbul Taksim Sisle 


Istanbul Price Trends

Besiktas Istanbul Property Price Trends 2018
Kadikoy Istanbul Real Estate Price Trends 2018
Bakirkoy Istanbul Property Price Trends for 2018 and 2019

Market Prices - Not List Prices

Make a better investment decision with market price information... request specific location, property type, etc

Understand current market prices that have transacted between buyers and sellers...NOT agent's advertised list prices...!  


Get Yours Today...!

How much is the market price of your property for sale? Get specific information: for example, a 3 + 2 villa in Olu Deniz....

Provided in TL, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB

To obtain your Price History, simply state property type, location, & size, and Email to: info@mytapu.com

Property Price History Turkey

A 'TAPU' is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…mytapu.com.


Commercial Real Estate in Turkey... 

mytapu The Safe Way to Buy, The Smart Way to Sell Property in Turkey

  View here


Email: Buy@mytapu.com    Tel: +44 (0) 17875 4 000 4



Hotel Investment Apartments in Turkey...


Prime Destination Aegean Coast Turkey

97 Rooms, 2 Restaurants 460 m2 seating 380 
12 Concessons, Stage Venue w Full Electronics 

Two Giant Water Rides (99m),Four Pools (590 m2)

Structurally Integrated Tunnel, Mountain Effects 

Spa Mineralisation 2070 mg/l

Zoning-Fractional Residential Investment Options

Email: Buy@mytapu.com   Tel: +44 (0) 17875 4 000 4


Apartment-Hotel Rooms for Investment


Thermal Spa & Aquapark


Holidays for the Whole Family…

 ...the Whole Year Around !

 Income Earning ! 

Hotel room release when not in use….


Prices from EUR 30,000...


A wonderful opportunity to own an apartment in a Spa & Aquapark Holiday Village Hotel... Prime location, Turkish Riviera,  the Marmaris Forest National Park. Ideal resort for ‘whole family’ - thermal spa and wellness centre for stress relief & grand parents, entertainment complex for young adults, and childrens’ aquapark - open all year around. Units range from two-bed to six bed, with prices from EUR 30,000. Expressions of interest are invited now, on a non-commital, non-binding basis, by email to Buy@mytapu.com, reference ‘Spa & AquaPark Apart Hotel’. 


View more, please click here


  Residential Real Estate in Turkey... 


The Home of Your Dreams...?  Seeing is Believing...

 View the gallery and video show...


  An exceptional and unique retreat...


  Designed for comfort and convenience...


  Blissful surroundings- PROTECTED World Heritage Site...


  Income earning asset:  proven income EUR 35,000 yearly 


  Plot zoned for 145m2 additional villa = gain of 50% 

This income is paid in EUR...ongoing holiday rental bookings income, 5 yr+ income earning history proven with tax records.

Latest Bid Currency Conversion Date % Change Income Yield Build Cost Premium 
TL 1,375,00007/11/2018+ 10 % ↑10 %37 %
TL 1,238,400EUR 160,000 04/09/2018 + 3 % ↑18 % 1 %
TL 1,200,000 EUR 157,900 30/08/2018+20 % ↑19% -1.5%
TL 1,000,000 EUR 142,850 23/08/201821%-10%
TL 1,000,000 23/05/2018
 No bank default risk...No bank deposit loss risk... No Lira currency risk...No capital gains tax (5 yrs)... No inheritance tax...Acik Artilama Gayrimenkul 

Free Tapu Advice..!

What does it say on your Tapu? What does it mean?

Find out NOW!  Free Legal and Cadastral advice... 

or follow the drop down menu above under "MORE" to  "ADVICE" 



Citizenship Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Citizenship Investments... 

جدید! تابعیت ترکیه گذرنامه در حال حاضر فقط با تومان 250,000 املاک و مستغلات سرمایه گذاری....


جديد! المواطنة تركيا جواز سفر الآن مع فقط 250,000 دولار أمريكي للاستثمار العقاري....

Citizenship with Real Estate Investment...


Ideal Locations...

The Passport Package....

