To Invite Buyers, Go to the Flow...

On-Line Sales... 

via Digital Channels..

for Today's Digital Age....

On-Line Digital Sales Channels for Property in Turkey
On Line Property Sales Turkey

With guidance and instructions for the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Contact us today at add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.


Why Turks Love On-Line Property Portals...

Property Portal Online Property Finder Search at mytapu Turkey Property Agents
Why Turks Use Online Portals and Not Online Agents' Buy Property ... Turkish Buyers are ALL ALWAYS at the On-Line Portals and NEVER at Engiish Speaking Agents' Websites... click image to read more...

Better for Buyers at OnLine Portals...

Where to Buy Property in Turkey...OnLine Search in Turkish shows Portals, compared with Online Search in English shows Agents' Websites
Why OnLine Portals are Better than Agents' Websites for Finding and Buying Property in Turkey ... OnLine Search in Turkish shows All Portals, compared with Online Search in English only shows English speaking Agents' Websites... click image to read more...
The Seller's Inside Insights...
The Seller's Inside Insights...
Showcase Your Property...
Showcase Your Property...

Wonder Why Your Property is Sitting Un-Sold for So Long...?

Do You Know...?  

Turks don’t use agents to find properties to buy…they use on-line digital exchangesfor the last ten years...
Go to the Flow...  a seller must go where the buyers are. And the buyers are in places where business is done in the way that is easiest and most comfortable for them, and to the buyer’s advantage. And that means safety and security first....
The Right Time
With digital, there is no 'wrong time' to liaise with a buyer... it's always the best time.. simply because the buyer chooses the time...!

FACT: The Past Five Years...  85-95% of All Real Estate Purchases in Turkey are from Buyers at On-Line Exchanges

Fact: Not Many Buyers


Fact: No foreign buyers at all in some coastal regions during 2017 and first nine months of 2018


Fact: Turks are the buyers in coastal regions, and there’s not many - crisis economy


Fact: A seller needs to ‘jump the que’ and get at the front of the line-  hundreds of properties are listed for sale in each area.


Fact: The  mytapu Tool-Kit enables Sellers  to do just that,, everything to sell your property in Turkey D.I.Y…

For All Segments
For example, the process of contacting and promoting Resort assets to institutional and strategic portfolio investors is much more selective, and is done direct to the investment managers, - effectively a 'private placement' investment banking-type service-  but it benefits from all the strengths of digital marketing, which investment bankers do not prioritise.
Sell Property Turkey
... a Smarter, Better Way ...

Estate Agents for Turkish Property have a problem-  Reputation.


Turkish estate agents, ‘emlakcis’, are regarded by Turks with even greater distrust and disdain than UK agents- and that takes some doing!  The reputation is deserved considering their efforts are entirely focused on one thing- securing their commission, and will say and do most anything to achieve that end.  

Turkish Buyers do not want to deal with an agent. Many Turkish buyers will REFUSE and simply move away before even looking at the property listings,  to elsewhere and find another property. Happens all the time….


The Seller’s Tool-Kit at is a welcome alternative for Sellers…

Sell Property Turkey

Digital Flow is about creating the pathways to guide Buyers, informing them and advising them along the way to reach their final destination… your Property Show Case.


A Buyer Contacts Your Agent and asks….

 Do you have any properties with….?'


You mean the Buyer picks up the fone, or completes an online form, right…?


Most unlikely… That was a different time and place, a different age…


Welcome to the Digital Age…


Buyers surf by and stop when the see what they like…


And there’s lots of little thumbnail fotos on agent’s websites to skim over… 

And then move on…


This is the Digital Flow…


Position your Property,

Like a Castle in the Sea, 

Shining at any Distance, 

for Every Buyer to See…


Turkish Buyers walk into estate agents, call estate agents, or contact them on the web…?  

Not any more … that all ended in Turkey more than 10 years ago….


Fact: Turkish buyers are third highest online users in the world…  Digital Flow


Does your agent build Digital Flow…?


Fact: More than 100 agents for Turkish property, but fewer than 5  build Digital Flow…


But they have a website and do online advertising, right…?


Yes but that’s only a small part… as rewarding a eating bread without olives…or spaghetti without sauce… Like having a billboard advertisement facing the wrong way at the airport for a restaurant 20 miles away, but no road in between….



Building Digital Flow:

Ongoing Research & Monitoring for:

 -New Buyer profiles local and international.

 -Buyers’ life-cycle and life-style preferences

-Locations and Specific Property Types


Digital Marketing to these buyer profiles and market segments informs & guides buyers, along the pathways to the olives and sauce...

The buyers are guided along different channels, and across different media platforms, all designed to accommodate their interests, helping and assisting them, to the welcoming reception at Sales & CRM.


 Turks are experts at this- on the promenade, in the bazaar -  when you walk by there in person... but not with the Digital Walk-by... the Digital Flow...

