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The Investor's Tool Kit for Buying Residential Property
The Investor's Tool Kit for Buying Residential Property
Welcome Investors in Property & Citizenship, to Türkiye...!
Welcome Investors in Property & Citizenship, to Türkiye...! Investor Services
Due Diligence Protection for Investors
Due Diligence Protection for Investors. The Safe & Secure Way to Buy...
Conveyancing, Legal, and Land Registry Services for Completion & Settlement Payment
Conveyancing, Legal, and Land Registry Services for Completion & Settlement Payment

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Where to Buy Property in Turkey ? The Search Begins at Online Portals…

Property Portal Online Property Finder Search at mytapu Turkey Property Agents
How, Why and Where to Buy Property in Turkey...Why Use Online Portals and Not Online Agents' Websites... click image to read more...
Where to Buy Property in Turkey...OnLine Search in Turkish shows Portals, compared with Online Search in English shows Agents' Websites
Where to Buy Property in Turkey...OnLine Search in Turkish shows All Portals, compared with Online Search in English only shows English speaking Agents' Websites... click image to read more...

Reality Check...

Surfing the Web Looking at Agents’ Websites for Property to Buy…? 

Time for a Reality Check…


 Do You Know…?

  • English language internet search engines are full of agents websites… but Turks don’t use them to buy: why would you…?

  • These english language websites are offering property to foreigners with hidden price mark-ups of 10%-20% and more…

  • Agents will tell you the Eksper Appraisal Reports value property 20-30% below the real price -they say this to hide their mark-ups

  • If you pay $250,000 for a property from an agent, and the Appraised Value is 20-30% less, you will not qualify for Citizenship

  • Purchasing from an Agent that marks prices up 20% means paying $300,000 for a property with an appraised value of $250,000.

  • More than 85% of property transactions in Turkey do not originate with agents, but with on-line portals ....

  • On these Turkish language portals, owners sell directly to buyers with NO agent in between… Turks do, and so can you...!

  • Turks do not use agents… if an agent is involved, most Turks simply will go elsewhere and find a different property….


  • Buying a property through on-line english language website agents is not smart… and will cost you BIG…

  • Buy Like a Local, using the Investors’ Tool-Kit at, with Turkish language help for non-Turkish speakers

  • Choose from a complete range of professional investment services

  • Search and find the best deals from the whole market (not just a few agents listings)

  • Apply all the required precautions to ensure buying safe and secure

  • Coordinate the property purchase procedure with the Citizenship Application procedure

  • Save $10,000 to $30,000 by avoiding agents’ hidden price mark-ups*

  • Save $ 7,500 in agents’ commissions*

  • Save $5,000 in stamp tax by ensuring the agent’s client, the seller, pays his share*

*Assuming a $250,000 purchase for Citizenship Application

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How to Reduce Costs and Risks... Buy Like a Local...

The key points about ‘what’ it means to ‘Buy Like a Local’, and ‘why’ it is essential, are explained independently, by an outside commentator, and lifelong property investment professional, in this article discussing ‘The Guide, How to Buy Property in Turkey’…


Non-Resident Citizenship Investors...

  • Rental Income Properties in Central Istanbul tenanted on multi year contracts...
  • Know your rental income yields before purchasing....
  • Negotiate your purchase price discounts accordingly...
  • These are private network offerings for discreet purchase...
  • Off-Market: not listed on portals, with agents, or elsewhere.

     How to Reduce Costs with a Property Finding Service

When first beginning a search for property in Turkey, the first impression of agents found is quite positive, as they are skilled at presenting themselves as helpful and re-assuring.  And then learning the facts, it is often shocking to later find out how much was untrue of what they have told, and how little work the agent actually does for the buyer.


The opposite is true using a property finder service, which includes many added benefits. To find the property meeting a families needs they prepared a Fact Finding Report that details those requirements and the specific locations that match. And they provide the legal oversight to make sure the property is legal and the risks of transferring title, and conveyance, are properly managed. This is really important as it turns out, because it isn’t really safe to do it yourself unless you know what the issues are and what questions to ask. Many buyers think they do, at least know a little, but in reality in reality that little can be dangerous, and create misplaced confidence… the mistakes learned later ! So it’s a good job to have some one who does know, and can take over as soon as the mistakes are realised, or ideally, before they are made. Having a Property Finder doing the work for you can be a real financial life-saver.


So what does a Property Finding agent do to reduce a buyers cost of purchase?


First a property finder negotiates a sales price downward to save costs- so the buyer isn’t subsiding the agent’s commission as paid by the seller from a marked-up purchase price, which is otherwise the real situation, hidden from view, and always denied.


Second, a property finder does the specific things required on each transaction to ensure the buyers’ rights and interests are protected, and for each of these tasks, charges simple reasonable fee. In this way the buyer is assured the necessary things that need doing are going to get done, without worrying about the much higher legal costs of having to pay for things to get done after the purchase is completed (the usual outcome).  


