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Professional Services Ensure Professional Investment Results... for Residential Real Estate in Turkey
Professional Services Ensure Professional Investment Results... for Residential Real Estate in Turkey

The process used by the mytapu.coms ‘Standard Service’ ensures the best possible properties are selected for professional foreign investors in several ways.


Step 2 of’s ‘Standard Service’ is the Property Search and Selection Service, applying the following procedures:

a)  Location Assessment to meet the investor’s financial objectives: rental yield, capital protection, and capital returns. Investors may choose to augment this with a relocation assessment to receive guidance for meeting life-style and life-cycle priorities.

b)  Top Five Asset Profiles: Selection of appropriate rental income, capital risk and reward parameters suitable for each investor’s specific objectives are recommended after consultation...

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Turkey Citizenship by Investment CIP CBI- Professional Services for real Estate Investors and for Non-Real Estate Investors in Financial Products: Bank Deposits, Government Bonds, Venture Capital Funds...

May 14 2021 Demand for second passports continues to increase in the changing world we live in. Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment Program ( CBI / CIP ) offers a very attractive solution.... This is the best available program for obtaining a second passport, and from a reputable OECD nation. The investment threshold is set just above the levels required by several Caribbean nations, at $250,000 for real estate, and $500,000 for financial assets (government bonds, bank deposits, venture capital funds, REITs). 

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The Two Keys to Selling Property in Turkey
The Two Keys to Selling Property in Turkey

The Fast and Smart Way to Sell a Property in Turkey for 

the Highest Price…

…is by following these steps below.

The most important ‘keys’ to your sale are these:

a) Present your Property WHERE the Buyers Are; at...
the on-line property markets in Turkey.

b) Make sure the Buyers contact You, not an Agent...
and thus ensure that YOU are in Control.

The Seller's Tool Kit is a Service Bundle... 

designed to enable foreign property owners in Turkey to sell property the way local Turks sell, by using on-line 'For Sale by Owner' portals (not English speaking real estate agents' websites in Turkey). This is where the buyers are, and this is where 85%+ of all property transactions have originated over the past 5 years (Turks no longe...

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Due Diligence on Property Purchases in Turkey- Payments, Property, and Procedures June 2020
Due Diligence on Property Purchase, Procedures and Payments in Turkey June 2020

June 16, 2020 How to buy a property in a foreign country? The people selling the property – agents, developers, and the solicitors they recommend- will usually assure you there will be ‘no problem’. Should you believe them? They make it seem so simple. Just like home.

There will be similarities between your home country and a foreign country like Turkey when it comes to buying. The general principles are the same. And that’s were it ends. The details are different, and that’s where the danger lies.

The risks are associated with a different language, culture, legal system, and of course, property system, known as a cadastral system. It may be that in your home country many of these risks have been removed because the various aspects have b...

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Poperty for Sale in Turkey by Owners at Online Portals June 15 2020
Poperty for Sale in Turkey by Owners at Online Portals June 15 2020

June 15, 2020 The One Best Place to Find Property for Sale by Owner in Turkey is here at This is the one best place because for non-Turkish speaking buyers, mytapu provides a service of searching Turkey’s property portals for ALL the properties in the WHOLE market for sale in Turkey. These are searches that meet a buyer’s requirements. The buyer specifies the criteria, and the assistants at do the searches and provide the results. The portal search engines are very good, better than google, and can produce lists of properties that are defined by a specific list of many, many criteria. This is how to search more than one million properties available for sale in Turkey.

This is why local Turks love property portals and...

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How to Buy or Sell Turkish Property Remotely without Travelling June 2020
How to Buy or Sell Turkish Property Remotely without Travelling June 2020

Completing Transfer of Title, Access, & Payment - 'Conveyancing' ...

Conveyance & Completion Remotely...

    • Online (remotely) or In-Person; Automated or Manual
    • Independent Legal Advice
    • Payment Protection Techniques
    • Procedures, Documents, Registrations & Verification
    • Standard On-Line Banking Channels
    • Payments via Turkeys 'e-gov' Settlements Bank

With guidance and instructions from specifying the key procedures to be followed & documents required, all can be done in your home country, without travelling to Turkey. Contact us today at add your WhatsApp or Viber number to request a call back.

Additional Reading About Conveyancing, Legal Advice, Solicitors etc

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Turkey Residential Real Estate Property Market  Outlook Trends, Forecasts, and Turkish Lira Exchange Rates June 10 2020
Turkey Residential Real Estate Property Market Outlook Trends, Forecasts, and Turkish Lira Exchange Rates June 10 2020

Big News for Property Prices in Turkey

At, our leading indicator of Turkish residential property prices has been very strong in the most recent two week period, increasing 30%. This has been unexpected in market conditions surrounding the pandemic, which are negative for property prices because renters’ ability to pay is reduced, and as rents decline, landlords sell, and new buyers postpone purchases.

