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Lower Interest Rates than Standard Domestic Mortgages

Only for Buyers with Income from Outside Turkey

Welcome to the mortgage team at We specialise in cross-border Turkish mortgage finance. From this one source, you can obtain every available mortgage for Turkey. Whether you are an overseas home buyer looking for a mortgage in Turkey, a Citizenship Investor seeking Sharia compliant mortgage, a sales agent seeking Turkish mortgages for your clients, a developer looking for Turkish mortgages and off-plan finance solutions, an overseas mortgage broker looking for clearing solutions, or an institutional investor looking for the widest range of non-recourse commercial mortgages in Turkey, we don’t just describe what’s possible, we deliver the best solution available for your purposes and circumstances.

With over 25 years experience arranging finance and real estate investment in Turkey, and similar professional experience in the primary and secondary mortgage markets of North America and Europe, our principals have the local first hand experience, networks, and knowledge to deliver the best mortgage finance solutions available anywhere in the Turkish mortgage market today.

In addition, we provide the know-how that is absolutely required for success in Turkey- the complete range of in house oversight and supporting transaction management services, including cadastral, contractual and counterparty due diligence, appraisal, conveyance, legal oversight, closing actions, loan servicing, and a simple but robust technology platform for on-line application processing and routing of mortgages for Turkey.

This caliber of expertise, and comprehensive range of Turkish mortgage finance solutions, is only available from the mortgage team at the Turkish mortgage experts!

Real Estate Finance in Turkey

The mortgage bankers at provide an extensive range of financing solutions for property investors in Turkey - twenty five years cross border and domestic financing in Turkey serving project developers, investment grade asset & portfolio managers, financial institutions, and corporate financiers.


Mortgage Finance – Turkey:

Senior and Non-Recourse Mortgage Finance- Turkey

Mezzanine Mortgage Finance - Turkey

Land-share, Construction & Completion Finance

Off-Plan & Installment Finance - Turkey

Leaseback - Turkey

Commercial Mortgages - Turkey

Retail Mortgages - Turkey

Residential Mortgage Interest Rates, LTVs, and Loan Durations 

The  best residential mortgage interest rates range from 5% to 7% per year in EUR, USD and GBP, and range from .8% to 1% per month in TRL, which is approximately 9.6% to 12% per year straight rate before compounding, not AER or APR.

Using a mortgage in Turkey instead of releasing equity from your primary residence is safer and prudent .



Ancillary Services – Turkey:

Brokers Clearing Services - Turkey

Due Diligence - Turkey

Turkish Contracts & Conveyance

Licensed Appraisals - Turkey

Tax Optimised Structures

Sharia Compliant Structures

Title Insurance - Turkey

The Loan Limit of the mortgage applicable is not more than 90% of the properties liquidation value, as assessed by the lender's Appraisal Report. This is the Loan to Value (LTV) and LTVs from different lenders vary from 50% to 80%.

Credit Limits are determined by each lender differently- the general guideline for monthly payments is 1/3 of net income.

Loan durations range from 3 years to 20 years but not beyond the 75th birthday of eldest joint applicant.

All applications subject to status and acceptance.

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