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Updated May 14 2021... If you do not speak Turkish, and do not search using the Turkish language, what you will find is pages and pages of websites designed only to lure non-Turkish speaking foreign buyers. These are the websites of english speaking agents. They do not do business with local Turkish buyers, because no Turk will deal with them. These agents want to do business in a specific way (that is to their advantage) that is only possible with unsuspecting foreign buyers. No local Turkish buyers will buy property this way.

The best that can happen is that your search takes you on a journey to view 10, 100, or perhaps 1,000 properties. Viewing 10,000 this way is a lot of work. But is this really the best way to find the pro...

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How to Buy Property in Turkey for a Bargain

Updated May 14 2021... 

For bargain hunters, now is a very good time to buy property in Istanbul and Turkey. Many bargain buyers make the mistake of thinking the bargains are ‘there for the taking’. Deceptive agents will tell buyers that low Turkish Lira exchange rates mean that property prices are low. This is just a sales trick, because Turkish sellers also know what their property is worth in US Dollar and Euro, of course, because Turkish sellers have always valued their property in USD since the early 1990’s.

For a buyer that is investing in property in Turkey for citizenship purposes, it is essential that the steps below are followed. Otherwise, the investor may discover the property purchase for $250,000 has an appraised val...

By: mytapu webmaster | January 28, 2019

What does a good property investment in Turkey Look like?

Updated May 14 2021... What does a good property investment LOOK like? Well, maybe it isn’t obvious from looking at pictures on the internet. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say, it’s not very professional to begin your search for a good investment by looking at glossy pictures on agents’ websites. A professional approach begins differently, with a smarter way of making money, and achieving lifestyle aspirations, when buying a residential property for your own use, long term or holiday rental, or all combined.

A good property investment looks like this: the purchase price is at a discount to ‘fair’ market valuations; the rental income exceeds the mortgage interest rate for the period it is held and owned, or exceeds the inflatio...

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Buy Property in Dalyan?  Questions? Get the Free Guide… With Answers !

Buy Property in Dalyan? 


Welcome to !

Get the Free Guide…. Answers to questions about finding apartments, villas, and land in Dalyan, Gocek, Dalaman, and Marmaris; the best locations for lifestyle preferences; the right procedure; reservation deposits, legal due diligence, conveyance, Land Registry, and more.

Click here to get The Investor’s Tool Kit to Buy Residential Real Estate & Property in Turkey…


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The Best Way to Find the Best Property Deals in Turkey

Updated May 14 2021... 

Investors buying property in Turkey now can find exactly what they are looking for at on-line property markets and property exchanges. No need to hunt around different agents websites and listings... ! Simply enter into a property portal search engine, the location, the type of property, and all the other features, and presto! You have the list of everything on the market, every where. And with full details of the property, size, maps, fotos, and more.

This is the way local Turks find property- because it is the safest way to find the best bargain deals ! And for Investors, it’s the key to the whole market: more than one million apartments and villas. A buyer can find help with the Turkish language at my...

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Three Things a Property Finder Can See at First Glance to buy property in Turkey

Updated May 14 2021... 

A Property Finder in Istanbul can see with the first glance if: 
 1-The property is over-priced with agents high commissions;
 2-The pictures of the site and local environment are misleading;
 3-The location map  is showing the ‘wrong’ place....

These are the common risks a buyer in Istanbul first encounters...

The links below provide more information on how a Property Finder helps to avoid other risks of buying property in Turkey....

At our policy is to ensure our clients are fully informed, so that they may make fully informed decisions- this helps to ensure better outcomes all around. 


Suggested Reading:

Residential Property ...

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How’s the property market doing? Investors' intuition and instincts are telling them one thing, but the news and statistics are saying something else... For real estate investors experiencing this dilemma, these charts tell why…. 

Buy Property Turkey
Sunset Island II, Miami Beach, $26 million

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Buy Property in Turkey without Reservation deposit- due diligence

Updated May 14 2021... 

How’s your property hunting 

in Turkey going?

‘Great….! We’ve found the perfect property, and now following the agent’s advice, the first step is to pay the reservation deposit…’


Buying a property in Turkey, the most important aspect to avoid at all costs, is a situation where you succumb to pressure to pay money for a ‘reservation deposit’. This is entirely unnecessary:  there are better alternatives. 

When in Rome do as the Romans do… when in Turkey, do as the Turks do… 

Well, Turks pay reservation deposits, too, don’t they?

