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The key points about ‘what’ it means to ‘Buy Like a Local, and ‘why’ it is essential, are explained independently, by an outside commentator, and lifelong property investment professional, in this article discussing ‘The Guide, How to Buy Property in Turkey’…


Buying or Selling Real Estate in Turkey

Buying or selling a property in Turkey is so easy, your agent will support you if needed, and it's all manageable yourself, right?

At first glance, perhaps... but as you progress through a purchase or sale, there will be steps along the way... in which you do not know the right questions to ask, resulting in complications that you may not be aware of at the time, which

will prove costly later, when you learn more... 


Iskan 'Habitation Certificate' Amnesty

What's it all about?

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Legal Due Diligence

Planning Permission, Permitsits

Liens & Encumbrances

Title Checks, Title Insurance...

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This is the experience of the vast majority, nearly all, foreign buyers of property in Turkey. The simple precaution to keep in mind, is... ' a penny of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.... And for this precautionary prevention, are happy to advise, guide and support you in the purchase or sale procedures, the mortgage application process, the attachment and removal of liens and encumbrances on the title, assessment of permits, valuations, tax registrations, notarisation, apostille, translations, documentary payments - all aspects of your property transaction.

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The Investor's Tool-Kit for Buying Residential Real Estate in Turkey
The Safe Way to Buy Property In Turkey...

In this way the qualified professionals at have assisted more than 3,000 foreign investors in Turkish property over the last 15 years. 

Buying a property is a substantial investment – taking sensible precautions to protect that investment at the beginning, is the smartest step to ensuring trouble-free outcome. 

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The team of professionals at provide a full range of services for property matters in Turkey,

At mytapu our practice is to assist clients in making fully informed decisions, with full information and disclosure, in the interests of better outcomes for all, because…


‘Building Trusted Relationships is Building Our Business’


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.The Property Seller's Tool-Kit for Selling Fast at Maximum Price
The Smart Way to Sell Fast & High...

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A TAPU is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…

The Seller's Inside Insights...
The Seller's Inside Insights...

Why Register Your New Habitation Certificate on Your Tapu... 

Question: Should I have the new habitation certificate registered on a new tapu now, or can it wait?

 Clarification: Obtaining a newly updated tapu which shows the new habitation certificate, the Yapi Kagit Belgesi, is a good idea to have done now, and here’s why. On many old tapus, the status of the planning permissions ... (read more) 

The Iskan 'Habitation Certificate' Amnesty.... 

For a limited time, illegal constructions of the past can now be 'legalised' with a registration procedure to obtain the legalisation certificate, the YAPI KAGIT BELGESI.... applicable to large over-construction 'illegal builds', and the simple 'bodrum' apartment add ons, and most of everything else, and to obtain a habitation certificate if you do not have one, owners are encouraged to endure the paperwork and pursue this solution... deadline approaching, read more here...


·  Eligible properties are those constructed prior to 31/10/2017.

·   Online applications accepted at e-Government, e-devlet login registration available at PTT

·  Forms & Fee pricing available from municipality.

·  New amnesty Permit:  Yapı Kayıt Belgesi (Building Registration Certificate).

·   Existing Permit: Yapi Kulanma Izin Belgezi (Building Utilisation Permit Certificate) in Turkish ‘ISKAN’ in English, ‘HABITATION CERTIFICATE’.

·   ‘Catch-All’ applicable for illegal builds, depots (bodrum), swimming pools, un-approved extensions and modifications, etc

·  Owners assume liablility for sub-standard construction specifications.

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Help with ‘Habitation Certificate’ Headaches…                Iskan ? Kat İrtifaklı ? Yapı Kayıt Belgesi ?

Three Easy Steps…
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What’s it All About?
1) Fact Finding Assessment
What Should I Do?
2) Guidance – Next Steps
How Do I Do That?
3) D.I.Y.?... or… Delegate ?  
Where to Begin?

Add the email subject line ‘Help- Tapu Amnesty’ 

And get HELP to relieve your headaches …

but don’t wait, time is passing... 

and the closing date is approaching….

Yapi Kayit Belgesi
Turkey Habitation Certificate Amnesty Application

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Questions about your tapu? 

Over the years we have noticed that many foreign property owners in Turkey have mis-conceptions about what a tapu is, what information it provides, and what this information means.

Now, as a courtesy to these foreign owners, the team at will provide answers to your questions to help clarify matters. Simply complete the Tapu Advice form, upload a scan of your tapu, and specialist from our team of experts will answer your question.

This is an introductory offer to the team at and as a special promotion, is free for limited time. So if you or your friends have questions about a tapu , the time to get reliable independent expert advice, is here and now.

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What does my Tapu say? Kat Irtifaki or Mulkiyeti?

What does my Tapu say? Habitation Certificate?

Enforcement of Habitation Certificate?


Reliable Professional Tapu Advice from Independent Experts...  

If you are frustrated by uncertainty over your tapu status, help is at hand. Complete the form below and obtain clarity on the situation. Land Registries in across Turkey are in the process of modernising, and standardising - a good thing, too, because historically they have often each done things in their own ways, and these may vary from one office to the next, in different locations. Fortunately the World Bank is currently providing the Turkish Government Land Registry Administration with technical assistance in this standardisation and modernisation process, and the experts at have participated in this technical assistance over the last 20 years, and are experienced and knowledgeable, having advised more than 3,000 foreign clients investing in property in Turkey. Relying on hearsay and second hand information from on-line forums and the like, is not the prudent way to rest your concerns.  Contact the experts at today and find out more about everything related to your tapu....

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A tapu is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate. 

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…