There are many specific advantages and benefits of using a professional experienced Property Finder for the important matters which foreign buyers are always vulnerable and commonly fall victim to, at the hands of agents:

Misrepresentation – it is common for agents to exaggerate or mislead customers regarding a properties location. The most common practice is to refer to a property as being in ‘central Istanbul’ when it isn’t, and often it is 20-30 kilometeres away.


Legal Documentation- relying on a foreign buyer’s lack of knowledge about legal documentation in Turkey, agent’s commonly will ignore the issue of permits and documentation that shows whether the property legally complies with planning permission and has the necessary permits.


Purchasing Procedures- agent’s will lead the buyers down a path which places all the risk on the buyer, with no advanatages, and can result in a costly outcome, often requiring thousands of EUR in legal fees to rectify.


Deposits- agents commonly insist on receiving a 5% deposit from a foreign buyer, which ‘reserves’ the property, when in legal reality, it does not do this, and there is no requirement to pay a deposit, and a buyer should not, without a legally valid contract.


Legal Contracts- the majority of legal contracts agents provide do not protect the buyers deposit or rights and are not executed in a legally valid manner.


Valuations- agents follow a common practice of arriving at their own valuations based on nothing more than a whim for sales purposes, while all along a legal and appraised valuation report is never discussed or mentioned.


High pressure tactics- there is no end to the psychological tricks and sales tactics used by agents to get a deposit, and usually once it is paid, the agent then does little else to look after the interests of the buyer.


A buyer should never believe an agents verbal response when asked about these questions- a buyer should instead always request verifiable documentary evidence, i.e. written proof.


A professional Property Finder knows not just which questions to ask, and which issues to check, but knows where to get the documentary proof, and how to cross check and apply it, under different circumstances.  This is especially important because every property purchase transaction is different, which is because Turkey is only slowly moving towards the type of standardisation that is common in many more developed countries. To read more about Turkish property ‘conveyancing’, please click here…


The issues above waste a buyers time and money, often travelling and arriving just to be dis-appointed, when all along there is a better alternative way to proceed with the purchase, and protect the buyers rights and capital. This is the way procedures are designed.


And to ensure that they are working with, and for the buyer, to get the lowest price, the advisors at have a solution that ensures the buyer benefits from buying at the lowest price possible- they agree with the buyer to receive a portion of the price savings achieved between the listing sales price, and the price negotiated down with the seller.  And we know the best way to do this, applying several different techniques that are tried and trusted. In this way the buyer is guaranteed to be buying at the lowest price possible.


If you have any doubt about the advice we are providing, please visit our blog articles here, which rely on more than 45 years of dealing with real estate matters. These articles are so popular among our clients, and similar people that already now own property, that for weeks continuously there are more than 200 pages read every day.


Finally, the most important reason to use a property finding service is ‘local knowledge’- specific things in specific local areas that you will never find out about until long after you have bought- and then it’s too late. If local agents would help out in this regard, that would be a good reason to consider using them, but the reality is, they do not, because they are working for the seller’s commission, as already explained, and they probably have properties listed for sale in those areas you want to avoid buying in-  if you are a seller, that’s the best way to sell your property- to let an agent find an unsuspecting buyer.

The Property Finding Professionals at are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced- the professional investors choice- request a consultation today and more information at and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a call back…


Why Use a Property Finding Service?

For the simple and most obvious reason, often overlooked- an estate agent works for the seller of a property NOT the buyer. If you have any doubt about this, there is a simple test to prove it- inform an agent you did not find anything on their website that you liked and ask them to find you a property from the wider market- they may say they will, but they never do … the only thing they will show you is their listings of property from their clients, the sellers. The best you can expect, is that they will show you a new listing when they have one. If you have any doubt, try selling a property, and listen to the agent justify the high commission charged by the need to have effective negotiation skills to sell for the highest price possible.

 For the sale of a new proper from a developer, the agents are often working on commissions as high as 15%, and often the original price is 20% above the prices offered to local Turks. This is why many foreigners that bought property years ago, still can not resale at a price that brings them a profit.


For a property re-sale, a seller usually says to the estate agent, ‘well, I want X00,000 for my property- anything above that is yours to keep.’ And so the estate agent inflates the price of the property to make his commission. And if he can’t find a buyer at those high prices, he wont sell it to a buyer for less, unless the buyer pays a commission!  And worse, the agent is secretly working against the buyer from the start, trying to drive the price up as high as possible.


These practices create circumstances where the agent is in the day-to-day business of continually making misleading statements to both buyers and sellers. And so it is no surprise that agents can only be relied on to do two things: the first is to get paid their commission somehow, anyhow. The second, is to use any number of misleading statements to buyers and sellers to close a deal.  Neither a buyer nor a seller should believe anything an agent says – never. A buyer should have all documentation for the transaction checked, and should never pay a ‘reservation’ deposit.


So as a buyer, your smartest move is not to believe anything an agent tells you, and to find the property, to somehow research all the thousands of listings at the different agents sites- but it’s a time consuming labour- and for this reason a smart alternative is to use a Property Finding specialist.

The Property Finding Professionals at are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced- the professional investors choice- request a consultation today and more information at and include your WhatsApp or Viber number to receive a call back…

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