Agents for Turkey...

  • don’t do digital marketing…
  • just shop fronts and web pages…
  • no incoming digital flow…


More than 100 estate agents for Turkish Property -  Less than 5 create Digital Flow

Digital is Better...

There are many dimensions, many channels, and many sources from which buyer's come….


DM, Digital Marketing, allows the targeting of viewers on many different ‘streets’.


DM can be moved to the streets with the most ‘qualified’ traffic meeting specific ‘profiles’. For example, if you wanted to target retirees, the 

DM is calibrated to focus only on people between a certain age group, education, income, interests, etc


And DM can obtain viewings from people on streets in different parts of the world, different languages, different professions, wealth brackets, interests, life-cycle requirements, etc

And did you know, DM can go to the buyers’ favourite streets before they arrive there … and be waiting for them?

With digital, there is no 'wrong time' to liaise with a buyer... it's always the best time.. simply because it is the time the buyer chooses...!


Contact us today for more information at and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a call back…

WhatsApp can be downloaded here:

Viber is better and more secure and can be downloaded here:

Luxury Property for Sale Uskudar Istanbul Turkey
Property for Sale Uskudar Istanbul Turkey
Luxury Property for Sale
On-Line Sales Reach a World of Buyers
Luxury Property in Turkey for Sale....

Design & Construction of Digital Flow is 

coordinated closely with Property Presents, a digital marketing ‘web-magazine’, guiding buyers to  exceptional locations and special homes, for lifestyle investment, while providing regular updates on global real estate markets, inflation, and interest rates.

Show Case your Property…!

Our affiliated on-line magazine Property Presents provides the Digital Marketing Flow with a fully integrated platform in which to insert your properties Show Case and thus maximise viewing visits from your selected buyer profiles. A Virtual Reality showcase is also available.


Third Party showcases… in specific cases where a seller does not wish to involve agents, or where a seller wishes to appeal to buyers that refuse to deal with agents,  a property may be placed for display and CRM support,, tactically on third party portals, and owner-only portals, as an a la carte service offering... in the mytapu Tool-Kit..!

Incoming Sales & CRM Support: 

Incoming Enquiries- simple set-up to receive buyers questions and requests.: The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions provided by ensure an interested buyer viewing your Show Case is DRECTED conveniently to Next Steps to proceed with enquiries, and receive follow up from you, via multiple channels of your choice- online enquiry forms with auto-responders, dedicated direct private email boxes at, incoming telephone enquiry lines located in different countries, . 


  • Incoming Call Numbers Available Globally
  • Personal Email Box for customer liaison
  • Customised templates for replies with links and attachments.
  • Next Steps Procedures for Coordination & Completion.
  • Enquiry forwarding of Call Back Web Forms
  • Viewing & Visit Solutions
  • Negotiation & Conveyance Solutions

Digital Design Menu has various dimensions: and resources, with guidance on media, channels, techniques, and tactics. 


The real power of Digital Marketing is its ability to target specific profiles,, identify the buyers, and present a property to them at the right times.


And crucially, the right time is always the time when they are most interested…...because the buyer chooses the time...!.


I. Digital Flow Design at


II.  Digital Flow Campaigns


III. Proprietary Data Resources at


Each category has several layers, and dimensions. These are available for discussion to create a specific strategy and tactics for the purpose of selling real estate. Complete the enquiry form here to learn more about how use digital marketing at to sell your property for the highest price, in the shortest time….


Find Buyers for Property in Turkey

Our Private Internal Networks:

  •  More than foreign 3,000 property owners and buyers of Turkish property.
  • Attorneys, financial advisers, private bankers & mortgage brokers.
  • Relationships established over the last 25 years in Turkey. 
  • Foreign HNWI clients interested in purchasing property Turkey, with the savvy to understand the risk-adjusted value proposition.
  • Turkish HNWI Family Offices for whom mytapu principals have previously performed private client banking and investment banking business activities, including the owners of eight investment banks. Asset portfolios averaging eight and nine figure Dollar values; the executives of the holding companies they own are wealthy, high income earners.

Simply put, there are no estate agents for Turkish real estate, having comparable client relationships in terms of reach, size, or trust.

How to find buyers for Turkish property
FindBuyers for Turkish Property
Show Case Presentations for Success !
Property Show Case Presentations for Success !
On-Line Marketing, Sales and CRM
On-Line Marketing, Sales and CRM
Open Bidding at On-Line Markets
Open Bidding at On-Line Markets
Completion & Conveyancing
Completion & Conveyancing

A ‘TAPU’ is a certificate from a Land Registry in Turkey that provides ownership and cadastral information about real estate.

Every property owner in Turkey has one – and that’s why we call our business ‘ my tapu‘…

Protecting Capital Purchasing Power
Capital Protection & Wealth Preservation
Tax Optimisation & Residency Choices for Retirement
Tax Optimisation & Residency Choices for Retirement