Packages range from $ 250,000  - $15 million; Citizenship Application Processing, Lifestyle Re-Location Services, Medical, Lawyers, Private Bankers, Schools, Licenses, Business Formation...


Luxury Living...

Passport Package for One Family:

(Two Parents & All Minors & Dependents)

Proven Yearly Income: $27,000+

Annual Investment Yield: 10%+

Minimum yield with 180 days of owner occupancy. Income and yield may be more when owner occupancy is less.


Proven On-going Income...

Passport Package for 15+ Families:

Proven Yearly Income: USD 750,000+

Annual Investment Yield: 5%+

Minimum yield with 180 days of owner occupancy. Income and yield may be more when owner occupancy is less.



Email: Buy@mytapu.com


Help Line: 00 44 1787 54 000 4

Citizenship Real Estate Investment in Turkey

  For Your Selection... Transactions underway... Register to enter your bids here...

Selling Property in Turkey

  Commercial Real Estate in Turkey...

  Thermal Spa Resort & Convention Centre  

  An exceptional week-end retreat, half an hour's drive from 16 million Istanbul  residents,...



Buy Property in Turkey

  Buy & Sell Like a Local...!

Today, you too, can buy & sell Turkish property, with the same fast & effective online process used by the locals- both private  individuals and professional investment managers.

 Why do more than 85% of all property purchases & sales in Turkey originate from online transactions?

The reasons are simple:

Wider Visibility- the Whole Market
Faster... Safer... More Cost Effective
Less Hassle + Less Hustle = Less Risk

The procedure is FASTER AND SAFER, because of FULL DISCLOSER in advance, of all legal data about the title and property:

proof of ownership; proof of permits (planning, construction and habitation); disclosure of mortgages, charges and claims; building age & construction materials; geographic risks; interior, exterior and aerial photos; and proof of market value based on sale prices of

similar size & quality property nearby during the last 90 days.

This data transparency is now at the buyers’ finger tips online - no more delays for weeks, wrangling on the phone with agents or solicitors, often demanding reservation deposits’ in advance.

Buyers are more energetic searching on-line portals quickly and easily, confident they will not suffer surprises and setbacks, to move forward once they find what they want.

Sellers see this, and they go to where the buyers are.

Now, non-Turkish speaking buyers and sellers may benefit with these same advantages,  at   mytapu.com !

     And there's more...

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mytapu The Safe Way to Buy, The Smart Way to Sell Property in Turkey

A tapu is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate. 

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…mytapu.com.

  What our Clients say about Us... 

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"  On a scale of 1 to 5, he (mytapu advisor) is 10... 5 is not applicable for his business competency. Best is normal for his level of knowledge and experience. 10 is double of Best from my personal perspective. Solid, Honest,committed and has a vision for his clients requirements. "  MH, Singapore & Rural Turkey

“ We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team…. It was a long and winding road but we are delighted with ... the outcome. If we can ever be of assistance to you as a reference or referee please don't hesitate to let us know."

C&E J, Stockport & Bodrum

“I really appreciate you keeping me from getting into a bad situation. You were absolutely correct in regards to what I would find in xxxxxx. I trust that you are correct with regards to xxxxx and xxxxxx. I am going with your advice and appreciate your input.”

 JL, Bodrum &  California

"...thank you for the time taken and the very professional discussion and advice given to Sally and I the other day, it was exceptional..."  J & SM, Riyadh & Alanya

“I have had a meeting with XXXX and we would like to forward our clients to you because we think you are have more knowledge...”
 Developer, Mugla

“ My 100% faith in you throughout paid off. A superb mortgage product and £5,378 sterling equity (cash back) "to boot".'

 DF, Bodrum & West Mids

"I've done my research and there wasn't really much choice - you were the only firm that knew what they were talking about..." FJ, West Sussex & Dalaman 

Building Trusted Relationships, is Building Our Business…!


This is not just a slogan – it’s our way of doing business.


And we are proud to say, that unlike estate agents, our clients are not developers and constructors, that pay us large commissions.