Now we know why the leading price indicator has been so strong. The news is that policy makers have imposed upon state banks to offer a new mortgage loan program with extremely favourable terms. The terms are so favourable, they are equivalent to the banks paying buyers and subsidising buyers to purchase a property. Turkey’s three ...

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Where to Buy Property in Turkey at Online Portals with Property finder Search and selection Services June 7 2020 eng
The Best Place to decide Where to Buy Property in Turkey is Like the Locals Do, using Online Portals,

Deciding where to buy property in Turkey, the best way is like the locals do.

The search begins at the online portals. 

No Problem...! Online portals in Turkey require Turkish language reading and writing ability, to obtain the search results, communicate with the seller, etc. No Problem...! Help with the Turkish language can be had from the Team at The help can provide guidance as to key words and terminology, or it can extend to creating the login registrations, doing the searches in each portal for you, and liaising with the seller for you. These are fee paying services but the charges are not much more than simple translation fees.


Consider the savings: buying from an English speaking agent is going to c...

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Risks and Costs of Citizenship Investment in Turkey for Investors' Capital and Consultants' Brand Value...
Risks and Costs of Citizenship Investment in Turkey for Investors' Capital and Consultants' Brand Value...

With transactions costs of Citizenship by Investment in Turkey ranging as high as 20% or more, the true costs are investor dissatisfaction and accompanying brand reputation damage of advising consultants.

Citizenship Investors Talk Openly… and Word Travels Fast & Far…

Amongst their associates and friends, in their network circles, they openly discuss the merits and concerns of their choices. The interactions with advisors are relayed back into their networks. The networks overlap, and interlink. Word travels fast. In this way, a Citizenship Advisory consultancy gains a voice for their brand name. That brand reputation can easily suffer irreparable damage from dissatisfied investors in Turkey…

In a citizenship applicant’s network, t...

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Investment Performance of Turkish Assets During COVID Crisis April 2020: Property, TV & Film Production, and  Long-Short Market Neutral Alpha Tilt Hedge Fund
Investment Performance of Turkish Assets During COVID Crisis April 2020: Property, TV & Film Production, and Long-Short Market Neutral Alpha Tilt Hedge Fund

April 28 2020 During the recent pandemic crisis, the investment performance of Turkish assets has varied considerably. Real estate has not done so well, investment in TV & Film production company has fared better, nearly doubling in US Dollar valuation, and Investment Fund performance in Long-Short Market Neutral Hedge Fund has increased 132% in US Dollar valuation. Performance returns covering the period June 2019 to April 2020... read more here.

For more information, please contact Include your WhatsApp or Viber number for a Free call back.

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The Guide to Buying Property in Turkey:
The Guide to Buying Property in Turkey

May 14 2021

The List of Steps to Buying Property in Turkey 'the Local Way'...

Step 1: Advance Preparation

Step 2: Finding a Property

Step 3: Negotiating the Purchase: Due Diligence

Step 4: Conveyance of Title, Completion Payment & Discounts

A Comparison of Buying Procedures: The Agents Way vs The Local Way

Paying a Reservation Deposit or Part Payment ‘Locks the Buyer In’ …
Before Due Diligence, Legal Checks, Discounts, and Negotiating 'real' discounts…
And Beware...the Lawyers referred by Agents or Developers are most often working ’with’ the agents and NOT the Buyer...

This is the way so many foreign buyers have come to own Turkish property that is legally defective without permits, and paid 20% - 30% over market prices...

Local Turks do N...

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Citizenship Investment in Turkey...

May 14 2021  Obtain a Turkish Passport and all rights of a Turkish Citizen...without travelling from home... Apply in 48 hours and receive passports (head of family and all dependents under age 18) within 90 days. No residency requirement, and no taxation on world wide income for non-residents.  

The choice of investments include bank deposits, government bonds, stock exchange listed  investment funds, real estate, and operational businesses.  The holding period is three years, and the asset allocation and investment selection may be switched within that time period.

The professional investment ...

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Turkey, Citizenship by Investment, Latest News Update Mar 13, 2020


Citizenship Investment Program in Turkey:  Latest News Update 

May 14 2021

Investment Requirement Now increasing from $250,000 to $ 500,0000 ?

Raising the Citizenship Investment threshold for Property was under discussion for a whole day in Parliament recently. Will the threshold be raised back to $ 500,000 ? Request the mytapu ...

