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We were recently told by an estate agent in Turkey that the valuations of property provided in appraisal reports are 30% less than market prices….  That means if our family want to make a property investment of $250,000 to obtain citizenship and passports, we need to be paying about $350,000 because the valuation will be 70% of 350,000, which meets the minimum requirement $250,000. Can this be true?

Fortunately we found local experts to help us with this, and what they told us is that it is NOT true, and many agents will say such things because they know very little about professional real estate practices, and focus instead on saying what-ever is necessary to maximise their commissions and profits. The reason it is not true is very s...

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Mortgages Turkey

Obtaining a mortgage finance loan for the purchase of a property in Turkey is not so difficult and has helped thousands of foreigners buy real estate in Turkey.


To succeed, and applicant needs to know about the application procedures, the documents required, and the different types of loans available. 

Mortgages in Turkey fall into three general categories, the list mortgage types in Turkey includes local domestic mortgages, cross border mortgages, and Sharia compliant funding. Cross-border mortgage have the best terms, with interest rates currently ranging from 5%-8%, and loans available in USD, EUR, and GBP.  Local domestic mortgages are not especially attractive at the moment with monthly interest rates around 2%, or 24% ...

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Bodrum Property Prices 2018-2019

Find the market price trends for the property you are buying, or own…!  

Tell us location, size, and currency, and receive your market price update today…!  

Email  with subect line 'Property Price History'...

Yes 2018 was a difficult year for property prices in Turkey. A currency crisis knocked prices lower, to the point where foreign bargain hunters began buying. The reduction of the citizenship by investment threshold to $250,000 also provided impetus for renewed foreign buying. Generally, real estate prices at the end of 2018 were lower in Turkey than at the beginning.


Tracking prices isn’t so easy, because the Turkish Lira also fluctuates… and so a price gain in Lira may actually equal a ...

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 Mortgages for Foreigners Buying Turkish Property... 
List of Turkish Mortgages  
The List of three general categories of mortgage available to foreigners buying Turkish property:

1) Local domestic mortgages- usually loans in Lira
2) Cross-border mortgages- loans in EUR, USD, GBP at favoruable interest rates
3) Sharia compliant funding- loans in Lira but with many alternatives possible

Local domestic mortgages are not especially attractive at the moment with monthly interest rates around 2%, or 24% annually ! As the Lira currency stabilises, expect this rate to drop, and property prices to jump…!  Local mortgages have a great range of borrowing flexibility to suit the needs of any borrower.

Cross border mortgages are available only to persons with...

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Безопасный способ купить, умный способ продать... Покупайте и продавайте как местные... Услуги инвестора для покупателей и владельцев недвижимости, продающих недвижимость в Стамбуле и прибрежных районах Турции... Только на

Безопасный способ купить, умный способ продать...
Покупайте и продавайте как местные...
Услуги инвестора для покупателей и владельцев недвижимости, продающих недвижимость в Стамбуле и прибрежных районах Турции...
Только на

Держите в курсе о вопросах собственности в Турции, со статьями, как этот...подпишитесь на нашу периодическую рассылку ....

На наша политика заключается в обеспечении того, чтобы наши клиенты были полностью информированы, чтобы они могли принимать полностью обоснованные решения - это помогает обеспечить лучшие результаты во всем. 

Построение доверительных отношений - это построение нашего бизнеса...!

Посмотрите, Что Наши Клиенты Говорят О Нас...

Additional Reading for Buyers:

Residential Property ...

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What does a good property investment in Turkey Look like?

Updated May 14 2021... What does a good property investment LOOK like? Well, maybe it isn’t obvious from looking at pictures on the internet. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say, it’s not very professional to begin your search for a good investment by looking at glossy pictures on agents’ websites. A professional approach begins differently, with a smarter way of making money, and achieving lifestyle aspirations, when buying a residential property for your own use, long term or holiday rental, or all combined.

A good property investment looks like this: the purchase price is at a discount to ‘fair’ market valuations; the rental income exceeds the mortgage interest rate for the period it is held and owned, or exceeds the inflatio...

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Why Register Your New Habtation Certificate (Yapi Kagit Belgesi) on Your Tapu 

 Question: Should I have the new habitation certificate registered on a new tapu now, or can it wait?


