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How to Sell Property in Turkey... 

How to Sell Property in Turkey...
How to Sell Property in Turkey...

The Two Keys to Success...

1- Go to WHERE the Buyers are... 

the Portals...!

2- Deal Direct with Buyers & Take Control... 

No Agents...!

The most important ‘keys’ to your sale are these:

  • Present your Property WHERE the Buyers Are; at the on-line property markets (portals) in Turkey. 
  • Make sure the Buyers contact You, not an Agent, and thus ensure that YOU are in Control.

WHERE are the Buyers?

Why to Ensure Buyers Contact You and Not an Agent... the Three Most Commonly Occurring Reasons...

How to ensure a Buyer contacts YOU and not an Agent?

Read more in our blog article by clicking here, Selling Property in Turkey, the Two Keys to Success.... 

Contact us today for more information at and include your WhatsApp number to receive a call back… and request The Guide to Selling Property in Turkey...


The Seller's Inside Insights...
The Seller's Inside Insights...
Showcase Your Property...
Showcase Your Property...

Receive Notice of Buyers, Locations, and Property Types...

Did you know? At there are more than 3,000 foreign property owners receiving the News-Letter that informs them of the properties and locations that are being actively searched by buyers that have contacted To receive notifications of the properties and locations in which these investors are actively seeking to buy properties, please sign up to receive the newsletter by sending an email to with the Subject ‘Please Add Me to the Property Presents Newsletter…’. 

Why are the Turkish Buyers All on the Portals and not Agents' Websites...?


Why Turks Love On-Line Property Portals...

Property Portal Online Property Finder Search at mytapu Turkey Property Agents
Why Turks Use Online Portals and Not Online Agents' Buy Property ... Turkish Buyers are ALL ALWAYS at the On-Line Portals and NEVER at Engiish Speaking Agents' Websites... click image to read more...

Better for Buyers at OnLine Portals...

Where to Buy Property in Turkey...OnLine Search in Turkish shows Portals, compared with Online Search in English shows Agents' Websites
Why OnLine Portals are Better than Agents' Websites for Finding and Buying Property in Turkey ... OnLine Search in Turkish shows All Portals, compared with Online Search in English only shows English speaking Agents' Websites... click image to read more...

Sell Your Property without Traveling to Turkey...

With guidance and instructions for the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Contact us today at add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.

Remote Conveyancing of Property Purchases and Sales in Turkey June 2020
Remote Conveyancing of Property Purchases and Sales in Turkey June 2020

Conveyance & Completion Remotely...

    • Online (remotely) or In-Person; Automated or Manual
    • Independent Legal Advice
    • Payment Protection Techniques
    • Procedures, Documents, Registrations & Verification
    • Standard On-Line Banking Channels
    • Payments via Turkeys 'e-gov' Settlements Bank

With our guidance and instructions specifying the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Contact us today at add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.

Protecting Capital Purchasing Power
Capital Protection & Wealth Preservation
Tax Optimisation & Residency Choices for Retirement
Tax Optimisation & Residency Choices for Retirement

Welcome to the Sellers' Tool-Kit for Residential Property in Turkey...

A Faster, Smarter, and Better Way  

Arab buying...? Citizenship buyers can not purchase a proeperty that is owned by a non-Turkish citizen. 

Fact: Iranians are big buyers in Istanbul.


Prices are back down to 2011... but the Lira is down 70% since...

Selling Property in Turkey-Real Estate Prices and Turkish Lira Exchange Rates
Turkish Real Estate Prices and Exchange Rates: 2011- Dec 2019 here to see regional prices.....

 Over the past five years a decision to sell was a better financial decision for the duration of that period, as prices trend lower.... 

Sell Now, or wait for recovery...? Waiting hasn't proven to be the best strategy... 


Why is about
the way local Turks sell...!

Selling your Property in Turkey with an Agent the Old Way Join the queue... it ends 2-3 years wait from now... with few foreigners buying in the last 2 years, and Turks only using digital media for finding property for the last ten years, why use an agent, when there is a better and smarter way...? Welcome to the digital age...! At mytapu you have the tools to take control of the process of finding a buyer and ensuring your priorities are fulfilled. These tools empower you to get the job done, with some assistance and support, as you choose. And no crazy commissions payable to agents for doing... what, exactly?  Waiting around for a buyer to walk in...? Exactly....

Fact: A seller needs to ‘jump the que’  - in front of hundreds of properties for sale.

How to  Sell

 like a Local... the same way Turks sell- to find a local Turkish buyer…..

How to Reach Buyers that agents can not...?

Foreign buyers - last two years less than 1/10th of previous years.

Fact: buyers in coastal regions are mainly Turks...

Reality Check...


Foreign buyers are recently actively purchasing property in Turkey for Citizenship Investment purposes.

BUT did you know...? Purchasing property from a foreign owner does NOT qualify for Citizenship Investment.

If your agent has told you something different, it's time to move on, with a Smarter, Better Way,  the Way...