At mytapu.com, our clients are investors. Originating from Tokyo to Los Angeles, from across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. More than 50% own more than two properties, besides their primary residence. Our clients are portfolio investors. Investing in real estate in their home countries, and in multiple other countries. More than 30% own more than two Turkish properties;  and have been owners for more than 10 years, on average.


These investors are barristers, doctors, investment bankers, engineers, and many, many successful business people: entrepreneurs. These investors have experienced the ill-fortune of dealing with agents: they have personal experience of the tricks and tactics agents use.  Instead, they prefer to delegate the services meeting their requirements to mytapu,  to deal with the issues, and do what’s required. Their satisfaction is summarised in the comments provided above.


    What's it all about? 

Over recent years the traditional role of real estate agents in Turkey has changed with the coming of online property portals. Now days that is where most buyers begin their search for property. And for this reason, this is also where most sellers begin their search for a buyer. Estimates for the proportion of property transactions that originate from on-line portals range as high as 85%- and more.

Until now, a non-Turkish speaking buyer or seller did not really have access to these Turkish language portals. Instead, sellers list their properties at the next best place- the English language overseas property portals that specialise in overseas property markets- Spain, Florida, etc. When there were many foreigners buying property in Turkey this was a possible solution, but now days with foreign buyers few and far between, it is not really an effective solution. With fewer and fewer tourism visitors, and even fewer foreign buyers, listing a property for sale with a local estate agent is an exercise in misguided hope.

To address this gap, a group of property attorneys, mortgage specialists, and valuation experts long established in transaction business for foreigners in Turkey, have set up a property service business, mytapu.com. Foreigners using this service can now search the local Turkish language property portals for bargains to buy, and for buyers to sell to.

And there is more- a buyer or a seller will usually seek professional assistance in completing the transaction. This is often necessary to ensure all the required paperwork is in order… documents related to mortgages, valuations, insurance, and of course, tax documents. Mytapu.com has the experts to manage all the documentation for all these requirements, in all areas of Turkey, all along the Turquoise coastal reviera, from Anamur to Zonguldak, and Istanbul. This service benefits from quality control and cost control, applied with policies of best practice governing the transaction process, as it applies to foreign non-Turkish buyers and sellers, streamlined with more than 10 years of experience processing thousands of Turkish property transactions. This is important because the procedure for foreigners buying property does differ from local buyers and sellers.

Now buyers can find the bargains they’re looking for, and sellers can find the buyers they are looking for. And not only do clients receive support from independent professionals in their local area, they also have the reassurance of knowing the process is being managed cost effectively and professionally, by experts.

    Work with Us.... 

Now for the first time, for non-Turkish speaking buyers and sellers of Turkish property, can access Turkish language on-line property portals, to find bargains to buy, or buyers to sell to.

Now foreigners too, can cost effectively participate in the 85% of property transactions that originate from on-line property portals.

And more….! The team at mytapu.com have processed thousands of real estate purchase transactions for foreigners over the last ten years and more.

This team is a network of specialists located in the many resort towns along the coast from Anamur to Ayvalik, and in Istanbul. 

At mytapu.com the reputation is for providing professional services with the highest standards of ethical professionalism and discipline. We welcome professional service providers that uphold these standards for our clientele, which are primarily high net-worth individuals owning more than one international property outside of their primary home residence and country. Perhaps you may like to work with us in delivering client solutions and customer satisfaction for this esteemed group of High Net Worth Individuals? If so, we look forward to receiving a message from you, as you complete the form below.

Appraisal experts
Mortgage specialists
Tax advisors
Insurance brokers 

Tax Mali Müşavirlik


Perhaps you too, would be interested in applying your professional expertise for the benefit of mytapu.com’s foreign clients? 

Professional Qualified Realtors are welcome ! Our client's value your skills and expertise... and we are always searching for properties that meet their requirements... 

Are you an attorney, mortgage expert, appraisal Eksper, insurance broker, or Mali Müşavirlik that has extensive experience working with foreigners for their Turkish property related matters, and would like to work with the leading team of experts in this field?  

To find out more, about participating in this network, please email info@mytapu.com and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a free call back.....

Thank you!. 

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