Nope. Never have, and never will…! No local Turk buys a property that way, with a reservation deposit - the concept does not exist. Why Turks do not pay r...

By: mytapu webmaster | November 08, 2018

How to Buy Property in Turkey with On-Line Markets and a Property Finder?

We are about to cover some things that may be surprising- these are the unspoken truths about the real estate ‘business’ and the way it’s conducted. And much of this concerns real estate agents, because they are such a large part of the market: their storefronts are everywhere; on main street, and on the internet. So the first reality check is to ask why?

And the answer is obvious- because they are selling property. That’s right- they need these store fronts because they are working for the owners to sell their properties. So let’s be clear about this at the start- real state agents do not work for the buyer of the property- they work for the seller, because the seller pays their commission, and to get that commission, they invest ...

By: mytapu webmaster | November 06, 2018

Reversal of the downward trend in the Lira seems to have prompted potential buyers that were watching and waiting, to finally take action. This pent-up demand is resulting in purchases in Istanbul and coastal regions.

buy property istanbul

By: mytapu webmaster | August 20, 2018

British Property Buyers Invade Turkey for Bargain Prices...

An un-precedented rush for Turkey and the Lira … 

Due to the sudden decline in Turkish Lira exchange rates, and ...

Boom !- Last minute holiday bookings explode !

Whoosh…! Turkish Lira sold out in the UK as Brits buy up all …only small amounts remaining at two airports.

Let’s re-visit the underlying attractions of Turkey:

  • 330+ days of warm sunshine every year
  • Welcoming culture of hospitality
  • Ingrained orientation towards Customer service and Consumer satisfaction
  • Fantastic food 'fit for a king' – fresh delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs; amazing grills of lamb, goat, beef, and chicken kofte kebabs and more; wide variety of fresh fish;  strong coffee, and sweets galore- pastries, puddings, and more.
  • Abundant pure spring water, and...

By: mytapu webmaster | May 19, 2018

How to Find Property to Buy in Istanbul Turkey

Investors sometimes are curious how they can find a property to buy at, because there are not many properties listed on the website… 

The answer is pleasantly surprising, as you will discover below….

Looking for a property in Turkey? The typical way to find property in Turkey is to ‘walk–into’ or call a local estate agent, or to scan an agent’s website. The problem with this approach is, that most local agent’s follow a business procedure that is to their benefit, and not the buyer. This means they push all the risks onto the buyer, and focus on obtaining their commission. 

Due Diligence is Essential when Buying Residential Real Estate  in Turkey

What are the risks? Selling property without proper planning certificates, and requiring the buyer to pay a ‘reservation deposit’ befor...

By: mytapu webmaster | November 05, 2017

Valuation & Appraisal Reports for Turkish Property- Eksper Rapor

At, business for foreign buyers is done a new and better way. 

A way that is much safer for buyers.

How? Simply by requiring the seller to provide an expert appraisal report from a licensed and certified appraiser, called an Eksper Rapor, before the property purchase transaction begins. The Eksper Rapor provides all the essential information required in a standard legal search. With this report in hand, buyer’s rest assured all essential , information about permits, ownership, cadastral, and structural details have been checked and confirmed by a professional specialist and expert.

This is why Turkish buyers from Istanbul and Ankara use when buying property in Turkey, and retirement homes on the Turkish Rivie...

By: mytapu webmaster | November 03, 2017

 Updated June 2019

Did you know that Turks buy property in Turkey in a different way than foreigners? Most foreigners don’t know this- even those from the UK, Russia, and other countries, that have already bought, and have been owners for years.


So how is the procedure different? Guided by estate agents that specialise in selling property to non-Turkish speaking buyers, a foreign buyer is invited to inspect the property- and the emphasis is always on the pictures, the size, and visits to see the interior, exterior, the location, etc


Next step? Pay a reservation deposit. Does this mean that the seller can not sell the property to someone else? No, there is no legally binding contract to prevent selling to someone else. Is the e...

By: mytapu webmaster | October 26, 2017

How do foreigners find independent ethical legal advice for property purchases in Turkey?

Where to find unbiased professional legal guidance that does not suffer from conflicts of interest with local developers and agents etc?


This is an important issue because the local agents refer foreign buyers to local lawyers that do things the way the agents’ want. The lawyers do this because they get referrals of new clients from the agents. So instead of receiving impartial professional legal advice, foreign buyers are guided to follow a procedure that benefits local agents and developers. As a result, the buyer’s ‘reservation deposit’ monies are placed at risk, and several different types of problems arise for the buyers, which they usually fi...


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