By: mytapu webmaster | October 09, 2018

Is an estate agent? Is it a legal firm? Is it a mortgage broker? 

What is it?

These questions are often asked. More often, it is assumed that is one of the above. So what is is a services centre for foreign buyers, sellers, and owners of Turkish property. serves to cost effectively facilitate their transactions with one another, supported by a full range of real estate transaction management services. It is the first and only English speaking transaction management platform in the Turkish real estate sector.




Transaction Management Services: provides a complete range of services, including variations on competitive bidding and on-line auctions, appraisal and valuation services, mortgage & insurance & tax services, legal services, conveyancing, general advisory services, and more. This is a helpful ‘one-stop shop’ for more than 3,000 foreign investors in Turkish property  that have received services from’s advisors over the preceding 10 years. In addition provides services for property buyers and property sellers:


Buyers Services: Researching and identifying properties and negotiating their purchase on behalf of clients, including all aspects from due diligence, through to settlement etc. In the past this was called ‘sourcing’, but that term doesn’t accurately describe what's possible and what we do in the Property Finders' business of the modern internet age…. An estate agent sells to buyers the properties listed by sellers on its website, but isn’t limited in that way, and does much is actually finding the property for the buyers… the locations and properties that the buyers have read about, heard about, been charmed by….  Looking for a real estate property in Turkey? Spending hours and hours looking at agents websites? That was the 'old' way. Now there is a new and better way, the best way, and the only sensible way, once you understand how the property market now works in Turkey, in the modern internet era...


Sellers Services: the key service sellers take advantage of at is digital marketing, because it finds buyers for properties, which isn't something that sellers can have done at a real estate agent. Researching and identifying buyer profile segments and applying advanced digital marketing strategies to attract investors from those segments, is the most successful way to find buyers in slow and poor market conditions - the present situation in Turkey currently.... To ensure maximum effect, it is essential to present a property in the optimum manner, and in this regard collaborates closely with Property Presents On-line Magazine in  coordination of all aspects of the digital marketing strategies. An estate agent sells the properties listed on its website to visiting buyers that walk by on the street or surf the web, but my does much more... is actually finding the buyers for the properties… those buyers that walk by an estate agents window, or browse its website….  Waiting a very long, seemingly endless time, for a buyer to find your property at some agent's website, or in some corner shop emlakci ? Find out more about how digital marketing brings the buyers to you...! works closely with, a digital marketing ‘web-magazine’, show casing  exceptional locations and special homes, for lifestyle investment,  while providing regular updates on the global real estate markets, inflation, and interest rates.


So in answer to the original questions, no, is not an estate agent or emlakci, a mortgage broker, or a legal firm. is a 'one stop shop' doing it all- yes , really ! -  where all those service providers interact with investors, in the roles they traditionally perform, for the benefit of all.

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At our policy is to ensure our clients are fully informed, so that they may make fully informed decisions- this helps to ensure better outcomes all around. 

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