The Property Seller’s Tool Kit

for Residential Real Estate  
in Istanbul and Coastal Regions of Turkey

A Faster, Smarter, Better Way to Sell

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Welcome to the Sellers' Tool-Kit for Residential Property in Turkey...

A Faster, Smarter, and Better Way

Digital Marketing-
property market realities in a modern digital world..

Open Bidding-
the psychology of maximising price...

Media hype: 

Russian buying, 

Arab buying 


Fact: Russian buying for the whole of last year totaled less than Eur 1 million… so...

5 properties?


Fact: Iranians are big buyers in Istanbul.


Prices are in a down trend...

Selling Property in Turkey
Turkish Asset Values USD 2013-2018; click here to see price trends in more locations...

 Over the past five years a decision to sell was a better financial decision for the duration of that period, as prices trend lower.... Finally after two years of near-zero buying interest, bargain hunters are back in the market, thus providing some liquidity for agile sellers to benefit, with the right approach and preparation.... 

Sell Now, or wait for recovery...? Waiting hasn't proved to be the best strategy... a recent analysis of prices in the luxury villa segment of the Turkish Riviera showed prices have declined 15-20 % in EUR terms in 2018....


Why is about
the way local Turks sell...!

Selling your Property in Turkey with an Agent the Old Way Join the queue... it ends 2-3 years wait from now... with few foreigners buying in the last 2 years, global interest rates now on the rise,  and Turks only using digital media for finding property for the last ten years, why use an agent, when there is a better and smarter way...? Welcome to the digital age...! At mytapu you have the tools to take control of the process of finding a buyer and ensuring your priorities are fulfilled. These tools empower you to get the job done, with some assistance and support, as you choose. And no crazy commissions payable to agents for doing... what, exactly?  Waiting around for a buyer to walk in...? Exactly....

   Sell Like a Local ! 

... at

Property prices
roll-over globally as interest rates trend higher into 2020....

How to  Sell

 like a Local... the same way Turks sell- to find a local Turkish buyer…..

How to Reach Buyers that agents can not...?

Foreign buyers - last two years less than 1/10th of previous years.

Fact: buyers in coastal regions are mainly Turks...

Fact: A seller needs to ‘jump the que’  - in front of hundreds of properties for sale.


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How to Sell Like a Local... The Smart Way to Sell Property in Turkey

The Guide for   

Selling Property in Turkey...

The team at are happy to advise, guide and support you in the steps for D.I.Y. selling in Turkeys vast on-line property markets, the sale procedures, presentation of your property on-line, the feedback loop for incoming emails and phone calls from buyers, positioning your property and at the right price,  on-line bidding, valuations, tax receipts, notarisation, apostile, translations, documentary payments - all conveyancing & completion aspects of a property transaction. The Team at have assisted more than 3,000 foreign property owners in Turkey over the last 15 years. 

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How to Sell Property in Turkey

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A ‘TAPU’ is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…

Register of Current Buyers of Property in Istanbul & Turkey:  

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Be prepared: the selling process of residential real estate in Turkey moves at a faster pace than that of other countries, and if your buyer is Turkish, the purchase will likely be in cash equivalents (not mortgage), and the sale will only take one to two days at the most. 

Buyer 1:  BOUGHT - Alanya: Two bedroom apartment

Buyer 2: Dalyan: 3-4 bedroom villa

Buyer 3: Dayan:  Large luxury villa at appraised value

Buyer 4:  Dalyan: Two large 5+ bedroom luxury villas

Buyer 5:  Marmaris: Resort Hotel

Buyer 6:  Alanya, Marmaris, or Dalyan: Ground floor duplex or triplex in small block with communal pool, 5 minutes walk to sandy beach, cafes & shops.

Buyer 7:  Wanted- the best property available for £250,000, must have sea views, and be no more than 10 minutes walk to shops and a  beach with fine sand.

Buyer 8: Aegean Coast/ Mugla: 2 bed 2 bathrooms, communal pool, no more than 10 minutes walk to beach.

Buyer 9: BOUGHT-Land Parcel 1000-3000 m2 Dalyan

Buyer 10: Istanbul Umraniye Yenisehr : 3+1 Umraniye Istanbul

Buyer 12: Istanbul Prime Central Location: $ 750,000

Buyer 13: Istanbul Prime Central Location: $ 250,000

Knowledge Bank FAQ: Selling Your Property in Turkey 


Open Bidding Procedures for Selling Real Estate & Property in Turkey…

These guidelines for attracting buyers and selling in open-bidding, on-line real estate markets in Istanbul & Turkey for off-plan, new-built, resale, refurbishment and repossession properties are for international investors selling property owned in Turkey.


Guidance, support, and a complete range of professional investor services are provided by


Additional information is available about open bidding and how it attracts interest from buyers and maximises sales prices.

To find out more, obligation free, please complete the form by clicking the SELL TAPU button below.


The Fastest Way to Sell for the Highest Price...

Selling Property Turkey


Submit Documents

Selling Property Turkey


Targeted Digital Marketing



Sell to Highest Buyer

Selling Property Turkey


Close the Sale


The Procedure: step-by-step....



Selling Property in Turkey
Selling Property in Turkey

1 Targeted Marketing & Sales Set-Up



2 – Document Preparation & Support

Appraisal Report if Required by Buyer;

·  Instructed on your behalf by

·  Prepared by an appraisal expert 

·  Licensed by the Turkish Financial Services Authority

·  Proof of Title,  Proof of Permits,  Proof of Charges & Liens

·  Price valuation based on recent sales prices

Authorisations for managing conveyance. You do not need to attend the Land Registry, Tax Office, or follow the other official paper work, as your selected attorneys in Turkey will do these for you, upon your instructions, for selling your property in Turkey; or you may choose to do so yourself with our guidance.


3 Instruct for Selling to Highest Bidder

  • Secure & Transparent Sales Process
  • 24/7 Online Processing
  • Buyers & Sellers Notified of Latest Bid Increases
  • Flexible Minimum Price Disclosure
  • Flexible Duration


 4 Closing the Sale Transaction

  • Instruct Bid Acceptance
  • Secure & Efficient Transaction Management
  • No need to run around to gov't offices

Select attorneys & accountants from the panel to manage title transfer, payment of taxes, and all other official procedures at all official offices and Land Registry, and then obtain the buyers payment documentation for deposit or transfer into your bank account.


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What is


Service offerings are the client’s choice of either ‘Guidance’, ‘Advisory’, or ‘Managed’, and may include a selection of specific services, a mixed package of combined services, or a fully managed service; with prices for all budgets...


At mytapu our practice is assist clients in making fully informed decisions, with full information and disclosure, in the interests of better outcomes for all, because…


‘Building Trusted Relationships is Building Our Business’

The Tool-kit for Selling Residential Property in Turkey:

Show Case Presentations for Success !
Property Show Case Presentations for Success !
On-Line Marketing, Sales and CRM
On-Line Marketing, Sales and CRM
Open Bidding at On-Line Markets
Open Bidding at On-Line Markets
Completion & Conveyancing
Completion & Conveyancing



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