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Appraisal Experts are licensed by the Turkish Capital Markets Board

An essential aspect of Appraisal Reports is that the Appraisal Expert must follow a specific methodology and practices. This ensures the reports can be used as comparisons and as reference benchmarks. In some instances the application of the required methodologies and practices is subject to question. For this reason the Specialists at mytapu.com are capable of providing quality control to the process to ensure the results meet the standards required. Our Specialists are capable of doing this because of in-depth knowledge, gained from being on the World Bank team in the 1990’s that advised the Turkish Government how to establish Appraisal Methodologies in the Turkish real estate sector, and a Professional Association of Appraisers.


Valuations in Turkey take the form of Appraisal Reports. These are prepared by trained Appraisal Experts, and a report is known as an Eksper Rapor.  These experts must have received training and certification to then become licensed by the Turkish Capital Markets Board, which is the financial services regulatory agency. Appraisal Reports are the industry standard for real estate business in Turkey, and are used by banks, insurers, and government agencies. An Appraisal Report, or Eksper Rapor, establishes price valuations that are officially recognised, and by all parties. There is no other form of valuation, other than private estimates, agents estimates, and guesswork, and these are not recognised, or valid for any legal or practical purpose.

Providing much more than simply market price and liquidation price valuations, Appraisal Reports also provide a great deal of other information, essential for full disclosure and transparency about a property’s particulars. An 'Eksper Rapor' is usually not less than five pages, and in addition to price information of the last 3-5 transactions of properties of similar size, quality, and location, also contains aerial photos, and pictures of the property, and often key permit documentation. For more information about Appraisal Reports, please click here.

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