And consider this: as a foreign owner, even if the an agent sells your property to a Turkish person first, before immediately reselling to the Citizenship Investor, the price will still need to be 'marked-up' by 20% - 30% above the sales price the current owner is receiving, in order to cover the Turkish person's capital gains tax.

Property Prices in Turkey: Where to Now…?

April 10, 2020   Regrettably the current health crisis will have a negative long term impact on property prices in Turkey….  Price indicators have dropped 10% below last summer’s lows, and only recent have regained to last summers lows. Turkey is now teetering on the precipice of yet another economic & currency crisis... Central Bank net foreign exchange reserves have been depleted defending the currency over the preceding eight months… The Trade Deficit bulges wider yet again… A major collapse is likely in comparison to the steady declines of the previous five years… and has begun already, as the Lira decline accelerates on a daily basis.. Turkey has today confirmed it is in negotiations with the IMF on a support package. This may provide temprorary relief for the currency crisis, but will not provide relief for property prices over the next 6-9 months. If anything, the opposite may be true, as IMF support usually implies economic austerity measures. Property Prices will ‘step down’ yet again over the coming months…. Tourism arrivals in the summer will not offer any respite even if they resume…. There is no longer any reason what-so-ever to imagine a local agent is going to have a buyer walk past his window and see your property…. Fortunately a foreign owner can sell a Turkish property without travelling to Turkey…

Everything can now be done on-line....

  • Listing on-line at the market places where the buyers are... 
  • Signing title deeds...
  • Receiving payment from the land registry direct to the seller’s bank account...

Can all be done without leaving your home country… Buying can be done the same way...

This blog provides several useful articles for anyone interested in reading more about how local Turks use on-line market places to buy and sell property...

The Team at myTapu are pleased to advise, guide, assist, and help with Turkish language as required…Email to with the subject ‘Selling without Travelling’ for Next Steps ….

Oct 13, 2019 Regrettably the fact remains, had your property been sold any time in the last five years, it would have been a better decision than waiting until now. And that is likely to be the situation through-out the first half of 2020. And during this period the risk remains of yet another currency shock to the downside, as macro-economic imbalances remain in a poorer state than during the previous years. So if you are in a mind to sell, take control of the process yourself, with the tools available at  No need to continue listening to fairy tales from estate agents. Send an email to with the header…’Seller’s Tool-Kit’, and the experienced Transaction Support Team will guide and assist you getting the job done.

In the past six months there have been a few foreign Northern European buyers in the market, but the numbers are so small in comparison to past years, that the impact on prices is non-existent. The majority of foreign buyers in the market are buyers for Citizenship Investment, and are prohibited from purchasing a property from a foreign owner. IF your agent is telling you differently, it is time to choose an alternative pathway and solution. Most potential local Turkish buyers are sitting on their cash in Dollars, and enjoying the benefits of a weakening Turkish Lira. To sell to the trickle of local Turkish buyers in the market, means taking your property to them, the Turkish way, via on-line portals. The Seller’s Tool-Kit at puts you in control of that process, with guidance and assistance, where required.

This situation has an impact on negotiations to purchase property. A lower TL doesn’t automatically mean that the US Dollar price of property will decline, because Turkish sellers keep an eye on exchange rate fluctuations when valuing their property, usually in US Dollars. What it does mean is that any sellers that are experiencing liquidity issues, and need cash, for example to pay down bank borrowings, will be looking out six months and considering the need to sell more urgently. And so this represents a negotiating opportunity to buy at lower prices.


The required macro policies of increasing exports, and re-structuring banking sector non-performing loans are underway, but the improvements are small in comparison to the weak economic back-drop. So the question remains, will a bottom in prices result in a sustainable long term uptrend? Or will it result in a false dawn, as prices slide lower, again, next autumn, 2020?


Certainly a partial decline in mortgage interest rates, led by state banks, has raised expectations of a corresponding up-tick in property prices. Banks may say they will lend at lower rates, to conform to government policy, but it remains to be seen how much they lend, and how much lending is choked off by discretionary credit policies.


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The team at are happy to advise, guide and support you in the steps for D.I.Y. selling in Turkey's vast on-line property markets: the sale procedures, presentation of your property on-line, the feedback loop for incoming emails and phone calls from buyers, positioning your property and at the right price,  on-line bidding, valuations, tax receipts, notarisation, apostile, translations, documentary payments - all conveyancing & completion aspects of a property transaction. 

The Team at have assisted more than 3,000 foreign property owners in Turkey over the last 15 years. 

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How to Sell Property in Turkey

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A ‘TAPU’ is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…

Register of Current Buyers of Property in Istanbul & Turkey:  

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Be prepared: the selling process of residential real estate in Turkey moves at a faster pace than that of other countries, and if your buyer is Turkish, the purchase will likely be in cash equivalents (not mortgage), and the sale will only take one to two days at the most. 