Clarification: Obtaining a newly updated tapu which shows the new habitation certificate, the Yapi Kagit Belgesi, has been issued, is a good idea to have done now, and here’s why. On many old tapus, the status of the planning permissions (and other things such as ownership) is not always clear, and often ambiguous. This is partly because different land registries in Turkey did things differently from one another at different times in the past. (How and why this occurred is another story, with historical and cultural context dating from Ottoman times.) Slowly matters are converging towards standardisation. So on an old tapu...

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Buy Property in Turkey?  Why?  1) Investment Merit 2) Lifestyle Advantages

Why Buy Property in Turkey?

  1. Investment Merit
  2. Lifestyle advantages


If you are rightfully skeptical, then never mind the boastful, unsupported reasons you may have read about.  

As an investor, your judgement relies upon more than hot air. You will know that buying, holding, and ‘hoping’ that prices go up, is a fool’s errand. That type of price increase, is only reflecting inflation. A professional investor makes money above and beyond the inflation rate, by following the old investment adage, ‘make half your profit on the way ‘in’ when you buy, and half on the way ‘out’ when you sell’. So consider the facts about how exactly this opportunity presents itself to buy property in Turkey, now:


Investment Merits



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Habitation Certificate Registrations Turkey

Habitation Certificate Registrations


Have you applied for the Iskan Amnesty and received the assurance of a ‘habitation certificate’ with the new ‘Yapi Kagit Belgesi’ ?


Perhaps you may like to register it on your tapu, and thus finally eliminate all questions about your tapu status, now and for the future?


Brief Clarification of Issues Related to 'Habitation Certificate Registration on a Tapu:

Costs, Actions, Budgeting:

As mentioned, registering the ‘habitation certificate’ onto the Tapu is something that can be done while the owner is not in Turkey. There are minor additional costs, primarily associated with the authorisations needed from the owner delegated to the representative dealing with the matter on the owner’s behalf.


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Sell Property in Turkey

Sell Property in Turkey? 


Welcome to !

Get the Free Guide… ‘Sell Property in Turkey’… 

Answers to questions about finding buyers, on-line show case presentation, on-line markets & exchanges, digital marketing, maximising price with open competitive bidding, legal & conveyance, and more. Click here to get The Owner’s Tool Kit to Sell Residential Real Estate Property in Turkey …

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Buy Property in Dalyan?  Questions? Get the Free Guide… With Answers !

Buy Property in Dalyan? 


Welcome to !

Get the Free Guide…. Answers to questions about finding apartments, villas, and land in Dalyan, Gocek, Dalaman, and Marmaris; the best locations for lifestyle preferences; the right procedure; reservation deposits, legal due diligence, conveyance, Land Registry, and more.

Click here to get The Investor’s Tool Kit to Buy Residential Real Estate & Property in Turkey…


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Property in Turkey? Questions? What does my tapu say? Click here for Free Tapu Advice, and answers to your questions…


Property in Turkey? 


Welcome to !

Answers to questions about buying, selling, and owning property in Istanbul and Turkey....


What does my tapu say? 

Click here for Free Tapu Advice, and answers to your questions… 

Category: Tapu Matters 

Tags: Property Turkey 

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The Best Way to Find the Best Property Deals in Turkey

Updated May 14 2021... 

Investors buying property in Turkey now can find exactly what they are looking for at on-line property markets and property exchanges. No need to hunt around different agents websites and listings... ! Simply enter into a property portal search engine, the location, the type of property, and all the other features, and presto! You have the list of everything on the market, every where. And with full details of the property, size, maps, fotos, and more.

This is the way local Turks find property- because it is the safest way to find the best bargain deals ! And for Investors, it’s the key to the whole market: more than one million apartments and villas. A buyer can find help with the Turkish language at my...

By: mytapu webmaster | December 29, 2018

Istanbul Lifestyle Investment for Citizenship Investors

Istanbul is an amazing, beautiful, exciting, and safe place to live. And for those reasons Istanbul is a natural choice for real estate investors.

