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جديد! المواطنة تركيا جواز سفر الآن مع فقط 250,000 دولار أمريكي للاستثمار العقاري....

جدید! تابعیت ترکیه گذرنامه در حال حاضر فقط با تومان 250,000 املاک و مستغلات سرمایه گذاری....

Foreigners purchasing property in Turkey may apply for their Turkish residence permits upon completing the purchase of the property... a standard procedure. Whether buying for Citizenship purposes, or otherwise, the application for a residence permit upon completion of a property purchase is a standard procedure in Turkey completed by thousands of foreign property buyers every year and and is no cause for undue concern.

Ankara Anlaşması Vizesi Başvuru: Ankara Agreement Visa & Residence Permit Application Process

Residency permits for the U.K. are of great interest to our Turkish clientele. And so we have pleasure in providing assistance. Much of the interest concerns residency permit applications under the 'Ankara Agreement' protocols ... Ankara Anlaşması vizesi.

As a courtesy to our customers we have made initial enquiries to assess the capabilities and competencies of various service providers specialising in these type of visa applications which are a step in the process of the residency permit application. However there are also lesser known application processes besides the Ankara Agreement, that also provide for residency.

Thus we are able to advise customers on the credibility of these service providers, because it is essential to have an experienced and specialised expert representing your application- using a standard law firm is NOT the recommended procedure.

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