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Mortgage Finance

For Property in Turkey

Lower Interest Rates than Standard Domestic Mortgages

Only for Buyers with Income from Outside Turkey


The Property Buyer's Tool Kit
for Residential Real Estate Investment 
in Istanbul and Coastal Regions of Turkey
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Property Finder Search, Selection and Valuation Services... a Safer, Smarter Way to Find and Buy Property in Turkey... 
Find Property- Not Agents Scams, Valuations & Deposits Hoaxes. Location Life-Style Guidance. All Property Types: Off-Market, Re-Sale. New-Built,  Self Design, Historic Refurbishment.


Welcome to the mortgage team at mytapu.com. We specialise in cross-border Turkish mortgage finance. From this one source, you can obtain every available mortgage for Turkey. Whether you are an overseas home buyer looking for a mortgage in Turkey, a Citizenship Investor seeking Sharia compliant mortgage, a sales agent seeking Turkish mortgages for your clients, a developer looking for Turkish mortgages and off-plan finance solutions, an overseas mortgage broker looking for clearing solutions, or an institutional investor looking for the widest range of non-recourse commercial mortgages in Turkey, we don’t just describe what’s possible, we deliver the best solution available for your purposes and circumstances.

With over 25 years experience arranging finance and real estate investment in Turkey, and similar professional experience in the primary and secondary mortgage markets of North America and Europe, our principals have the local first hand experience, networks, and knowledge to deliver the best mortgage finance solutions available anywhere in the Turkish mortgage market today.

In addition, we provide the know-how that is absolutely required for success in Turkey- the complete range of in house oversight and supporting transaction management services, including cadastral, contractual and counterparty due diligence, appraisal, conveyance, legal oversight, closing actions, loan servicing, and a simple but robust technology platform for on-line application processing and routing of mortgages for Turkey. 

This caliber of expertise, and comprehensive range of Turkish mortgage finance solutions, is only available from the mortgage team at mytapu.com- the Turkish mortgage experts!


Legal Due Diligence...
Reservation Deposit Security, Permits, Habitation Certificates, Title Checks, Lien Checks, Contracts,  Valuations,  Rental Income Contracts, Budgeting, Cost Control, Risk Management.

Land Registry Actions, Completion of Transfer of Ownership, Access, Documentary Payments, Tax Registrations, Notaries, Apostille, Translations, etc

Impartial Independent Advice for Mortgage Finance and Property Matters in Turkey

Support, Guidance and Advice for all aspects of buying or selling a property in Turkey using mortgage finance...

Enquire today: Email... Finance@mytapu.com


Residential Mortgage Interest Rates, LTVs, and Loan Durations 

The  best residential mortgage interest rates range from 5% to 8% per year in EUR, USD and GBP, and range from .8% to 2% per month in TRL, which is approximately 9.6% to 24% per year straight rate before compounding, not AER or APR.

Using a mortgage for the purchase of a second property in Turkey, instead of releasing equity from your primary residence, is safer and prudent.  Enquire today: Email...  Finance@mytapu.com  Or complete the form below...


Residential Mortgage Terms 

Application Documents Required:

a) Proof of Identification
b) Proof of Current Address
c) Proof of Repayment Capacity (Income) :  Credit Limit
d) Proof of Security (Property Value) : Loan Limit

Different lenders will require different documents to satisfy the requirements above. 

All mortgage products require all of the above: there are no exceptions. If you have been told differently, you have been misinformed and / or mislead.

Variations on the documentation required for a specific applicant's case will depend on:

a) the applicants country of income earning residency

b) the specific lender's credit policy

Loan Limits range from 50% to 85% of Appraised Value- this is an official Appraisal, an Eksper Rapor. Obtaining greater than 85% of appraised value is a technique that requires additional contractual and appraisal expertise and is not viable for purchases less than EUR 300,000.

The Loan Limit of the mortgage applicable is generally never more than 90% of the properties liquidation value, as assessed by the lender's Appraisal Report. This Loan to Value (LTV) varies from lender to lender. 

Fixed, Tracker,Currency Indexed,  and Floating Rate mortgages are available.

Loan Durations range from minimum 3 years to maximum 20 years, but not beyond the 75th birthday of eldest joint applicant.



Mortgage Products available for Turkey generally fall into three main categories:

Local Domestic Mortgages- the loan is in Turkish Lira and the interest rates have never been less than 9% and currently range from 20-28% (Jan 2019). If you see a mortgage advertised with a rate of 2.5%, that means 2.5% per month, not per year...(!!!)