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Turkish TV Film  sparks inward bound investment: in film, property, tourism, business in general, and citizenship investment.
Netflix 'Rise of Empires: Ottoman'

The recent international success of a Turkish TV series, Netflix ‘Rise of Empires: Ottoman’ illustrates the promotional value of an astutely designed inward investment program. The corresponding impact on property investment inflows and tourism arrivals is likely benefit, from a resurgence of foreign interest.

The perception and popularity of real estate in specific locations is always enhanced by positive media coverage. Portraying glitz and glamour is valuable promotion that real estate developers pay top dollar for, simply to have a celebrity endorse their project. The ‘Trump’ brand was a prime example.


The combined effect of an astutely designed Citizenship by Investment program for property purchases, in conjunction with inc...

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An Eksper appraisal valuation property report ensures only that these issues are identified and made known to the buyer. What the buyer chooses to do with that information is entirely their responsibility. Independent professional advice is essential….

Updated May 14 2021  An Appraisal Report provides many types of factual information about a property. The report does not state whether that factual information about the property is acceptable for buying the property. To understand what is acceptable, and what is not acceptable and likely to cause problems in the future, the advice of an experienced professional is ESSENTIAL. And if the report is in Turkish and the buyer does not speak Turkish, then it would be very risky for a buyer to believe what an agent, developer, or seller, translates the report as saying.

And just as importantly, appraisal reports must provide information about a list of items. However, the information provided may not always be consistently clear: it...

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Updated May 14 2021... If you do not speak Turkish, and do not search using the Turkish language, what you will find is pages and pages of websites designed only to lure non-Turkish speaking foreign buyers. These are the websites of english speaking agents. They do not do business with local Turkish buyers, because no Turk will deal with them. These agents want to do business in a specific way (that is to their advantage) that is only possible with unsuspecting foreign buyers. No local Turkish buyers will buy property this way.

The best that can happen is that your search takes you on a journey to view 10, 100, or perhaps 1,000 properties. Viewing 10,000 this way is a lot of work. But is this really the best way to find the pro...

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Updated May 14 2021...  Using the internet to scan English speaking websites of property agents in Turkey is fine for ‘window shopping’, but to then start your property purchase procedure that way, is a mistake. If you do, the agent will lock you into their ‘marked-up’ prices with a falsely named ‘reservation deposit’, and what follows afterwards, is a long story of things you wish you had known before you paid, but didn’t find out until later.

Instead, there is a better way to begin your property purchase procedure, which is to put yourself into the same position as a local Turkish buyer, and to buy the property with the same procedure as a local Turkish buyer (no ‘reservation deposit’ …! ). To do this requires some advanc...

By: mytapu webmaster | July 16, 2019

Two key events recently have provided hope for economic relief and an upward turn to property prices in Istanbul, and Turkey:

1) President Trump (US) signalled the cancellation of sanctions on Turkey;

2) President Erdogan (Turkey) dismissed the head of the Turkish Central Bank, suggesting the new head will move interest rates in Turkey lower.

Are these events sufficient to move property prices higher?

The cancellation of sanctions would be positive for the economy, but the direct impact on property prices is likely to be less direct. The unfolding sanctions story is likely to be less clear, and less significant for property prices.

Lower interest rates would have a positive impact on property prices. With interest rates at 24%, mortg...

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How to Buy Property in Turkey for a Bargain

Updated May 14 2021... 

For bargain hunters, now is a very good time to buy property in Istanbul and Turkey. Many bargain buyers make the mistake of thinking the bargains are ‘there for the taking’. Deceptive agents will tell buyers that low Turkish Lira exchange rates mean that property prices are low. This is just a sales trick, because Turkish sellers also know what their property is worth in US Dollar and Euro, of course, because Turkish sellers have always valued their property in USD since the early 1990’s.

For a buyer that is investing in property in Turkey for citizenship purposes, it is essential that the steps below are followed. Otherwise, the investor may discover the property purchase for $250,000 has an appraised val...

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Accurate Property Price Information for Turkey

We find some challenges when we look for the trend of property prices in Turkey. How much have they gone up? Or down? An estate agent says they have gone up by 20%. Is it true? Yes, 20% in Turkish Lira prices; but just a moment…. The Turkish Lira is down by more than that over the last year. So that means the dollar or euro prices are down. Is that right?

Yes actually, that is correct. Unfortunately 

 most of the property price tracking services in Turkey only report in Turkish Lira. That is somewhat misleading if you are an investor, because you want to know the hard currency price trend. Or at least you want to know the inflation adjusted price trend. Fortunately there is now this place to find accurate price indications for ...


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