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The experienced insurance underwriters at mytapu.com will guide you in providing a complete range of insurances suitable for foreign property owners in Turkey. The policies are provided by the world’s leading international insurers, and leading Turkish insurers- the whole market. Their mission is selecting the policy that most cost effectively meets your requirements.

Statutory Disaster Reconstruction Fund Insurance (D.A.S.K.), is a mandatory requirement for ALL properties.

The cost, and the range of policy choices and differences in price premiums, is minimal.

Hazards Insurance covers your property against loss from fire, flood, accidents, etc, and is a mandatory requirement for mortgages.

Contents Insurance covers your furnishings, fittings, white goods, electronic devices, and personal effects. The policy coverage and cost varies significantly for properties that are rented furnished as seasonal holiday rentals.

Insurance Agents:

Alanya: Allianz - Mr. Aydemir Uladi.... please click here.

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