Unfortunately recent times have not been easy: a declining currency, weakening economy, downward trending property prices, and more than a million properties overhanging the market on sale, certainly make this a buyers market. And now with global interest rates rising, and real estate property prices around the world falling, investors understandably are cautious.


However, with the new citizenship investment threshold for real estate investment in Turkey reduced to just $ 250,000, the buyers continue to come. So what is it about Istanbul, that continues to attract investors from all ov...

By: mytapu webmaster | December 02, 2018

Three Things a Property Finder Can See at First Glance to buy property in Turkey

Updated May 14 2021... 

A Property Finder in Istanbul can see with the first glance if: 
 1-The property is over-priced with agents high commissions;
 2-The pictures of the site and local environment are misleading;
 3-The location map  is showing the ‘wrong’ place....

These are the common risks a buyer in Istanbul first encounters...

The links below provide more information on how a Property Finder helps to avoid other risks of buying property in Turkey....

At our policy is to ensure our clients are fully informed, so that they may make fully informed decisions- this helps to ensure better outcomes all around. 


Suggested Reading:

Residential Property ...

By: mytapu webmaster | December 02, 2018

How’s the property market doing? Investors' intuition and instincts are telling them one thing, but the news and statistics are saying something else... For real estate investors experiencing this dilemma, these charts tell why…. 

Buy Property Turkey
Sunset Island II, Miami Beach, $26 million

By: mytapu webmaster | November 25, 2018

Buy Property in Turkey without Reservation deposit- due diligence

Updated May 14 2021... 

How’s your property hunting 

in Turkey going?

‘Great….! We’ve found the perfect property, and now following the agent’s advice, the first step is to pay the reservation deposit…’


Buying a property in Turkey, the most important aspect to avoid at all costs, is a situation where you succumb to pressure to pay money for a ‘reservation deposit’. This is entirely unnecessary:  there are better alternatives. 

When in Rome do as the Romans do… when in Turkey, do as the Turks do… 

Well, Turks pay reservation deposits, too, don’t they?

Nope. Never have, and never will…! No local Turk buys a property that way, with a reservation deposit - the concept does not exist. Why Turks do not pay r...

By: mytapu webmaster | November 25, 2018

Legal & Conveyancing Services for Property Real Estate in Turkey

Either choice, whether a Turkish solicitor at a UK based firm, or a solicitor based in Turkey, does not resolve an important conundrum. Turkish solicitors do not have experience of managing risks in the UK like a UK conveyancer or solicitor because they are not licensed to practice in the UK, and thus they do not have the experience of knowing what a UK conveyancing entails- do they have a UK conveyancing license? UK solicitors are not licensed to practice in Turkey and thus do not have the experience or knowledge of dealing with Turkish cadastral property regime, and thus are in no position to manage the conveyancing risks for property transactions in Turkey.

Underlying this conundrum is that the cadstral real property regime in the UK and ...

By: mytapu webmaster | November 25, 2018

Do I need a solicitor to buy property in Turkey?

For assistance and managing conveyancing and general real estate related matters in Turkey, appointing a solicitor in most often preferable, to receive the independent professional advice necessary to protect your interests. That first step, of acknowledging the need for protecting one’s interests, is a key aspect of successfully managing your investment interests and assets.

As one becomes more experienced with different matters and attorneys, quite quickly the realisation emerges that it is not essential for an attorney, or advocate, to do certain things: any one may do them. This is especially true of the many, many procedural matters at notaries, the land registry, the tax office, the local ‘belediye’ municipality.  And in most case...

By: mytapu webmaster | November 25, 2018

Legal Oversight and Case Management for Litigation of Property Matters in Turkey

In situations where litigation is the most obvious next step to resolve a dispute, it is not uncommon to refrain from pursuing matters through the courts, because of the daunting prospects of the time, work and aggravation entailed; researching for an experienced solicitor, attorney, or advocate; drafting up and presenting a summary outline of the heads of case; obtaining an opinion that may be interpreted to provide an accurate understanding of the prospects of success; negotiating the fee structure – upfront costs and success fees; agreeing budgets with legal counsel and scheduling a payment plan; collecting together all the supporting evidence and collating it into a delineated file; managing due care at the different stages of the case ...


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