Sharia Compliant Mortgages - there is a wide range of sharia compliant home funding products available on the market in Turkey, including products where a home buyer may select their term, repayment amount etc.. If you are seriously interested in a Sharia product then you will not care to compare the interest rates on conventional products to the Sharia products...

Cross Border Mortgages- these are conventional mrotgage loans by lenders in USD, EUR, GBP, etc and normally a borrowers income must be received outside of Turkey in the currency of the loan, the interest rates are the most favourable available.

The  best residential mortgage interest rates range from 5% to 7% per year in EUR, USD and GBP,  and the advertised rates do not conform to any AER or APR convention- which means they may not be reflecting a truly compunded interest rate, or an interest rate that includes costs of loan arrangement etc.

Early Repayment Charges are typcially 2% for the first 3-5 years and zero afterwards.

Arrangement Fees are typcially 2% with a minimum of EUR / GBP 1500.

Residents of the UK, The Netherlands, and Germany benefit from preferential mortgage products. 

FAST-TRACK your application by completing and submitting  the form below.

All applications subject to status and acceptance.


List of Turkish Mortgages...

The List of three general categories of mortgage available to foreigners buying Turkish property:

1) Local domestic mortgages- usually loans in Lira
2) Cross-border mortgages- loans in EUR, USD, GBP at favorable interest rates
3) Sharia compliant funding- loans in Lira but with many alternatives possible


How Much Can be Borrowed?

Understanding how much an investor can borrow requires two calculations: the first for the Credit Limit, based on income; and the second for the Loan Limit, based on the property value. Credit Limits typically will be limited by a monthly repayment no greater than 1/3 of the monthly income, as a general guideline, while varying from lender to lender in the formula applied.  Loan Limits range from 50% of Appraised Value to 85% of Liquidation Value, depending on each lender's policies.


Service Offerings

A complete range of services is available from mytapu.com. Unlike more developed markets, mortgage lending in Turkey is relatively new, and  sometimes will require additional remedial actions to keep the application process on track. 

Cross border mortgage financing has far more advantageous interest rates and borrowing terms, but the procedure is not so simple or fast.

Anyone telling differently is either inexperienced or intentionally misleading. 

In addition, the mortgage terms offered change often, with economic fluctuating conditions in Turkey, and 95% of the mortgage information you read about on the internet is 'out of date'. 

For these reasons mytapu.com provide a mortgage service that is designed specifically for the challenges facing foreign mortgage applicants for local Turkish property.


Service Levels...

Fully Managed... from A to Z, application through to registration of the mortgage on the property at the land registry... all you need do is provide required documentation...

Guidance and Assistance... the applicant manages the process directly with the lender, and mytapu.com guides and assists both lender and applicant through-out the process at the different stages where solutions are required...

Advisory... the applicant undertakes the entire procedure themselves and mytapu.com has no communication with the lender, but provides all necessary advice and insights to the applicant on the ways to achieve the finance required...

A complete range of services is available from mytapu.com. Unlike more developed markets, mortgage lending in Turkey is relatively new, and  sometimes will require additional remedial actions to keep the application process on track. 

The experts at mytapu advised banks on establishing their products...

Enquire today at Finance@mytapu.com to learn which is right for you.

Real Estate Finance in Turkey

The mortgage bankers at mytapu.com provide an extensive range of financing solutions for property investors in Turkey - twenty five years cross border and domestic financing in Turkey serving project developers, investment grade asset & portfolio managers, financial institutions, and corporate financiers.


Mortgage Finance – Turkey:

Senior and Non-Recourse Mortgage Finance- Turkey

Mezzanine Mortgage Finance - Turkey

Land-share, Construction & Completion Finance

Off-Plan & Installment Finance - Turkey

Leaseback - Turkey

Commercial Mortgages - Turkey

Retail Mortgages - Turkey


If you definitely need a mortgage for the purchase of a property in Turkey, complete the form below today, without obligation. This is  the sure way of starting the process, and getting the best deal available, while avoiding misleading brokers and agents.... This process is designed specifically for cross border mortgage applications in Turkey, and is only available from the mortgage bankers at mytapu.com... at your service..!  


Ancillary Services – Turkey:

Brokers Clearing Services - Turkey

Due Diligence - Turkey

Turkish Contracts & Conveyance

Licensed Appraisals - Turkey

Tax Optimised Structures

Sharia Compliant Structures

Title Insurance - Turkey

Enquire today: Email... Finance@mytapu.com

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