Buyer 1:  BOUGHT - Alanya: Two bedroom apartment

Buyer 2: Dalyan: 3-4 bedroom villa

Buyer 3: Dayan:  Large luxury villa at appraised value

Buyer 4:  Dalyan: Two large 5+ bedroom luxury villas

Buyer 5:  Marmaris: Resort Hotel

Buyer 6:  Alanya, Marmaris, or Dalyan: Ground floor duplex or triplex in small block with communal pool, 5 minutes walk to sandy beach, cafes & shops.

Buyer 7:  Wanted- the best property available for £250,000, must have sea views, and be no more than 10 minutes walk to shops and a  beach with fine sand.

Buyer 8: Aegean Coast/ Mugla: 2 bed 2 bathrooms, communal pool, no more than 10 minutes walk to beach.

Buyer 9: BOUGHT-Land Parcel 1000-3000 m2 Dalyan

Buyer 10: Istanbul Umraniye Yenisehr : 3+1 Umraniye Istanbul

Buyer 12: Istanbul Prime Central Location: $ 750,000

Buyer 13: Istanbul Prime Central Location: $ 250,000


As of March 2020, this section is no longer up to date. The Team at's Property Finding Service no longer update Purchase Orders from buying clients on this page. Instead,sellers please note the pecific locations and property types in demand currenly are mentioned regularly in the Property Presents News-Letter for Property Owners in Turkey.    To receive the newsletter please send an email to with the Subject ‘Please Add Me to the Property Presents Newsletter…’.  Currently we have Purchase Orders for multiple properties in the following categories:

Coastal Properties: Selective properties in coastal locations of Alanya, Antalya, and Dalaman region.
Istanbul Properties: centrally located apartments:
  • Bakirkoy to Fatih; Beyoglu to Zincirlikuyu; Kadikoy to Goztepe.
  • Tenanted Apartments: properties with renters in occupancy; 1+1, 2+1, 3+1.
  • Luxury apartments, minimum four bedrooms, above fourth floor with terraces/balconies and views.
  • Sales prices should reflect eksper degerleme fiyatlar; kat mulkiyetli veya yapi kayit belgesi olmali.

Knowledge Bank FAQ: Selling Your Property in Turkey 


Open Bidding Procedures for Selling Real Estate & Property in Turkey…

These guidelines for attracting buyers and selling in open-bidding, on-line real estate markets in Istanbul & Turkey for off-plan, new-built, resale, refurbishment and repossession properties are for international investors selling property owned in Turkey.


Guidance, support, and a complete range of professional investor services are provided by


Additional information is available about open bidding and how it attracts interest from buyers and maximises sales prices.

To find out more, obligation free, please complete the form by clicking the SELL TAPU button below.


The Fastest Way to Sell for the Highest Price...

Selling Property Turkey


Submit Documents

Selling Property Turkey


Targeted Digital Marketing



Sell to Highest Buyer

Selling Property Turkey


Close the Sale


The Procedure: step-by-step....



Selling Property in Turkey
Selling Property in Turkey

1 Targeted Marketing & Sales Set-Up



2 – Document Preparation & Support

Appraisal Report if Required by Buyer;

·  Instructed on your behalf by

·  Prepared by an appraisal expert 

·  Licensed by the Turkish Financial Services Authority

·  Proof of Title,  Proof of Permits,  Proof of Charges & Liens

·  Price valuation based on recent sales prices

Authorisations for managing conveyance. You do not need to attend the Land Registry, Tax Office, or follow the other official paper work, as your selected attorneys in Turkey will do these for you, upon your instructions, for selling your property in Turkey; or you may choose to do so yourself with our guidance.


 4 Closing the Sale Transaction

  • Instruct Bid Acceptance
  • Secure & Efficient Transaction Management
  • No need to run around to gov't offices

Select attorneys & accountants from the panel to manage title transfer, payment of taxes, and all other official procedures at all official offices and Land Registry, and then obtain the buyers payment documentation for deposit or transfer into your bank account.


Be sure to tick the box in the form below to receive our periodic newsletter with updates on legal, mortgage, insurance and tax matters, business procedures, and market trends & conditions.


3 Instruct for Selling to Highest Bidder

  • Secure & Transparent Sales Process
  • 24/7 Online Processing
  • Buyers & Sellers Notified of Latest Bid Increases
  • Flexible Minimum Price Disclosure
  • Flexible Duration

What is


Service offerings are the client’s choice of either ‘Guidance’, ‘Advisory’, or ‘Managed’, and may include a selection of specific services, a mixed package of combined services, or a fully managed service; with prices for all budgets...


At mytapu our practice is assist clients in making fully informed decisions, with full information and disclosure, in the interests of better outcomes for all, because…


‘Building Trusted Relationships is Building Our Business’

The Tool-kit for Selling Residential Property in Turkey:

Show Case Presentations for Success !
Property Show Case Presentations for Success !
On-Line Marketing, Sales and CRM
On-Line Marketing, Sales and CRM
Open Bidding at On-Line Markets
Open Bidding at On-Line Markets
Completion & Conveyancing
Completion & Conveyancing



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